Sibanalitpribor serial creates innovative products

A resident of Tomsk Special Economic Zone Ltd. "Sibanalitpribor" creates a serial innovative products in collaboration with the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS.


Autonomous meteorological complex AMK-03

As such, the company "Sibanalitpribor" is committed while in Russia a few know how to — the commercialization of scientific ideas and bringing them to the production cycle. Thus becoming the missing link between scientific development and its trade incarnation, "Sibanalitpribor" took a very strong position on the market of innovative products. Novelty, innovation component, the uniqueness of the company's products allow her in

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Sea Breeze 2013: maneuvers in the sea, air and land

Sailors Ukrainian-US exercises "Sea Breeze 2013" with the participation of representatives of the fleets of other countries have fulfilled a number of issues related to preparation for the tasks in the offshore and onshore components.



Developing practical episodes of the active phase exercise "Sea Breeze 2013" were devoted to training at sea the ships of the exercise participants frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny" large landing ship "Konstantin Olshansky" sea trawler "Chernigov", Romanian frigate "Marushesti" Georgian Navy boats "Sukhumi" missile boat of the Turkish Navy, "Meltem" and the boats of the State Border

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Silver Ring of Russia

Vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergei Korneev said that the project is "Silver Ring of Russia": The task — to duplicate the "Golden Ring", but in the north-western regions. After all, these territories are not less rich in tourism resources.


The structure of the "Silver Ring" includes St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Staraya Russa, the Great Luke Porhov, Pskov, Isborsk, Pechora, Ivangorod, Kingissepp, Vyborg, Korella (Priosersk), Staraya Ladoga, Vologda, Tikhvin.

few attractions north-west Russia (photo)


On Tuesday, September 6 working group is going to create a historical recreation of the

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Selmash will begin production complex VOLGAR

Ltd. "Selmash" starts production of multi-seed complex "VOLGAR", intended for bezryadkovogo razbrosnogo sowing of cereals, legumes and small-seeded crops. The package includes seed hopper 9 cubic meters, part of the cultivator 9 m wide with the vas deferens, a set of 18 pieces schelerezov for slotting in autumn soil to a depth of 30 cm Bezryadkovy razbrosnoy seeding method provides optimal nutrition area for each plant. Thanks to a feeding area, the plants at times increases the number of productive stems, compared with Seed sowing, so we recommend to reduce the seeding rate of 10-15%. This method of sowing,

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Seliger concluded the maritime part of the state testing

Towing vessel "Seliger" (Project 11982), built at the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" (part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") on November 27 completed the marine part of the state sea trials in the Black Sea. The press service of the Shipyard "Yantar".


The state began sea trials on November 17, during which time there have been six outputs of the vessel at sea. Factory acceptance testing team, together with the experts of Black Sea Fleet spent maneuvering and speed testing of the ship, cruising range settings worked, tested the navigational and radio equipment. All systems

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Sector Furniture is looking for new dealers

The company "Furniture Sector", series producer of furniture and partitions in the furniture market of Moscow and Moscow region, offers favorable conditions for dealers.

One of the striking advantages of the company "Sector Furniture" was and still is the openness of the company, which is expressed in the desire to go for leadership dialogue with other companies for mutually beneficial cooperation. Ltd. "Furniture Sector" is interested in expanding its sphere of influence in the furniture market, not only in Moscow but also regional markets, and strives to develop and expand its dealer network.

The program

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Sevmorzavod 3 times the increased production up in 2012

Management "Sevastopol Marine Plant" was able to successfully cope with the tasks of loading of the enterprise.

This is "New Region" said vice-president of the Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine Victor Lissitzky, commenting on the growth of production in the "Sevmorzavod" 3 times in the end of 2012.

"Such a build-up of production at the plant in times should be welcomed. Sevmorzavod once popped up with the orders. Kartoshkin was modern and efficient, he provided the load of the plant. The current team has done everything to factory began to develop, "- said the

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Sevmash building a megayacht

Sevmash is actively developing the civilian sector of shipbuilding. The company was visited by representatives of the customer ship-building company "Baltika". They checked the progress of the work on the second ocean motor yacht


The vessel ready to use the systems and arrangements. The specialists of "ACT" Arctic "completed the electrical work. In total, the order laid about 100 kilometers of cable. Megayacht moved to staffing coverage.

Contractors have started to work from the Netherlands and Germany, they have to ensure the integrity of the object on all

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Sevzaprybvod and Karelrybvod break records

As part of the goszadaniya the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources hatcheries FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" and "Karelrybvod" in 2013 were carried out issues 7,722 million pieces of mixed-age juvenile and larval lampreys, salmon and whitefish species in the fishery water bodies of the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast .

"Including released: — 1,064,000 units. mixed-age young salmon fish species; — 3,083,000 units. juvenile and larval whitefish species; — 3,575,000 units. lamprey. The planned target for the production of young salmon fish hatcheries FGBU "Karelrybvod" currently holds a 175%. Enterprises FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" on the issue

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Severstal-hardware has confirmed compliance with the international automotive standard

The group of companies "Severstal-hardware" (included in the division "Severstal Russian Steel") has received a certificate confirming compliance with the quality management system requirements of the international automotive standard ISO / TS 16949:2009. 

The decision to extend the certificate was made in February, after a re-certification audit, which took place at the site of Cherepovets in productions of bright steel and shaped steel profiles — products demanded by the automotive industry. Compliance with the requirements of ISO / TS 16949:2009 can not only strengthen relationships with existing clients, but also gives the right to participate in

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