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The Su-25UBM passed all exams

Concern "Attack Aircraft Sukhoi" plans to sign a certificate of completion of state tests of the modernized training and combat Su-25UBM this summer.

The news was the general director Vladimir Babak concern. According to him, the state testing program implemented in full, including tests for combat use of the Su-25UBM. "Su-25UBM can be successfully used both as a training aircraft for the flight personnel assault units Air Force and to conduct full-fledged war — said Babak. — According to the flight and combat characteristics of the Su-25UBM closely follows Stroevo modernized Su-25SM. "

Sioux 25UBM

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The Su-25 has an all-weather

Modernization of aircraft, the third in its history, based on the analysis of armed clashes in Chechnya and Georgia. So in Chechnya, the main loss of the Su-25 aircraft were due to the inability to fly in the mountains, and the complexity of management in a rapidly menyayusheysya weather. In Georgia, the losses were caused by the lack of technical equipment of the aircraft, the lack of electronic warfare countermeasures, and the old system of arms control.

The new element base allows you to place an improved navigation and sighting system on such a small plane as the

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Traffic police fines: the absolute record

The number of parking fines collected in Moscow last month, exceeding the results of the past year. As reports"Rossiyskaya Gazeta", like was made possible thanks to the automatic video recording of violations, including mobile systems — the so-called "Parkon."


In total for the first seven months of this year in the capital, all appliances photo and video recording was found more than 1,250,000 violations of more than 612 million rubles. Thus, the average fine for Moscow was about 500 rubles.

At the same time, Moscow — is not the only region where the drivers

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Corkscrew will be defeated. The unique development of Russian engineers

Ultra-light aircraft (WSL) multi-choice for its intended purpose. They can be used in agriculture and forestry, for photo video in topographical order. They are taken in service with many well-known special forces. ALS is used in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to fight drug traffickers and the army to adjust the fire, conducting reconnaissance in daylight and at night, as well as to conduct sabotage. All these are good aircraft, but they have one very dangerous flaw — a stall in shtopor.Gruppa Russian engineers managed to avoid this terrible danger and has developed an optimal aerodynamic design for ALS, which virtually

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Tomsk State airbase filled with pilot-observers

In Tomsk base of aviation protection of forests came two observer-pilot, trained at the Central database of aviation protection of forests in the Moscow region town of Pushkin. Before the arrival of newcomers in the region were only three such specialist.

Now the pilots are trained: to be eligible for independent flight operations, landing paratroopers and commandos they need to "bump" is not less than 100 hours.

During the execution of patrol missions airplane observer plots, acting as the navigator determines the coordinates of the detected fire, decides and makes landing or parachute troopers

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The headquarters and offices on wheels

The company "GAZ Group"Mobile staff introduced systems for the Russian Interior Ministry and the Federal Migration Service at the 15th International Exhibition"Interpolitex-2011. "


In addition, the exhibition "GAZ Group" forward-looking SUVs, including the machine-terrain four-wheel drive car based on the "Sable" GAZ-27527, intended for the organization of the Ministry of Interior in impassable areas, and fire tanker and tractor made in the new Heavy truck chassis "Ural-6370".

Roll control room staff on the basis of "Business Gazelle", made for the Interior Ministry, can be used as an operational headquarters during public events, as well

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Staff cars with Glonass infantry arrived in Chechnya

"In the second half of 2011, 19 motorized infantry compounds were modernized command and staff vehicles 145BM1 R-based APC. These machines are able to provide a solution to control tasks in the operational and tactical level of management in traffic and the parking lot is off, and as part of the communication center ", — said I. Gorbul.

"These samples have replaced the outdated BMP-1KSH", — he said. The main characteristics of the P-145BM1:

station can communicate simultaneously with 4 subscribers communication range on HF — up to 350 km range communication on VHF — up to 50

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You can spy on Americans: Internet companies supported the bill total surveillance in the United States

One of the lobby groups, which includes representatives of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, officially supported the bill CISPA. The new document expands the powers of law enforcement agencies and allows them to control information on the Internet, as well as to monitor all movements of U.S. citizens.

April 14, 2013, 13:55

Chairman of the board of directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and Vice President Brad Smith, Microsoft signed a letter in which he supported the government policy to online safety and thanked the government for the work, according to U.S.

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Shoigu rescues Aurora

Sergei Shoigu said that the army, like the country,

shouldbe untouchable characters. Among

priority measures— The return of the cruiser

"Aurora" his well-deservedstatus.

To its credit, Sergei Shoigu, he probably thought that

"Aurora" — is not only a symbol of the coming to power of the Bolsheviks,

but also — and partyRussian-Japanese andWorld

Wars,and that today in Russia is no longer kept any

one ship with such an amazing and long destiny.

To this fate does not okorotit, the new Minister

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Shoigu ordered the return of military aircraft Soviet symbols

Main Command of the Air Force agreed with Sergei Shoigu to replace the board signs gosprinadlezhnosti aircraft with three-color (white, blue, red) stars in the red, as in Soviet times.

"The decision was made on a routine basis on presentation of the main command, without special meetings. The Minister agreed with our main argument — bright tricolor star strongly unmask planes and helicopters, "- said a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense.

"Bright tricolor stars who appeared at Serdyukov strongly unmask planes and helicopters"

The domestic aviation from its

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