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Elecard and Megafon have developed a device for ordering and payment of public services through the TV

Tomsk on July 5. Tomsk innovative company with Elecard of "Megafon" introduced the project "Public services on a TV" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation at the exhibition "Innovative solutions and services to companies, mobile operators," said the head of the development department Elecard Nicholas Milovanov.

According to the company, the development of "Home Infokommunikator" is a device with installed software that is using the TV as a monitor, provides access to the portal of public services. Use the menus and enter data when receiving public services can use the remote or keyboard.


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ELARA digitized unique medical publications

ELARA Corporation has completed a project to digitize the most valuable books from the collection of the Fundamental Library of the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Academician Ivan Pavlov. The press service of the company. Work was carried out to ensure the preservation of publications and the organization of access to rare books.

The processed information resource is a rare medical books XVI — XVII centuries. Among them — the famous work of the eastern scientist and physician Avicenna's "Canon of Medicine", published in 1555 in Venice. Old editions have been digitized on equipment ELARA PlanScan

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Extrusion cooking oil complex BRONTO now in Germany

Further confirmation of the high quality and efficiency of extrusion technology BRONTO was shipped to Germany in July 2013 complex for the production of soybean oil and meal

Extrusion complex BRONTO feed for dogs and cats in Serbia

In September 2013 authorized dealer in Serbia — the company PRO-X shipped extruder with pre-conditioned E-1500 and E-500 extruder for the assembly of the complex for the production of food for dogs and cats.

Extruders BRONTO confirm the high efficiency in Lithuania

In September 2013 another farm of numerous clients in Lithuania BRONTO re-acquired the extruder E-500

Extreme Park a world-class construction in Sochi

Six months later, near the trout farm (on the road from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana), will start a range of entertainment ekctremalnyh — AJ Hackett Sochi.  The project AJ Hackett has existed since 1988, most in the world at the moment there are 5 such sites (in Germany, France, China, Australia and Singapore). When they open in Sochi, this place is, of course, will immediately become popular among fans of extreme sports.

Editorial visited the construction site and found many ways to tickle nerves offer Sochi branch of the company. The first, and probably the

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Extreme fun for charity

Downhill with a 40-meter height on the roller on the tight rope arranged Zhitomir extreme. At the city pedestrian bridge on the trolley ride everyone to raise money for the treatment of an 8-month-old girl from the city, which received 45 per cent burns to skin and requires expensive treatment.

Extreme of the Robotics Institute — a multifunctional robot Scout


Robots created by the Central Research Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) allows the operator at a safe distance to perform many dangerous operations, including in extreme conditions.

The mobile robot "Scout", despite its impressive dimensions and weighs 250 pounds, is moving pretty fast, at a speed of meters per second, and most importantly — captivates by its versatility. This jack-of-all-trades can be used to protect and patrol facilities, location of man-made accidents, radiation intelligence.

Initially (the development started in 2007 with the support of FASI) robot created for the search and evacuation of

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Express MD2 tested

This is the second small satellite communications. The first was launched February 11, 2009.

The spacecraft "Express-MD2" created by Khrunichev Khrunichev has successfully passed acoustic testing at the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI, Zhukovsky).

In the reverberation chamber RK-1500 spacecraft tested the effect of high-frequency pressure fluctuations that occur during startup, transonic flight at maximum speed pressure.

Upon completion of acoustic testing, "Express-MD2" was delivered to the factory for testing in early April for electromagnetic compatibility in an anechoic chamber.

Satellite "Express-MD2" is created in the framework of the

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Russian arms export portfolio at the beginning of 2011, accounting for $ 38 billion

Russia at the beginning of 2011, has a portfolio of export of arms and military equipment worth $ 38 billion, told reporters on Wednesday the head of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaykin.

"Export portfolio of weapons and military equipment to Russia at the beginning of 2011 was $ 38 billion," — he said, noting that 60% of exports go to India, China and Algeria. In total, according Isaikina, last year in this area were made more than 1,300 contracts with foreign countries.

He clarified that the order book is intended to include contracts, 90% of which

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