A unique diagnostic solution for severe hereditary diseases in newborns

October 16 at the Medical Genetics Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (MGNTS RAMS) will host a seminar, which will present the results of the development of an innovative method of diagnostics of severe hereditary diseases in newborns. The project was implemented by the biotech company Sequoia genetics (SC Alcor Bio, Saint Petersburg) with the support of a number of Russian and European partners.

"In fact, we were one of the first was able to show that such an efficient method of DNA analysis as the next-generation sequencing (NGS), can be directly, without

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The unique obstetric department

The leaders of Yekaterinburg launched a unique Obstetrics Department at CCH number 7

Today, 15:11

Head of Ekaterinburg — Yekaterinburg City Duma Chairman Eugene Porunov and the head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg, Alexander Jacob at Thursday, February 16, 2012, launched the operation in the second part of an observational obstetric department of the Central City Hospital № 7, located in the street Vilonov, 33.

Obstetric observational office — is a unique branch on the organization of emergency obstetric care for women with severe complications after birth. The department uses advanced minimally invasive (minimal surgical intervention and the degree of

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A unique expedition went to the Ice Harbor — place last winter Barents

A unique expedition went to the Ice Harbor — place last winter caravel Willem Barents

Research vessel "Aldan" (based on the type of MKRTM "Laukuva") in 1989, the postroyki/2012 modernization. This converted fishing trawler as a research vessel performs its maiden voyage. That is why the team has been selected with special care.

At the end of September, from Arkhangelsk on the research vessel "Aldan" started the expedition to the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, in order to find the remains of the ship, which in 1596 Willem Barents tried to go from Europe to India.

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Unique school opened in Tambov region

On the 140 th year of existence Tatanovskaya School Tambov region refreshed externally and internally, becoming a regional resource center for agribusiness education "School of Agribusiness, Tambov."

Photo: onlinetambov.ru

The new school will be taught skills in agriculture and agribusiness, from primary school. At the request of students can master such demand occupations as "Plodoovoschevod", "Tractor driver of agricultural production", "Agriculture", "Mechanization of agriculture."

And for adults, this school will become a professional internship platform in the field of agriculture.

In school, lots of light, space, greenery, every detail is thought out, because here worked best

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Unique technology FASTLAP from Saratov factory roofing materials!


Why all the materialsRUFLEXROLLWaterproofing made exclusively with the use of technology FASTLAP? What is unique about this technology and what are its advantages?

To begin with find out what is needed film. The polymer film used to protect the underside of the roofing or waterproofing fabric from sticking. By mounting technology, the film must be completely burned in the process of fusing the material. This process is time consuming and only an experienced roofer can make fusing as required by the technology.

Incomplete combustion of the film leads to the formation of air bubbles.

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Unique facial recognition appeared in the Norilsk airport

The system is called "Taimyr-2" and includes the software and hardware (four fixed and two portable), designed for automated verification of identity documents (Russian passport, a passport, driver's license). Portable systems will organize the examination of passenger traffic outside the airport. Special equipment for 3-6 seconds to scan a document of identity and provides the information to a monitor that is a citizen at large.

 Photo source:krskstate.ru

In addition, the Norilsk complex subsystem includes a unique biometric identification of a person that has no analogues in Russia for one second special program detects a picture of a human

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Unique super-complicated mold of SatIZ (Rybinsk)

Productive partnerships between enterprises of the Yaroslavl region are becoming stronger. The Rybinsk JSC "Saturn — Instrumental Works" for the first time since the inception of this enterprise produced supercomplex order — mold weighing more than 3 tons to Tutaevsky engine plant.

 Photo source:yarreg.ru

Work on a new order had for three months from the development of the technology to full production readiness. — Production of so large a mold — is primarily a test of our ability, — said General Director of "SatIZ" Alexander Treshkin — and proof that our company is able to develop

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Unique robotic line foundry run on UOMZ (Ekaterinburg)

During a visit to the "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" Dmitry Rogozin took part in the opening the first phase of a unique robotic foundry parts of optical guidance, which are used in the aircraft industry — to create military aircraft and helicopters.

The work shop is fully robotized production of future cases of optical sights begins with a wax casting parts, which is covered with 7-8 layers of ceramic, then the wax drips out, it remains ceramic mold into which is poured aluminum and receive the item, said the head of the foundry site Artem investigation.

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Unique missile system Yars

Second Division with the latest missile system RS-24 "Yars" delivered in December this year to pilot duty in Teykovskogo missile division, told reporters on Friday at the main headquarters of the Strategic Rocket Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Sergei Karakayev. "In Teykovskogo missile division (Ivanovo region) in December, has taken up research and alert the next division with missiles RS-24" Yars "- said Karakayev. First Division with such missiles has taken up duty in this division in January 2010. RS-24 — a missile with multiple warheads. Its specifications are secret (range, quantity, capacity, and circular deviation of warheads, decoys

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Unique trailers from Company SPETSPRITSEP

Moscow-based company Ltd. "The company SPETSPRITSEP" lives up to its name since more than 10 years in the design, manufacture and supply of modern trailers to meet the requirements of the customer and optimally solving transportation problems.

The development of the design of trailers and semi-trailers are taught by experienced designers, many of whom were trained abroad and have made a number of know-how, which have been granted patents.

Towed vehicles with the brand name "SPETSPRITSEP" operated by enterprises of the Federal Agency "Spetsstroy Russia" and RAO "Gazprom" company "Transneft" Corporation "Transstroi" city-forming complex of Moscow, the Taiwan

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