In pictures: laying the foundation for testing complex satellite systems (Zheleznogorsk)

The construction of the assembly and test facility for OJSC "" Information Satellite Systems "Academician MF Reshetnev "(Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory) is conducted in the framework of the federal target program" GLONASS ". The complex combines the two structural units of "space" and the company will be the largest housing company. The complex includes an assembly shop and anechoic chamber for high-frequency testing, which has no analogues in Russia in terms of saturation and equipment. Recall that the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSST number 9 at Spetsstroy Russia" won the public tender for the construction of

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In pictures: KR hypersonic BrahMos II joint development of Russia and India

The exhibition Aero India 2013 for the first time demonstrated a model of the hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos II, developed jointly by India and Russia.


Model hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos II, demonstrated at Aero India 2013 exhibition. Source:

In pictures: The second modernized A-50U in the new standard color

There are photos of the second series of modernized A-50U aircraft in gray. At JSC "Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev" (Beriev) finished second serial modernization of aircraft airborne warning and control A-50 Russian Air Force variant of the A-50U.

The second series modernized A-50U aircraft was aboard the "Red 33". This aircraft (serial number 0043454618, serial number 41-05) was built in 1984, and entered on the upgrade of Beriev at the beginning of 2011. Currently machine is tested after the upgrade and is painted in the new colors of Russian Air Force.

The prototype

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In pictures: in Kiev appeared the first trams with Wi-Fi

It is true that while "hand out" internet only two cars. 09.08 in Kiev on the line came trams number 423 and number 439, in which there is free Wi-Fi zone.

The cars are not assigned to a specific route. By the way, wireless internet promise to equip several trams and trolleybuses.

In pictures: it was and it was (Mytischi Moscow region).

g.Mytischi, City Administration, in 1986, the author A.Gusev

The same building, 2006

Railway station, 2004

The modern view of one of the platforms.

Railway bridge-concourse at present.

Grocery store in a building, 2003

TRC "Red Whale", 2006

In pictures: UTair Engineering — what’s behind the fence?

Author of the report — alexx72

Many times passing by the former Soviet Union at the plant called "26GA" I was curious about what was inside is how to disassemble and assemble the helicopters? Under what conditions workers are employed? As supplied by the production? But this is not just a car! Same flying machine and and it flies against all the laws of aerodynamics … and after flying! And the airline UTair has the most powerful helicopter fleet in the world! And not just because they occupy a leading position in the

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In pictures: 2ES5 on flow-ring NEVZ

There are the first pictures of the new Russian main cargo ac electric generation 2ES5 5, TMH and developed jointly by the French company Alstom for JSC "Russian Railways".


The tests are 2 cars 2ES5-001 and 2ES5-002.

2ES5 — Russia's first commercial electric AC induction motor drive. It is designed in the Russian engineering center "TRTrans", which was created on a parity basis TMH and French engineering concern Alstom Transport. The design uses the most modern technical solutions, including traction drive with asynchronous traction motors with individual voltage inverters.


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Pictures: Vladivostok docked

July 25, 2013 pribuksirovannaya in Saint-Nazaire, the stern being built for the Russian Navy helicopter landing ship dock "Vladivostok" type Mistral, introduced in dry dock shipyard construction STX France, was docked with built there fore part of the ship. July 26, work began on the actual mix of both parts of the body.

(C) photo sam7 / (clickable)


All the work on the dock to be completed by the end of August.

Russia and France signed a contract for the joint construction of two ships of the

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Fotofakt.NIS Amber was moved from the hangar to open slipway

On the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" (part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") today made the shifting of the research vessel (RV) "Amber" from the boathouse to the public slipway. The press service of the shipyard.

Currently, the hull "Amber" is fully formed, it set the main part of the equipment, rudder propellers and thrusters. Formation of the superstructure and the saturation of the body. Prior to launching will install all the basic equipment to start pulling of cables, installation of pipelines and isolation rooms.

Construction of the vessel is in accordance with the approved work schedule, the company noted.

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Fotofakt.Iz boathouse SRH Nerpa launched a large maritime transport Yauza

June 15, repairers Snezhnogorsk dockside "Nerpa" taken out of the hangar large marine transport "Yauza." The next stage of returning to duty special purpose ship, which is being upgraded and refitted to the "Nerpa".

Many hours of the transfer of the ship to the dock "Pallada" was successful. After the launching and implementation of ship outfitting works will start counting his new life. Shipbuilders "Nerpa" will give the Navy ship with an updated modern complex control systems, communication systems, navigation and a powerful crane equipment, meets all the requirements of the Register.

The ship was delivered to

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