CTZ completed the development of a new modification loader PK-46

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In design and technology department wheel technology Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has completed the creation of a new modification of the front loader middle-class PC-46 with six-cylinder in-line diesel engine series T 6T370.

The first two prototypes of the new front-end loaders CTZ will be collected in the first half of 2011

6T370 engine was developed under government contract and complies with the European standard for road construction engineering machinery Tier-2 (similar to Euro-4). The engine is equipped with:

* Electronic fuel injection «Common Rail», * Particulate filter * Afterburner in the exhaust system

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CTZ has completed a contract with Belarus

January 15 bulldozers shipment Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completes the contract for the supply of 100 vehicles to customers in Belarus.

In accordance with winning at the end of 2012 a tender Traktorostroiteley assumed the obligation to send a three-month period in Minsk marsh, road construction equipment, and these conditions are sustained.

Part previously shipped bulldozers already in operation at the facilities of hydraulic engineering. Other units are prepared for the work by service center company, placed at the disposal of the Belarusian land reclamation.

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CTZ has released version loader for Rosatom

Ltd. "CTP-Uraltrak" (CTZ in the past, is part of SPC "Uralvagonzavod") completed the order of Rosatom and manufactured version of the heavy wheeled front loader PC-65 with bucket increased volume.

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The main feature produced at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant truck — a bucket, the volume of which amounted to 5 m3.

Until the end of 2011, this wheel loader with bucket increased volume will be shipped to the Chelyabinsk tractor manufacturers to Rosatom in the Murmansk region.

CTZ has won a tender for 53 bulldozer for Belarus

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to the end of November in Belarus will send a large shipment of road-building machinery.

Under the terms of the tender won the company will ship the Belarusian ameliorators 53 marsh bulldozer. Five of them — in the form of a tractor sets, which are then gather in Minsk.

Chelyabinsk machine will work on irrigation and irrigation facilities in all regions of the country. CIS neighbors were able to save the industry, but the remaining Soviet-era fleet of tractor equipment needs to be replaced.

Bulldozers CTZ replenish machine arsenal reclamation enterprises in Belarus,

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CTZ resumed supplies to Abkhazia

For the first time in four years the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant equipment will be supplied to independent Abkhazia.

Energy republics gained bulldozer B-10M, equipped with 16-ton winch. It will help in the regeneration of energy infrastructure. The unit will be used to install transmission towers.

The machine is ready and the other day it shipped to consumers.

CTZ in 2011 on increased shipments by 72% — up to 864 cars


CHELYABINSK, September 15 — Prime. Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (OAO "Chelyabinsk Tractor Uraltrak", is part of the "Uralvagonzavod") for the first eight months of 2011 has sent consumers 864 cars, which is 72% more than in the same period last year, according to the press service of the company.

"Keeping the geography of supplies within the country, the company increased its exports by one-third," — said in a statement.

Among the major importers of CTZ remain the former Soviet republics, Vietnam, the opportunities for further growth in the production of large contracts provide foresters with Russia, Turkmenistan

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CSY launched the cargo ship for Damen Shipyards Bergum

Black Sea Shipyard (CSY, Nikolaev) launched the body of the universal vessel of CF3850 for the company Damen Shipyards Bergum (The Netherlands). The press-service of the company.

The vessel is designed for transportation of dry cargo and containers. The housing is equipped with removable decks tvindechnymi significantly redesigned the superstructure and grain bulkheads.

The vessel is 88.6 m, width — 12.5 m, depth — 7 m, deadweight — 3.8 thousand tons, draft — 5.4 m The first vessel of the series for the Dutch company was launched in 2010 year.

"Chernomorets launched the fifth universal vessel for our Dutch

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CSY launched the tugboat

On the "Black Sea shipyard" June 27, 2013 was launched on the tow boat for the company AS «PKL Flote» (Latvia).

Construction of a new multi-purpose marine tug carried out in accordance with the contract concluded between CSY and AS «PKL Flote» June 27, 2012. This ship is the updated project, designed to pull self-propelled vessels and floating structures, pilot vessels in port waters.

The vessel was designed design and construction CSY center and is intended for towing and pilotage, making escort operations in the Baltic Sea at a speed of up to 10

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CSY repaired the ship Kirovograd

PJSC "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" (CSY, Nikolaev, Ukraine) on June 4, has completed a comprehensive renovation medium landing ship "Kirovograd" Naval Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the press service of the CSY, in the course of repair, according to the drawings of Design center of the plant was made a new ramp of the ship and the gate leaf device for receiving and landing. Also repaired two main engines of the ship with the production of new gas lines. 

— "After the call KFOR" Kirovograd "in the waters of the plant, the ship was

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PJSC "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" (CSY, Nikolaev) in 2011 increased its production by 2.2 times compared with 2010 — up to 153.9 mln. (In 2010 — 70.5 mln.) — The press service of the CSY. Net income from sales of the company reached 135.9 mln., Up 59.1 mln. more than in 2010. Net profit in 2011 amounted to 1,253 million USD. (In 2010 — 0.862 mln.). "A stable and profitable operation of the plant — is the result of our systematic work with regular customers. Today, the plant is actively engaged in the construction of container ships for the Dutch

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