Swiss plane Intracom GM-17 Viper

Development of the company "Technoavia" led by Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff Manufacturing — Smolensk Aircraft Plant

According to the company's employees for directional stability, manageability and gliding qualities of the competitors at the aircraft GM-17, no. The payload, which is more than 1,000 kg, two times higher than the nearest competitor aircraft — TVM «Socata», M-101 "Gzhel" and the American aircraft DXL. Of course, half the cost of transporting 1 kg of cargo for 1 km. For the same same amount of goods loaded on board our aircrafts, gliders quality is much better, making it more secure in

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Swiss machine tools in Russian

In Russia opens first joint Russian-Swiss manufacture of machine tools. Now, EDM machines, machining centers and thermal furnaces will be produced at the plant United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom" with a group of companies Georg Fischer Group, firms Galika AG and Codere SA 

Today, the market EDM machines in Russia for more than 90% is represented by imports. This is due to the low level of quality of Russian machines: they were developed in the last century and most of the technologies used in them, celebrated more than 20 years.

In the past year, the

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Garment factories of Ukraine sew clothes brands

Skill Ukrainian tailors have already appreciated the British company New Look, Marks &Spencer, Next, Laura Ashley and Top Shop, Spanish Zara, Dutch Mexx, German Triumph, American BCBG, based in the U.S. and has become an international Esprit, as well as a number of other brands that are place orders in Ukraine under the scheme of raw material.

Everything comes from abroad — from fabric and thread to tags, price tags and packaging. Domestic factories carry out the order and sent to Europe and the United States have already finished products.  

Suits for Hugo Boss manufactures

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Clothing production opened in g.Gavrilov Yam (Yaroslavl region).

August 12 on the territory of "Gavrilov-Yam Flax" inaugurated clothing manufacture, LLC "Gavrilov-Yam linen." The company has provided the residents of 46 jobs. In the future, the number of manufacturing jobs could double.

New production has received a grant of 1 million 200 thousand rubles for the municipal target program "Support and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises monocity Gavrilov-Yam." This garment production in the future is able to carry out orders, making flax linen for the Olympic Games in Sochi.   — The opening of the new venture — a very significant event. A large role

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Swedish court allowed public masturbation

A Swedish court has rejected the accusation of sexual assault charges against 65-year-old man who was engaged on the beach in Stockholm masturbation, according to the Western press.

In Sweden, the court found innocent 65-year-old man who was engaged in masturbation on the beach in Stockholm, for which he was arrested by police, according to The Huffington Post, with reference to the Swedish edition.


The court ruled that a man can not be accused of sexual assault (sexual assault), since there is no individual victim, which were directed

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The buffet in the canteens (video)

War is war, and the lunch routine. Shilovsky conscript soldiers of the garrison had food for the first time under the new system: in army canteens now "buffet". The diet has changed slightly — rabbit and oysters soldiers, of course, do not submit. But it became more vegetables and soup, meat and side dishes to choose from now. Raise whether olives morale?

Since the soldiers of the garrison Shilovsky special lunch today. In the soldiers' canteen today firmly established "buffet". From the usual buckwheat, potatoes, meat and pasta. But now dishes to choose from. In addition,

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Swedish MPs were under the hood at U.S. intelligence

14.08.2013 / / 16:26

Text:Russia Today

Three Swedish parliamentary parties are e-mails through servers located in the United States. And in accordance with U.S. law, the authorities can monitor the correspondence.

 ITAR-TASS referring to Swedish media reports that U.S. intelligence has every opportunity to spy on Swedish parliamentarians.

"For several years we have been warned that not only Swedish, but foreign intelligence agencies can monitor email traffic without any problems", — Said the representative of the Internet infrastructureAnne-Marie Eklund. In her opinion, it is the policy of the kingdom governed primarily

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Schwabe summed up the year

February 26, 2013 Sergei Maxine, General Director of JSC "Schwabe" told reporters leading media Yekaterinburg (from 2011, the organization is registered in the capital of the Urals) on the results of the financial and economic activities of the holding in 2012 and future development plans.

The main event of the year for the holding company was the completion of the process of corporatization of state unitary enterprises within its structure. Thanks to the joint-stock form of ownership enterprises to go out of the stock markets and debt markets, including foreign ones. In addition, a key shareholder

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Mine locomotive for EVRAZ’a

PAO Druzhkovsky Machine Works Company "Mining machines" to put a mine in the Kemerovo region EVRAZ'a mine battery electric AM8D. This model — one of the most popular types of underground transport in the mining industry. Only in the Ukrainian coal mines now operated approximately 1,200 units of such equipment.


Battery electric AM8D will work on one of the mines of Russia's leading producer of coking coal — the company "JUzhkuzbassugol" (part of the Russian corporation EVRAZ).

For ease of use and safety of miners, are installed on electric skorostemetr, improved signaling and

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Barring Galen recognized by experts the best in the segment

New product "Galen", presented at the June's "Russian Coal and Mining 2012", has been praised by the experts of the Kuzbass.

Basalt anchor fixing the sides and roof of mines produced in Cheboksary, surpassed the world's metallic and composite samples of technical and operational characteristics. Thus the cost of the product below the best Russian and foreign products.

Composites are consistently replacing metal, the volume of consumption in Russia is growing steadily. There is not one — not even the most conservative — an industry where strong and corrosion-resistant material not declared itself. Having occupied a niche

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