ChMZAP developed a semi for U.S. power industry

Chelyabinsk Machinery Plant trailers of "Uralavtopritsep" manufactured batch of trailers on request international companies from the United States.

Semi customer's specifications were developed on the basis of model ChMZAP 99903-033. New heavy trucks can carry 54 tons 40 foot containers «High-Cube». For long-term parking (1 year or more) on the trailer provided screw and adjustable outriggers, which relieve the load on all wheels of the trawl. The length of the loading platform — 12 200 mm, width — 2500 mm. The design of the coupling pin 2 sizes provided by the U.S. and European standard with the

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ChMZAP introduced a new low-bed trailer

Specialist plant ChMZAP semi-manufactured with a reduced height of the loading platform. Model 93853-037 ChMZAP CC BY is based on ChMZAP 93853-037 UK2 and is included in the list of equipment recommended by the Government of the Russian Federation for the formation of fire-chemical stations. Semi-trailer designed for the transport of road-building equipment, long goods, agricultural machinery, special equipment.


The new model is characterized by:

carrying capacity of 24 tons, mechanical ladders equipped with spring-mates up-down technique for entry onto the platform at an angle of 13 °, Platform length — 10000

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ChMZAP put on the conveyor Abschiebewagen Rhinoceros

Chelyabinsk Machine Works is planning to increase the production of dump trailers "Rhino." Increased production vyzvanovozrosshim demand for machinery. In addition, a steady increase in demand has led to the decision to allocate the production of trucks in a separate line. This year, the semi-trucks "Rhino" ChMZAP become a mass product.

Before the production task — to increase the production of trucks in a few times. This requires a lot of work: ordered new equipment from overseas suppliers, create more jobs, technical issues worked out a new production.

ChMZAP ships Party metallovozy customer

Semi ChMZAP 990,650 specification 033-HP1

Large lot metallovozy with hinged gate and body type half-pipe made for the largest network of scrap processing enterprises. On the side body reinforcement is applied, which provides additional rigidity and protects the board from bursting when transporting scrap metal. Removable body can optionally be left in place and take load after a while.

Among ordered metallovozy now been made the following models:

ChMZAP 9906-033 CP 1 on two axes with the volume 60 cubic meters. Load capacity is 24 tons, the load on the SSU —

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ChMZAP announces price reduction!

Flatbed semi ChMZAP 99065W-038-BTK11

Trailers and semi-trailers ChMZAP production now at a lower price! Buy a new trailer today ChMZAP profitable than ever. Reducing the cost of almost all models by up to 15%.

Over the past year, the plant increased production of trailers twice, is now running the new production line. In connection with increasing orders ChMZAP received substantial discounts on direct deliveries from the suppliers of metal giants, which reduced the price of the finished product.

Flatbed semi ChMZAP 99065W-038-BTK11 Flatbed semi ChMZAP 99065W-038-BTK11

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ChMZAP semi-batch manufacture for road maintenance

Engineering plant at Chelyabinsk road semi-trailers (ChMZAP) of "Uralavtopritsep" started production of semi-trailers for road-building companies.

The order for road construction trailers from the address entered in the Chelyabinsk enterprise at the end of October 2011. Under the terms of the contract of "Uralavtopritsep" release and will deliver: trailers with a reduced height of the loading platform with a number of axes from two to five, with a widened and without them, Tipper semi-trailers, Party sought dorozhnikami small trailers family ChMZAP 8358-010. It is planned that the new trailers will be sent to the customer in a month.

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ChMZAP released a new semi-trailer

Chelyabinsk Machinery Plant trailers presented vysokoramny semi-trailer ChMZAP 99903-042K capacity of 56.5 tons for transportation of oversized cargo and heavy machinery.

Heavy load vysokoramny ChMZAP 99903-042K is equipped with a single-stage ramps with spring helper landing gear machinery for entry at an angle of 18 ° C. Platform length is 13,000 mm, width — 2040 mm (with retractable Konikov increased to 3000 mm). Balance-spring suspension.

Heavy load ChMZAP 99903-042K also equipped with:

fenders, stops for transportable equipment spare wheel lift, fuel tank 350 liters.

The service braking system EBS company WABCO.

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2018 FIFA World Cup. Five years before the dream

Recently, the site has a project Samara stadium for the 2018 World Cup in football. I decided to find out how things are going with the preparations for this major event. And that's what we have:




In Kaliningrad, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was built on the Island. In the course of geological research experts have assured that the soil in this place is quite solid and allow you to build any kind of structure. It remains unclear why the construction of such a

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World Cup in Russia will be the best in the world due to the use of technology

In 2018 in Russia will be a bright and large-scale international event — the FIFA World Cup. The experience of other countries that already plays host to such an important event, an important role in the success of the competition has to use new information and communication technologies, which are designed to ensure a smooth exchange of information, quality and organization of the unity government.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) makes to the organizing country championship high demands on a number of parameters. One of the main requirements of FIFA — the safety of all persons associated with

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World Cup in Greco-Roman wrestling. Ukraine — the fourth in the world rank

At the World Championships in Greco-Roman wrestling, held in Budapest, Hungary, a team of Ukraine took the fourth place team worthy of the six strongest teams in the world, ahead of Team USA and India.

The first three places were traditionally strong teams of Iran (1), Russia (2), and suddenly, Georgia (3).

Championship will run until September 23, 2013 We wish success wrestlers in the remaining days of the competition.

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