ECP: commissioned unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation

JSC "Production Association" Electrochemical Plant " (Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, part of the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements") — a uranium enrichment facility. The main product — low-enriched uranium used to fuel nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Used to enrich uranium gas centrifuges. Gas centrifuge technology is recognized as the most effective methods of industrial uranium enrichment. This same technology makes it possible to obtain stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements on an industrial scale.

In the workshop of the chemical treatment "Electrochemical Plant" for the tests included in the operation of the unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation,

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ECP has shipped the latest platform with uranium program HEU

"ECP" (included in the control loop fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements") was shipped latest platform with low-enriched uranium produced in the framework of the Russian-American program "Megatons to Megawatts" (or "HEU"). Thus ended the 20-year-old for Russia and 17-year-old for the ECP contract for processing of Russian weapons-grade uranium into energy.   

Over the years, the electrochemical plant was redesigned about a third of the 500 tons of highly enriched uranium under the agreement. From this, it received more than 4 million tons of low-enriched uranium overseas took about 2.5 thousand containers. According to unofficial estimates

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Effective Yenisei

Combine harvester "Yenisei-954" manufactured by the JSC "Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant" (part of the Concern "Tractor plants"), was recognized as a cost-effective when working in the fields with high yield. According to a comparative evaluation carried out by experts of the Siberian Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture ("SibIME"), combine demonstrates the highest economic returns of their "classmates", harvesting machines.

Combines "Yenisei-954" is used for harvesting grain, legumes, cereals and other crops. The machine has a double-drum threshing system, which allows you to work efficiently even on wet soils, equipped with a 300-liter fuel tank and provides

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Effective technologies of enhanced oil recovery

For enhanced oil recovery specialists of JSC "Tatneft" use modern technology, including enhanced oil recovery using composite systems based on xanthan biopolymer ("Xanthan" technology).

The technology, developed by scientists TatNIPIneft used in the oil fields of the Company at a late stage of development with heterogeneous permeability, and is designed to increase the current oil production by blocking watered areas and redistribution pathways of injected water in reservoir.

These results, oil and gas specialists controls "Tatneft" sought by aligning the heterogeneity of the reservoir, as well as regulation of sweep efficiency and impact of the redistribution of flow through

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The efficiency of LEDs OptoGaN has reached 160 lm / W

In the laboratories of the company reached figure of 160 lm / W at rated speed for odnovattnogo LEDs that correspond to the international development of LED industry. In April LEDs with high efficiency will be available to clients "OptoGaN".

The company "OptoGaN" continually working to improve the efficiency of LEDs by improving all stages of the production process, from epitaxial growth to packaging technology. Using the experience gained at the beginning of 2013, the company's specialists have achieved efficiency of 160 lm / W in the lab — the indicator, which today tend to all the

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This mossy, Blackthorn

When equipped with a tank camouflage kit "Cape" (Moscow Institute of Steel Development), The probability of detection in the near-infrared day and night vision devices, and scopes, thermal imaging systems and homing (GOS) is reduced by 30%. In the thermal range of probability of detection and capture of a tank with infrared homing down 2-3.

Drastically reduced the visibility of the tank in the range of radio — the temperature of the tank with masking and the background are the same. In the radar range and probability of detection range equipped with "cape" tank snizhetsya in six

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This is also done in Russia …


Thus, a small obzorchik on yachts and boats produced at Russian shipyards.

Shipbuilding Company «FLAGSHIP»

Key events in the development of 2005 — formation of «FLAGSHIP». 2006 — a certificate of recognition by the Russian River Register. 2006 — Launching of the first yacht Excellent-34. 2006 — the first part in the Moscow International Boat-Show. 2007 — release of the yacht Favorite-34 created a new stylish design. 2007 — created a company in the United Arab Emirates FLAGSHIP FZE, a wholly owned subsidiary and branch on

sales. 2008 — participation in the

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It abruptly white metal! On CHEMK opened smelter, which is no longer smokes

On Chelyabinsk Electric Factory was state acceptance of a unique complex gas treatment by which the smelter is no longer emits harmful substances. As the correspondent «URA.Ru», for the first time on a large industrial enterprise of the pipes is virtually alone air.

Similar equipment used in factories in South Africa, the USA and Germany. The new facility consists of five gas treatment units, each of which includes a separate set of equipment — cyclones, coolers, fans, exhaust fans. In total, they found 7.2 thousand tissue 10-foot hose from a unique membrane fabric made of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon-like).

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It’s interesting. Holders of American 7-Eleven arrested for slavery

June 18, 2013  

Internal Security United States, together with the police raided the largest franchise network of 7-Eleven in Brooklyn. As a result of the raid were arrested 9 people who have been indicted in the theft of personal data and their use for hiring illegal immigrants to work.

As the federal prosecutor's office of the Eastern District of New York, more than a dozen people have been brought into the country illegally and, in fact, engaged in slave labor, and the suspects were appropriated part of their wages.

The audit was conducted

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Ethnomir — the whole world!

Cultural and educational tourist center ETNOMIR (Kaluga region) — this is a unique project that will allow anyone to experience the life, culture and traditions of the peoples of the world. Only in ETNOMIR everyone can become a resident of any etnodvora, feeling himself on the many facets of culture and enriching themselves with new knowledge about the life and traditions of the people.

The world's largest Russian stove

Tourists are invited to be not just a visitor to the cultural and educational tourism complex, and the time to become "native" residents of any country in

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