Teachings of Russian air defense forces

In the Krasnodar Territory defense forces defeated the imaginary enemy. On reflection scale attacks took several days. According to legend, the enemy tried to break into the airplanes and helicopters.

The exercises were held on Eysk landfill — the largest artillery range in the south of Russia. Within days, a massive army units reflect the curriculum attack from the air. They practiced skills with technology and interaction units.

The squat fighting vehicles crossed the field at full speed. Missiles "Strela-10" come to the firing lines. In the event of a real encounter with the modern foreign army

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Exercises in the Black Sea

In the Black Sea near Novorossiysk military neutralize terrorists and carried out the rescue operation. According to the scenario, it was necessary to free the hostages captured by bandits ship.

Took part in the maneuvers seven warships, supported from the air. After the release of emergency boat that has been damaged by terrorists, had to assist and evacuate people from the board also using aircraft and parachute group.

In total, the operation involved 300 soldiers. The work of the Russian sailors were observed by representatives of the Ukrainian Navy, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

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Teachings in landfills coastal forces of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk region


MLRS multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad"

More than a thousand soldiers and one hundred pieces of cannon artillery and rocket participate in tactical exercises which began at the sites of coastal troops of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk region, said the head of information security news service WEST along the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

According to him, in the active phase of the exercise calculations of reactive systems "Grad" and self-propelled howitzers, "Carnation", "Acacia" execute fire missions on the suppression and destruction of military equipment and personnel of the imaginary enemy, and

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Teachings of infantry in the Arctic

Tactical exercises of motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District were on the northernmost Russian military range, located in the northwestern part of the Kola Peninsula. During the maneuvers were conducted live firing of artillery, tanks and small arms fire was on complex, rapidly maneuvering targets. All actions on the teaching units were defensive in order to protect the state border of Russia. Particular attention is paid to practical action units in the Arctic, as well as operations for defense and retention of strategically important facilities and areas.

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Teachings of the pilots of the Russian military base in Armenia have become routine

The pilots of the Russian military base in Armenia and spend the skills of air combat

Aircrew aviation unit of the Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Armenia, started to perform flight tasks on the MiG-29 in adverse weather conditions.

During the flight focuses on enhancing the skills of piloting and maintenance of air combat in low clouds and fog at low altitude over the mountains, reaching a height of 4-5 thousand meters above sea level.

In order to improve and test the combat skills of military pilots in the aviation unit is

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Teachings fighter Ladoga 2013

The teaching took place over Ladoga ground and coastal area of Lake Ladoga. The exercise involved the MiG-29, MiG-31 and Su-27 three air groups: Khotilovo (Tver region), Kursk and Karelian military airfield Besovets.

Within days, the crews practiced fighter air combat elements, including the detection of the enemy, capture the target and its conventional defeat, committed launches missiles at air and ground targets, as well as the interaction practiced in the dark. The peculiarity of scientists is that the location of the target and its characteristics pilots were not informed and carried out its own

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SAI teachings on Ashuluk range of Astrakhan region.

On Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region are large-scale exercises of missile forces. More on the march fighters had to reflect the conditional attack saboteurs and chemical attack of the enemy.

Then passed the night shooting. Mission to destroy enemy targets over a range of altitudes and speeds performed with the evaluation "good." Ahead of the missile firings another week with advanced air defense systems S-400 "Triumph".

Just a tactical exercise of the aerospace defense involved about 800 personnel and more than 100 units of military and special equipment Command and missile defense.

Report of the

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Exercises in the Norwegian Sea

In the Norwegian Sea during the second phase of the international naval exercise "Northern Eagle-2012" large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet 'Admiral Chabanenko ", frigate Coast Guard Navy Norway" Nordkarp "and destroyer guided missile" Farragot "U.S. Navy carried out a complex artillery firing on surface targets.

At this stage, the teachings of which are run by the Norwegian party on board the frigate Coast Guard "Nordkapp" is also planned for the ship's air defense exercise, which will be involved, and F-16 aircraft of the Air Force in Norway.

Over the past days the ships

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Teachings fighters Special Operation Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In Elbrus conducts tactical training new military unit — Special Operations Forces of the Ministry of Defense. This is a fully trained unit. Our special forces these days are learning to parachute from extreme heights and perform in harsh alpine conditions.


Exercises Center 2011

Symphonic salvoes at Kapustin Yar At the site "Oymash" deployed major maneuvers exercises "Center-2011"

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