Shoe factory Ronnon (RONNON)

Manufacture and sale of Shine Ronnon (RONNON) wholesale from the manufacturer in Russia (Russian Federation) www.obuv-ronnon.rf Moscow, Skolkovskoe Highway 31, page 9 tel + 7499408 25 40 mob + 7926471 52 35

SKYPE: AlexRONNON e-mail:

Shoe factory Ronnon (Ronnon Style, Ronnon Active) offers wholesale shoes at very affordable premium. Quality products from the manufacturer to the best extent fulfills these requirements. Shoes Ronnon (Ronnon Style, Ronnon Active) wholesale from the manufacturer — it's always low prices, large selection of products and a decent quality. Here you will be able to buy their favorite shoe brands "RONNON

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Ice Cream Factory Angara

Ice cream factory "Angara"

Factory "Angara" — a leading manufacturer of ice cream in Siberia and the Far East. The factory produces more than 50 varieties of ice cream, and every year several innovations happy customers.

Product quality in the 50's of last century, all over the country regularly monitored. This tradition has been preserved in the factory and to this day: ice cream own laboratory checks for compliance with state standards and safety. This ice cream is still made according to the recipes of 1953.

For the manufacture of ice

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UEMZ received a license to manufacture the equipment Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has signed an agreement with the enterprise of State Corporation "Rosatom" — FSUE «Ural Electromechanical Plant", which provides for the transfer of the last industrial license to manufacture cell MV MCset 17,5 kV.

The final stage of signing an agreement on the transfer of the license Schneider Electric Ural Electromechanical Plant took the form of an extended inter-ministerial meeting, with the participation of representatives of the different organizations of the State Corporation "Rosatom", JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" and design institutes, AEP (Moscow), VNIPIpromtekhnologii, Teploelectroproject, Mosenergoproekt. The signing took place on the basis

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pianist, president of the Russian Academy of Arts, People's Artist of the USSR.

Long as I live, Boris Moiseev ACT Tchaikovsky Hall WILL NOT! and most of the bleating and acted in the Kremlin But the area was inaccessible to any riff-raff, thanks to the powerful influence of this man. Neither Sharp nor twice a cool, could not cross the circle where art begins. Now he's gone. Never took money from students in Russia. Knew five languages.

Social service agencies of the Kemerovo region have new cars

24 cars "Gazelle" are collected at the Novgorod automobile factory. Of these ten cars are designed for mobile field teams, ten more will work in the status of a "Social taxi" and four to institutions of social services for families and children.

Mobile mobile teams — it's "office on wheels", which is equipped with modern computer technology, communications, air conditioning and a gasoline generator for autonomous electricity supply, which will organize the work, even in the open field. Thanks to mobile services, people living in remote villages and towns will be able to draw up the documents for

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Teacher’s house — a unique project of the Perm region

The "Teacher's House", developed in the Perm region, is unique for Russia. Teacher's house — a primary school and an apartment for a family of teachers.

The first such school was built in 2010 in d.Razino Kudymkarsky district of the Perm region. Teachers are working wife Alex and Marina Simanova.

The second teacher's house built in d.Kekur Kudymkarsky district. On April 2, started here 18 lessons for elementary school students. The construction of the municipal budget at a cost of teachers' houses 6,000,000 rubles. Equipment for the school acquired the regional Ministry of Education.

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A teacher from Dnipropetrovsk won the competition from Microsoft in London

The teacher of the school number 100 from Dnepropetrovsk received a "gold" in the competition in computer science, which took place in London.

Thus, under the British educational technology exhibition in London (UK) announced the winners of the European competition Microsoft Appathon to create computer applications for educators on the operating system Windows 8. Of the three Ukrainians received two prizes: teachers from Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv regions. This was told in the press service of the municipality of Dnipropetrovsk.

The absolute winner of the vote, the jury was Eugene Moturnak, professor of computer science

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Learning PR

PR for the winter.

Today I read everything in the LJ and came to the conclusion that znayuchi can do PR on the fight against all with anything. The main thing to possess knowledge about the laws of nature and social processes. Here for example is possible to deal with winter.

December 1, write a post Learn about what you as a child frostbitten feet, hands, nose, ears, eggs, and since then your life is torn down, both physically and psychologically. In this regard, you are no longer going to tolerate the winter and will fight it. As

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Scientists Stavropol Cossacks opened the age-old tradition

"In stanitsy Terek Cossacks." Scientists traveling the Stavropol villages, have made a unique discovery.

Now the results of the study are summarized as the exposure they will be ready no sooner than six months.

Special untouched by civilization the world — so called researchers Staropavlovskuyu village at the end of the expedition. In this village their ceremonial songs, their meals, hospitable, but alert residents and unique nature.

Details in the video …

A scientist from the Donbass made a breakthrough in China’s steel industry

Professor of Mariupol received the most prestigious award for foreigners

The winner of the most prestigious award for foreigners — the medal "Friendship»(« Friendship Award ») became professor of Azov State Technical University, Anatoly Trotsan.

He recently returned from Beijing, where he was honored secretary of the State Council Ma Kai and premier-Minister Wen Jiabao. Development of Mariupol scientist also be a significant breakthrough in the industry, has been implemented at the largest enterprises of the republic. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it has not yet found application — the country is simply not ready to upgrade steel production.


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