CTZ increases exports

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant ("CTP-Uraltrak", 80% owned by SPC "Uralvagonzavod") has received large orders for the production of spare parts of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

 Photo source:chtz-uraltrac.ru

Until the end, the party sent tractor-parts found in Romania. Balkan dealer bought them for tractors DET-250, operating at coal mines.

In January 2012, two batches of parts for tractors B-10M and B-170 will receive a sales representative CTZ in Poland — the firm "Gama". In addition, the export flow will not be interrupted and South-East Asia. Earlier this year, South Urals sent to Vietnam several containers of component parts.

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CTZ is testing the upgraded bulldozer B8

On the factory site "Chelyabinsk Tractor" is preparing to test the upgraded model of bulldozer B8 (B-8). In fact, it has already started — a tractor driven around on the premises.

Bulldozer B8 designed to develop soil category I-II, used in construction, irrigation and other sectors prommyshlennosti. Bulldozer B8 can be replaced by a number of works less efficient tractors higher traction classes.

The tractor is adapted to a laser system for leveling the surface and work performance with high accuracy for a given program.

In T8 tractors used tractor with a unified

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CTZ has begun to ship the big party machinery foresters country

Until the end of 2012 in accordance with the agreements concluded with the territorial units of the Federal Forestry Agency, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant should send more than fifty bulldozers to equip fire-chemical stations Russian regions, According to the press service of the company.

The national park forest fire technology this year will replenish the factory machines with hydraulic transmission and mechanics, including marsh bulldozers based on B-10. All units are supplied in a special version — with the protection of the frame structure above the cab, which allows you to keep drivers from falling trees. Depending on customer requirements

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CTZ adopted the practice of college students and vocational school

CTZ took over 74 undergraduate work experience of the South Ural State Technical College, College of the Chelyabinsk energy. Kirov, Chelyabinsk College of Industrial Automation, vocational school number 1 and number 20.

Today, the future engineers, field engineers, machine operators, CNC reinforce the theoretical knowledge by working machine operators, electricians, welders in a factory service center and repair of equipment, technology and engineering divisions of diesel engines in the forge and pressing-welding production.

— Compared to last year the number who came to the practice increased significantly, — says head of training center CTZ Irina

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CTZ presents his truck in Kabul

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant sent to Afghanistan loader PK-46, the design of which a number of innovative solutions, including — Lever steering. Official dealer company in Kabul firm "Qasim Amin" will hold a presentation machine for professionals, road building and utility organizations. Despite the expansion of Chinese producers, the director of the Afghan Mr Nabi confident in the success of Chelyabinsk trucks for the local market. Three years ago, the businessman, who was educated in Russia, has already delivered to his country bulldozers B-11, B-13 and diesel-electric tractor DET-250. According to the dealer for this technique CTZ operatives in Middle

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CTZ introduced forest engineering machine

In Moscow, at the VI international exhibition-forum "Forest and Man" Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is a forest engineering machine created on the basis of a tractor B-10M.


Chelyabinsk unit with a tree stump and forest plow equipped with protection from falling trees, is shown at the Forest Forum this year, but now it's a real trade pattern. Attachments have been thoroughly tested.

Plow seen in the work of foresters in the Chelyabinsk demonstration exercises in the area Chyrvonaarmeiski area. Next to the guard band, laid wheeled tractor crawler dozer B-10M did his routine,

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CTZ built for Chukotka 39 cars

Chelyabinsk tractor plant signed a major contract for the supply of equipment with the state enterprise "Chukotkommunhoz," said the chief specialist directorate CTZ sales in the Far East Valery Rumyantsev.

Traktorostroiteley must send the consumer 15 bulldozers B-10M, four truck PK-46, more than a dozen tankers and vacuum machines to 163 million rubles. Partner in the deal is ZAO "Gazprombank — Leasing."

SOE "Chukotkommunhoz" which has an extensive branch network that serves the housing sector of the autonomous region. Therefore, carefully monitors the status of the machine park, has developed an investment program to update

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CTZ delivers a large shipment of bulldozers Rosleskhoz

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completes the annual production program supplies a large batch of bulldozers.

Until the end of December the company will ship fire-chemical stations FFA more than 50 units. Most of them — 34 tractor — sent to the regions of the Urals and Siberia. In the geography of supply and there is a remote Magadan region.

All machines are equipped with attachments used in the construction of shelter belts, and protection from falling trees.

By order of Foresters of Perm Krai three bulldozers equipped with radios. This option, according

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CTZ sends parts for tractors in the Baltic States and Bulgaria

It mounts and parts for tractors of the T-170 and T-10. The cargo is now being formed and prepared for shipment, automobile wagon will leave in November. The head of the ACC and longtime business partner Coit Kuus Another party of similar parts will go to Bulgaria in late November — early December.

Dealer of — regularly takes part not only for middle-class tractor pull, operating in this country, but also for the powerful death metal — diesel-electric machines, working in the coal industry in Bulgaria.

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CTZ sent tier technology Chukchi public utilities

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant on time completed the major contract for the supply of 39 units of equipment worth 163 million rubles state enterprise "Chukotkommunhoz", the press service of the CTZ.

Traktorostroiteley shipped northerners seven vacuum machines 11 tankers and four factory-PC-46 truck equipped with a quick-release device to replace the bucket besides that included more forks and davit. For the transport mechanism was formed a train of more than a dozen railway platforms. Previously, under contract to Chukotka plant sent two bulldozers, farm tractors and 15 B-10M collected in the CTZ in the northern version — double glazing,

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