In pictures: Iturup

In the framework of the federal target program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2006-2015" based on Iturup International Airport. The new airport will provide air service to Sakhalin, and in case of need — from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Japan.

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils

Kurilsk — administrative center of the Kuril region (Iturup)

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils

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Company "Gidrostroy" modernized fish processing workshop in the villages and the Whale Reidovo

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils


Photo: PMA Sakhalin-Kurils

Construction of a universal cultural and sports

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In pictures: JSC Instrument Design Bureau (Tula)

Located in Tula Instrument Design Bureau (PCU) — one of the largest enterprises of the defense industry in Russia. PMA is a powerful research and production center, creating the most advanced system of high-precision weapons. KBP — one of the world leaders in the development of weapons.

Design office develops anti, artillery and anti-aircraft systems, tank and gunnery weapons and ammunition. It also is developing hunting and sporting weapons, air defense systems and even medical lasers (used in ophthalmology, dentistry and, of course, cosmetology).

 The story begins in the CPP in 1927

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Pictures: Plant GrAZ (Grabowski Autoworks)

Please keep photographic coverage of the current state of Russian industry. This series of images found on ZAVODFOTO, shows GrAZ plant, located in the Penza region.

Grabowski car plant — One of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of road tankers for the transportation and temporary storage of petroleum products. Factory tanks can be installed on all types of domestic and foreign chassis.


Milk and mortars

The company history started in difficult times — in October 1941, then on the basis of evacuated Ukrainian plant. In the village of

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In pictures: New Yak-130 flying in Boris Gleb

September 13th on our website has been reported, the transfer of the three Air Force UBS Yak-130 — here.

Now you can look at these three beauties.

UBS Yak-130 ("55 White"), the Russian Air Force. Shagol, 23.09.2013 (c)

And this is — made by 23 September 2013 at the airport Shagol (Chelyabinsk) pictures depicting an intermediate landing these three new trainer aircraft Yak-130 is distilled from Irkutsk to Borisoglebsk of the 209th Air Base Boris and training aviation training center for training of flight personnel front , bombers and ground-attack aircraft Chkalov Air Force

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In pictures: the latest radar Voronezh-M in Usole-Siberian is in the final stages of completion

Radar warning system for missile attack "Voronezh-M" in Usole Siberian almost ready to preliminary tests, which will begin on September 1. These are followed by the state, which is scheduled for completion in 2014.

"Preliminary tests are quite durable. It takes all the necessary adjustment is calculated pattern of the station, the main parameters tested. This process is quite long", — Said Yuri Borisov.


At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Defence said that the station is already successfully solves the problem of destination. "This is the

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In pictures: our technique in Laos

1. Vientiane. A place where they sell our Gaza

2.Ventyan. Some local Department of Geology Is that the right of the entrance are three GAZ, it is necessary there was still time to walk and walk near sfotkat.

  3. Vientiane. Just two GAZ-3308

4.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

5.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

6.Attapy. GAZ-3308

7. Maz. New. Also our equipment, motor and metal Russia.

8. Tha Khaek. KAMAZ from Vietnam.

9. Attapeu. GAZ-66

10.Pakse. UAZ.

11. Tha Khaek. UAZ.

12. Pakse.

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In pictures: the beginning of penetration branches in the depot Likhobory (Moscow)

Author photo essay — Alexander "Russos" Popov

Yesterday, at the construction site electrodepot "Likhobory" was launched TBM "Herrenknecht" "Alexander." Complex to go 2,750 meters — actually a branch in the depot and the span between the stations "Upper Likhobory" and "District".

1. Fully assembled and ready to set.

 2. TBM "Herrenknecht» S-770, "Alexander." The complex is new, released in 2013 specifically for the Moscow subway construction.

3. In October, there will operate a second shield.



6. And just on the northern section will

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In pictures: Small hydro — Maginskaya and Ahtynskogo

Picture story José Yero.

A couple of examples of small hydroelectric power plants on the example of Dagestan small hydro. That is the modern and the old Soviet Maginskoy Ahtynskogo.

Maginskaya HPP. Some sources said Maikchayskaya HPP. Located on the River Magee (Maik Chai), a tributary of river. Samur.

This is a new power plant, built in 2006 by the Prometheus (What unsophisticated and informs the sign on the building hydropower plants). The building, as you can see, very little. No more large garage.

Hydropower project Prometheus fabricated. They diversion type. The structures requires a small low-pressure dam, water

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In pictures: Ka-52 Korenovsk

Press-service of the Korenovska (Krasnodar Territory) reported, that the February 19, 2013 in the 393rd Sevastopol military airbase Russian Air Force, stationed at the airfield Korenovsk, received the first new combat helicopter Ka-52. We are talking about the car bearing the number "42 Red" (serial number 06-01), the number of manufactured by JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress ", which assembly to January 2013 is to" Rostvertol "in Rostov-on-Don . assembly of the first two Ka-52 helicopters with tail number "41 Red" (serial number 05-05) and "43 Red" has been completed "Rostvertol" February 1, but the first in Rostov

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In pictures: anti-aircraft missile system Antey-2500 at MAKS-2013

Exposure Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" — one of the most impressive at MAKS-2013. This is — anti-aircraft missile system "Antey-2500", which is keen to get Iran instead of the canceled Dmitry Medvedev (during his tenure as president of the Russian Federation) contract to supply S-300.


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