Unique kindergarten was opened in Vladivostok

October 6, in a solemn ceremony Territory Governor Sergei Darkin and the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, cut the red ribbon opening the new modern kindergarten in a residential neighborhood, "Snow Pad". Preschool called "Tiger" is ready to take 240 kids.

 Photo source:dalss.ru

Such kindergartens in Vladivostok is not built. Large in size and spacious, it is markedly different from the usual kindergarten buildings. In addition to a modern design and the use of new building materials, it has a real zest, invented by designers.

 Photo source:dalss.ru

For example, in groups large floor to ceiling stained

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Unique military nuclear bathyscaphe was tested in the Arctic

Deep-water nuclear power plant project 10830 "gate" received for the unusual design of the nickname "Losharik", took part in the expedition "Arktika-2012" in underwater drilling operations offshore Mendeleev in the Arctic Ocean, write "News".

As described in the Defense Ministry, the boat helped to adjust drilling operations, which were carried out with a diesel-electric icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin" and "Dixon" to define the outer boundaries of Russian Continental Shelf. "Carrier" Losharik "is reworked strategic submarine of project 667" squid ", which has been dismantled ballistic missile silos — bathyscaphe fastened under her head"

"By working together to get a huge

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The unique cable-stayed bridge appeared in Krasnoselskoye area of St. Petersburg

SUE "TEK SPb" put into operation a new bridge for the pipeline in Krasnoselskoye district of St. Petersburg. The bridge connects the two banks of a canal Duderhof. Its length is 130 meters.

 Photo source:spb.ru

The bridge has assumed the required load every hour through the heat pipes located on it goes 1,323 tons of hot water from the South-West Power Station in the direction of the boiler room "4th Krasnosel'skaya."

 Photo source:spb.ru

The bridge will not be used for pedestrian traffic in spite of the fact that the building provides passages, it remains, above all,

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The unique black box designed in Kursk

The specialists of the Kursk plant "Device" created the flight recorder for recording flight data with advanced information storage.

The previous generation of flight recorders

"This" black box "remains intact even when the temperature of a thousand degrees Celsius," — said the president of JSC "Concern" Avionics "Sergei Kolyadin at an international air show" Farnborough 2012 ".

He explained that in Kursk today have a unique product, special materials, which allows the introduction of it in the body of the "black box" to store information at high temperatures for a long time. "We can now provide safety data recorders

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The unique electromagnetic flow-meters for water utilities

On the production of JSC TERMOTRONIK (St. Petersburg) in the series over to the new electromagnetic flow Piterflou pipe diameters 80 mm and 100 mm. The uniqueness of these devices consists of a specially designed structural plastic insert, which increases the stability of the measurement at low costs and reduced sensitivity to deposits on the tube walls. The form provides a minimum insertion loss of pressure in the system.



RS80 with a maximum flow rate of up to 90m3/chas

PC100 with a maximum flow rate of up to 140m3/chas

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Unique development in the life

Moscow mechanical plant number 3, and the organization of SPC "Mikrolektonika" having a unique experience in the development of devices with increased resource exploitation on the basis of LED technology — will pick up, you will design and manufacture the necessary lighting solution in the design of stainless steel, which will highlight the style and personality of your project .

letters with backlit stainless steel letters with backlit stainless steel

Unique designs using composites in construction

The plant of the State Corporation "Rosatom" "Argon" processing of carbon fiber, which is located in the city of Balakovo, Saratov region, started a unique repair using composites based on carbon tape production RUSNANO project company "Prepreg-SKM." During the 2012 composites repaired over 30 sites across the country.

Factory "Argon" built over 30 years ago. The company is a productive asset of "Rosatom" and the management holding company "Composite". "Argon" is engaged in processing of carbon fibers, which are the basis of composite materials that are in demand in many industries: aviation, shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering,

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Unique operations conducted in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk doctors performed a unique surgery on the trachea newbornPeople are great profession gave her the opportunity to become a mother — sure Galina. Her first-born son — Matthew — this month. Six months ahead of rehabilitation behind — the worst. The diagnosis immediately after birth — tracheal stenosis. This means the baby to breathe air and have nothing to another city for an operation can not make it. Gathered a council in Krasnoyarsk, decided to operate. We had to — urgently prepare personnel and equipment to order a special sutures, blood products, biological glue and do what the country

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Unique mechanisms for the nuclear industry

Experts crane factory NGO "Mostovik" complete work on the design of specialized cargo handling overhead cranes for the Russian nuclear industry enterprises, which is part of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

Crane Plant Omsk association — one of the few Russian companies that have a license to perform operations on the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear facilities and experienced in the production of similar cranes. Part of the design work is done by the designers of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the crane factory NGO "Mostovik".


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Unique Ossetian dam engineer

Builder of North Ossetia Igor Gusiev developed an improved design shore protection levees, much cheaper counterparts. The main difference from other similar structures — a form. Rospatent has recognized the unique design. Despite the fact that the levees Gusieva has long been widely used in the country, only now the inventor and his team have received patents.

Innovation interested guide Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the head of department Vladimir Puchkov instructed his subordinates to carefully examine the project. Rather, the development of the Ossetian constructor will be used in all Russian regions.


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