KMZ Industries put elevator equipment for Chernihiv region

KMZ Industries put elevator equipment KMZ Industries elevator equipment put the total storage capacity of 42 tons at a leading company for processing of cereals in the Chernihiv region. Photo equipment installation KMZ industries in the Chernihiv region:

Kashtan Petroleum launched in sverdlovinu Chernіgіvskіy of Region

Kompaniia Kashtan Petroleum Ltd. (Spіlne pіdpriєmstvo PAT "Ukrnafta" іshvedskoї Shelton Petroleum) has launched a number ekspluatatsіyu sverdlovinu 309glibinoyu 2 km Lelyakіvske rodovischі (Chernigivska region.). About Tse povіdomlyaє "Іnterfaks-Ukraine 's posilannyam at the pres-service Shelton. For pіdsumkami testuvannya, debіt Sklave bіlshe 70 bar. / Dobou. "In-line tsіnah on naphtha termіn okupnostі іnvestitsіy becoming trohibіlshe rock" — ydetsya in povіdomlennі shvedskoї kompanії. In Danian hour drill rig for peremіschaєtsya away robіt nadsverdlovinoyu number 310.

Vidobutok Kashtan Petroleum naphtha to Lelyakіvske rodovischі in grudnі 2011 p. sklala blizko 20.2 yew. bar., In that hour yak at listopadі Tsey pokaznik

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Kalina and Priora came to the Spanish car market

AvtoVAZ is the European market: another country that started selling cars Lada, was Spain.

The Russian car industry will be represented by two models — Lada Priora and Lada Kalina in the back of a hatchback, sedan and wagon. In the base Priora will cost the Spaniards at nine thousand euros, and Kalina for 200 euros cheaper, says Avto.Ru.

Standard equipment "Priory" includes two airbags, front windows, EUR district, central locking, audiopreparation. Cost options: ABS — 389 euros, MP3 player — 317 euros, air conditioning — 917 euros. Lada Priora is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with

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JKX Oil &Gas completed the process of hydraulic fracturing in the well R-103

JKX Oil &Gas announced the successful completion of the 10-stage hydraulic fracturing at well R-103 at Rudenkovskom field in Poltava region, which is in its parameters will be one of the largest hydraulic fracturing on land in Europe.


Currently undergoing demobilization of personnel and appropriate equipment. The remaining plugs separating the treated frac intervals, now drilled. It is expected that the return of liquid will last 3 to 4 weeks, and in the next 4-5 weeks will provide data on the flow of gas. This was reported in the press service of the company.

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Jet World Masters 2013 — Russian Champion!

At the competition Jet World Masters, held this year in Switzerland, have been demonstrated radio-controlled model jet aircraft from around the world. We are proud to announce that the best model has been recognized by the domestic Yak-130, the founder of which, Vitaly Robertus already got the championship title a few years ago. The winner of this year far exceeds the competitive demands on the level and accuracy of the copy created in minute detail by repeating real-life combat fighter prototype. Complicated flying on jet engines, folding landing gear, shooting traps heat and even almost a true "pilot"

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IV International Forum on Nanotechnology ended RusNanoPrize 2011 award winners

IV International Forum on Nanotechnology completed award winners RusNanoPrize 2011, Russian Youth Prize in the field of nanotechnology and the International Competition for Young Scientists in the field of nanotechnology.

The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais and Nobel Prize winner, Academician Alferov.

RusNanoPrize 2011


Laureate RusNanoPrize 2011 recognized as Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician Gennady Sakovich — Scientific director of the Institute of Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The award was given for the development of technology functional nanoscale

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IT-park Zhigulevskaya Valley: the implementation begins

In the Samara region began the construction of IT-park "Zhigulevskaya Valley". Already in 2012, the IT-park residents will work in three main areas: automotive, petrochemical and aerospace. Through the use of core IT-park — Data-center — "Zhigulevskaya Valley" will be able to provide services to industrial design and engineering is not only present in the region, "AvtoVAZ" and Renault, but also to other major producers.

The decision to build in Togliatti technological park in the area of high technology has been approved by the Government of the Samara region in May 2010. Creating IT-Park is one of

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ITERatsiya superconductivity

In 2011, physicists around the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of the grand event — the opening of the Dutch scientist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes phenomenon of superconductivity. On the history, the present and the prospects for the development of applied superconductivity us the deputy director of the Kurchatov NBIKS center, head of scientific-technological complex of superconductivity Alexander K. Shikov

Of what, what does … 

— I do superconductivity for more than 40 years. Upon cooling, a variety of materials to a very low boiling temperature of liquid helium. ie

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ISOVER-Acoustic now and let the plant in Chelyabinsk.

Every year more and more important, especially in big cities, the issue soundproofing. To feel comfortable and happy at any time of the day, enjoy the peace and forget about the outside noise outside the window, you need to soundproof the room.

The construction of the traditional massive structures leads to the loss of usable floor space. The most effective solution to solve the problem is noise isolation device drywall partitions with sound-absorbing material filling ISOVER acoustic. Construction, using ISOVER Acoustic reduces the time for its construction and save valuable floor space. Low

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iPhone and the car are one

Taken from The author, the original Roman Yuriev (C).

The modern car is quite high class — this is not just a means of transportation, but a real gadget and computer, to say the least — a network of computers. This is all the gadgets gadget with which you can interact, either directly or remotely. What makes him do Pandora DXL 5000 in conjunction with the iPhone — just boggles the mind … or understandable. Let's try to figure out together. Let me just say one thing — I, like an untrained person, the possibility of this anti-theft system

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