Pharmaceutical industry in Russia is ready for a technological breakthrough.

At the end of last year in Novosibirsk, an agreement was signed between the three regions, the establishment of the Union of pharmaceutical and biomedical clusters


It includes Kaluga, Moscow region and St. Petersburg. It is expected that in the near future will join the Union of Tomsk and Novosibirsk.

In other regions, the integration of producers has not yet reached this level. Against this background, in St. Petersburg, visible all the prerequisites for the development of pharmaceutical cluster. Director general of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.Victor Dmitrievbelieves that such a

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Funpark Beaver Log is ready to take care of all ski disciplines


Due to summer activities for homologation (official registration) runs, Funpark "Beaver Log" in Krasnoyarsk is ready to take the competition in all disciplines, which award medals at official competitions in Alpine skiing. This was reported in the press service of the fun park.


Certification track was number one at the same time with the first track for track homologation has been declared number 9 on the requirements of the International Ski Federation (FIS) for the competition in the discipline of downhill skiing (downhill). Earlier this track has been certified to conduct competitions in

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Fans of growth: football players went on strike

According to the fan site "Rostov" football team on Thursday in protest against the non-fulfillment of their obligations, and the club four months salary delays refused to go to the gym.

We remind that the club had to start preparing for the fight of the 24th round of the Premier League with "Ruby".

The fanatics at the forefront

Despite the health crisis in Russia there are medical centers that provide assistance on a global level. Key to their success — a charismatic leader, a stable government funding and the rate of high-tech services to multi-

Putin once joked at a forum "South of Russia": do well here — there is always something to eat and drink. In Adygea, say, cheese, produce, and in the Krasnodar region — wine. Then I stood up and said, "You know, here you can not only drink, a snack," — Vladimir Porkhanov, chief physician of the Center of Thoracic Surgery

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Folded rolled machines STD-11019M

OJSC "Moscow mechanical plant number 3" produces high-quality Folded rolled machines. Produced Folded rolled machines have a number of advantages. They have a lower noise level when the drive, equipped with the new machine control circuitry. The equipment includes coil support and that allow the installation and operation of the equipment without preparing the foundation. For better performance and improved ability to adjust the rollers. With such a machine can be seamed connection, various types of profiles, the snap connection elements which are applied in the finishing and construction work, and the manufacture of ducts, as well as C-shaped

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Shears machine precipitation recumbent folding seams and corners

JSC "Moscow mechanical plant number 3" continues to release the CNC needed in the production of round and rectangular ducts. Shears machine designed for rainfall bedridden and angular standing seam welds in the production of round and rectangular ducts of blanks prepared from the elements on the Fold folded joint arrangements. Shears machine is designed for: — Rein folding seams and seals during assembly of ventilation ducts and other products from the blanks with the elements folded joint, exactly: — precipitation bedridden rebated joints — precipitation angular standing seam joints, shears machine works with low-carbon steel sheet Standard 501

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Falsification of mass protests

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How liberastnye media and foreign agents to escalate the situation in Moscow and artificially inflated the hype surrounding the verdict Navalny. It came even before the spread of misinformation …

Longing for the protest buzz dermokraticheskie liberal journalists and experts after the verdict ruler of all Russia "network hamsters" and thieving ex-officer Navalny as a chain broke. But given the fact that the public broadcasters in Moscow in this category broadcasters present only channel "RBC" Mikhail Prokhorov, is this resource and has attracted our attention. And given the general

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Facts about the Russian Empire, which you did not know.

Interesting facts including those which we now would not hurt. 

1. In the Russian Empire were allowed to carry weapons Leisure. Before the revolution of 1917 weapons freely sold in hunting shops.

2. Instead, a measure of weight in kilograms of the Russian Empire was pounds, equal to 16.38 kg.

3. Before the revolution, Russia (Russian Empire) was the teetotal country in Europe, Russia has traditionally been one of the most sober of Europe. Less than we saw in Europe, only Norway. We were standing in the penultimate place in the world

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Facts and speculations on the construction of roads in Russia

The article is quite old, but very good and reputable. I add here that would not look for it once again, and of those who did not read the advise

Construction of the road to Krasnaya Polyana. In a world of such projects unit.

A. Skvortsov, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, President of the Non-Commercial Partnership road design organizations "RHODES"

Late last year, the media began to appear materials, which claimed that the cost of road construction in Russia prohibitively high, much higher than in other countries.

For example,

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Favorites PROVINCE

After the first round of the European Cup for a couple of places located clubs that were not expected.

The group is headed by leaders of persecution "Rostov" and Nalchik "Spartacus" in the number of these same leaders and includes: a team of Yuri Krasnozhan "hook" for CSKA with "Ruby", breaking away from í on six points.

Nevertheless, with the Rostov nalchan still do not believe: Many agree that the stalled until the fall of Moscow grants southerners displace — unless Nalchik will be able to catch on in the top six, a well-deserved respect to the set of

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