Ethnic and cultural complex Ataman opened the festival season Rainbow Family of talents

Each month the winner for the visitors and residents of the Kuban on concert stages Atamaniv creative teams will be performing the Krasnodar region and other regions of Russia.

Only in festivals attended by about 50 bright original creative family dynasties. In addition to vocal performance, dance, instrumental numbers they show traditional folk rituals demonstrate their achievements in the arts and crafts, arts and crafts.

A fairground Atamaniv products Kuban farmers in high demand, rally sold out strawberries, early cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.

In Atamaniv work guides, master class conducted a shoemaker, weaver, blacksmith, potter. "Tea," tavern "Uspenochka", "Varenichnaya"

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This fabulous Viatka!

The Curious Case of founding of the city on the hill Kikimorskoy, picturesque embankment of the river Vyatka, Alexander Garden is beautiful, breathtaking legend Razderihinskom ravine unique architecture of the provincial Russian city of Kirov, majestic Cathedral of the AssumptionTrifonov monastery, amazing destiny of great people associated with the city over the Silver River. During"Dreamlike World Games"participants visited several fabulous sites of the city, took part in the fairy procession at Theater Square and visited the"Preserve Tales"— The residence Kikimora Vjatskoj, which took place on the territory of the first World fabulous game in 2012. By the way, the

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Estonian media about our hero … Surprisingly, and to be honest

We have long been accustomed to that proud and independent Baltic states meaning of its existence made hatred of Russia, and on any occasion.

And here it catches the eye of the article that I least expected to see .. So it's suddenly in the middle of streams of lies and filth that I decided to duplicate it here.

While in Russia grow these guys, Russian still have much to be proud of ("" Estonia)

For which gained momentum in Estonia hype around the Russian punk band Pussy Riot has remained almost unnoticed by

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Hermitage — the best museum in the world in 2013

Thousands of tourists from different countries have called the Hermitage — the best museum in the world. The poll conducted the world's largest travel portal Trip Adviser.


The State Hermitage Museum has overtaken the British Museum and the Louvre, which did not even make the top ten best. These museums took 17 and 19 seats respectively.

The majority of tourists visiting the Hermitage Museum is delighted. Only a few reported long lines at the ticket counter of the Winter, which prevented them to enjoy the visit.

According to experts

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Ehrlich loaned

[Img =] Forward "Rostov" Jacob Ehrlich before the end of the season will play on loan for the Lipetsk "Metallurg", which is now leading in the area of "Center "Second Division.

ERA GLONASS: 2 years before the start

To ERA GLONASS was launched in 2014, requires reliable operation of at least two types of equipment: the satellites in orbit and the terminal consumers. This writes the topical application to the newspaper "Kommersant» Business Guide (Geographic Information Systems) in an article on the prospects of the Russian system of emergency response in case of accidents.

Currently, GLONASS orbital group reached staffing levels and ensures stable reception of navigation signals on a global scale. Thus, the first condition for the implementation of the program ERA GLONASS almost done. Consumer equipment, based on which services will be provided

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Encyclopedia of astronauts

Roskosmos TV studio created a video project "The Encyclopedia of astronauts," which will be available to anyone interested.

Cosmonaut number 1. October 4 — the beginning of space era. In 1957, on this day in the Soviet Union was put into orbit the first artificial Earth satellite. Studio Space Agency opens online encyclopedia in which you will learn about the important pages of the life of astronauts and Soviet Russia. The first issue is devoted to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. April 12, 1961, he opened the way mankind into space.

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Encyclopedia of the atom. Element of the future

Continuation of the series about the Russian nuclear power industry

Part 1:

Part 2:

Remind the links to the other parts: The pioneers of civilization: In a world of radiation: Inside the reactor:

Encyclopedia of the atom. Titans movement

The fifth part of the series "Encyclopedia of the atom"

"Farewell of Slav", what could be better during the farewell to the shore? It was under this march into the Arctic Ocean goes nuclear icebreaker "Russia." He must deliver to the place of duty of the ice polar station SP-38.

Encyclopedia of the atom. Inside the reactor,

Encyclopedia of the atom (part 3). Inside the reactor,

The film "Inside the reactor" — the continuation of the series "Encyclopedia of the atom," the authors are not only traveled to many Russian nuclear power plants (and traveled to Iran), not only were in the reactor room, where they release the bloggers in our tours, they have done the impossible — found a way to remove Chief, internal water circuit from the inside during construction.

I remind you that want to have a chance to personally go to the Russian nuclear power plants. Details here:

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