WIG — Soaring above the waves

In pursuit of speed

Equally important quality as rapidity, has always been the object of attention of shipbuilders. But the increase in the speed of ships confined to a rapidly growing body hydrodynamic resistance and the lack of capacity of sailing and rowing propulsion. The second limitation was removed with the introduction of mechanical engines on ships in the mid — late nineteenth century., But the situation has not changed — sailing to the early twentieth century. If the speed is not exceeded, then, in any case, did not concede steamers. Spurt in the rate associated with the idea

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Cost-effective technology for smart glasses

Graduate student Siberian Federal University Andrey Belousov under the direction of professor of instrumentation and nanoelectronics Tamara Patrusheva developed technology to halve the cost of the production of "smart" glass.

"Smart" electrochromic glass, changing the transparency of admission of an electric current, are high-quality alternative to curtains, blinds, shading screens. Smart glass can take care of the energy resources by saving on space heating in the winter — with the loss of their use of heat in the room is reduced to 4.5 times. Due to their reliability and durability of the glass can be used in

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Economic Facts USA

Economic Facts USA

1. Astounding 48% of all Americans are considered either "low income" or are living in poverty. 2. Approximately 57% of all children in the United States live in families that are considered to be either "low income" or poor. 3. If the number of Americans who "want to get a job," it would be the same today as in 2007, the "official" unemployment rate published by the U.S. government, would be reached to 11%. 4. The average amount of time a worker is unable to work in the United States now exceeds 40 weeks. 5. One

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The economic results of the TC in 2012: mutual trade grew by 8.7%, external — 3.2%

Department of Statistics of the Eurasian Economic Commission summed up the external and mutual trade in goods of the Customs Union in 2012.

So, according to official information, the volume of bilateral trade between the — of the Customs Union in 2012 increased by 8.7% compared with the previous year, foreign trade — by 3.2%.

The volume of foreign trade of the Customs Union with third countries in 2012 amounted to $ 939.3 billion, including export — $ 600.1 billion, import — $ 339.2 billion compared with 2011, the volume of foreign

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Cost-effective insulin pens from the Ural scientists

Urals scientists have developed a unique insulin pen for diabetics. The new device is created by specialists in the Ural biopharmaceutical cluster NOVOURALSK plant "Medsintez". This technology will compete with foreign manufacturers even.

Note that the project was the development of the Ural innovation center "Skolkovo". The plant's management has already prepared the relevant documents for the export of insulin pens in the EU, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others.

"Insulin — this is not a business, it is our drug safety. It's peace of mind of millions of our Russians. July 25 Plant received

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Economics lecture notes Oleg Grigoryev.


Series of lectures "ECONOMY" Oleg Grigoriev  

Oleg Grigoryev, Scientific Director of SIC "Neokonomika"Lecture 1 — 05. The history of economic thought, The division of labor.Chapter 6 — 12.   Capital Investment cooperation of States Economic development from the point of view of Neokonomiki, The origin of the money. Reproduction circuit Financial Sector Money and economic growth.

Lectures been read during the Spring-Summer 2013.

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The economy of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region

Yaroslavl Oblast is one of the most industrialized regions of the country. By the volume of industrial production in the region is among the top three regions in the Central District of the Russian Federation, on the overall level of socio-economic development in 11th place in Russia.

 Photo source:narod.ru

About 300 Yaroslavl enterprises have federal significance and are leaders in their respective industries. According to the rating agency "Expert", Yaroslavl region in terms of investment risk is on the fourth place in terms of activity and favorable legislation for investors — the second largest in Russia.


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The economy is pushing the Italians on suicide

A recent report by the Committee for the Protection of Human Rights found that in the first quarter of 2013, the number of suicides in Italy, the cause of which is the economic situation has increased by 40 percent compared to last year.

 Representatives of Health of Italy reported that the financial problems in the recession affected the country are pushing people to commit suicide.

On Saturday, the director is in the hospital of San Andrea Roman Centre for Suicide Prevention Maurizio Pompeii said: "We are seeing that some individuals with suicidal tendencies report

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The economy in a positive

Valentin St. George

The growth rate of industrial production in the Omsk region is considerably higher than the dynamics of this indicator in the Russian Federation and the Siberian Federal District.

Over the past four years Omsk region consistently demonstrates a positive trend in all industries, which generally has a positive effect on the socio-economic situation in the region. Improved financial condition of the population, increased the overall performance level of life, accelerated dynamics of retail trade.

 Photo source:expert.ru

Currently under construction as part of PARK (regional agroindustrial clusters) feed mill will be put in production

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EkoNiva building complex in Voronezh region

February 8 in the Voronezh region opened the first stage of the new breeding complex, LLC "EcoNivaAgro." Commissioned the barn for 460 head, the maternity unit at 100 skotomest, dairy unit milking parlor, "Carousel", with a capacity 240 birds per hour and cooling equipment for 25 tons («GEA Farm Technologies»). 1500 heifers imported Holstein-Friesian breed from Austria, Germany and Hungary. New complex with. Kolybelka Liskisky area planned to be operational in full in December of this year. The complex will include three barn for the dairy herd by 460 head each, the dry garden, a dairy unit, maternity ward with

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