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Yak-130 at Farnborough: participation in the flight program

New Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 for the first time to take part in the flying program of the International Air Show in Farnborough, which will be held in the summer of 2012 in the UK, said Vice President of Marketing and External Relations NPK "Irkut" Vladimir Sautov.

"Guidance" Irkut "corporation decided that the Yak-130 will be further developed under the flight demonstrators. Starting with the world's largest air show "Farnborough-2012" for our potential customers will be performed demonstration flights. This summer, one aircraft will not just stand on the static, and will take part in the flying program,

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Yak-130 does not need armor

A test pilot on the eve of the MAKS-2013 told about why the Yak-130 does not need armor and can be smarter airplane pilot.

Yak-130 does not need armor

MAKS air show, which opened today in Zhukovsky near Moscow, is not only a place to display the newest aircraft, but also the meeting place of the most famous pilots from around the world. Russian aces are recognized masters of aerobatics, they have something to show the public and to share with the young, novice "flyers".

On the eve of the group's flagship air show test

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UC-130 — almost ideal plane in its class

UC — 130

In May 2012 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (branch of JSC "Corporation" Irkut ") arrived at the world famous aviation pilot and simultaneously press journalist Peter Collins. Siberian His voyage was associated with a flight on the training of a new generation of combat aircraft Yak-130.

After finishing a career military pilot and test pilot, Collins specializes in assessing a variety of aircraft in the world. Its output is the product of the articles published in the respected British magazine Flight International. According to Collins listened to the broad aviation circles. His

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Yaya Refinery (Kemerovo region). Has completed commissioning and entered the operating mode

The company "NEFTEKHIMSERVIS" RTN has received a license to operate the business.

Yaya refineries. Kemerovo region.

The first batch of products already shipped to industrial enterprises in Western Siberia. With the commissioning of Yaya refinery opened more than 500 new jobs.


Until the end of 2013, the plant will process about 2 million tons of crude oil, followed by running at full capacity, which is the first phase will be 3 million tons per year.

At the same time the company is working on the second phase of construction of

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Yayvinskaya TPP has set a new record for electricity generation

Branch of "E.ON Russia" "Yayvinskaya TPP" set a new record annual electricity production — in 2012, the plant has developed 6,345,000,000 kWh, which is 31% more than last year.


Total since start-up has developed a power plant station Yayvinskaya 172.27 billion kWh The growth of electricity generation power plant Yaivinskaya occurred due to the commissioning in the summer of 2011 a new combined-cycle power power 425 MW. As a result, the installed capacity of power plant Yaivinskaya increased from 600 MW to 1025 MW. The efficiency of CCGT-400 Yaivinskaya plant — 56.6%, more

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Yayvinskaya power plant has tested gas APG

The branch "Smolensk SDPS" of "E.ON Russia" completed testing of pipelines under construction associated petroleum gas (APG).

Construction of the pipeline is part of a project to supply associated gas from the northern fields, LLC "LUKOIL-PERM" (100% subsidiary of OAO "LUKOIL") on Yaivinsky TPP. Implementation of the project — the next step in the framework of the oil companies on the orders of the Government to bring the level of APG utilization to 95%. The ceremony will start at the end of the pipeline in May 2013.   One of the key factors

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Paganism — is the oldest religion in the world. It has absorbed many thousands of wisdom, knowledge, history, and culture. In our time, the pagans call those who practice the old faith to the rise of Christianity.

And, for example, the ancient Jews were considered pagan religions all beliefs, not recognizing Yahweh, or refused to follow his law. Ancient Roman legions conquered the peoples of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. At the same time, and it was the victory over local beliefs. These religions of other peoples 'languages' were called pagan. They were given the right

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Nuclear ship at MAKS

At the international air — MAKS 2013 in Zhukovsky presented Roscosmos engine of the future. Nuclear power plant will allow for interplanetary travel.

Nuclear top

Nuclear warheads at the level of fantasy

General Designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, Yuri Solomonov, the developer of strategic missile systems and the mobile silo-based RT-2PM "Topol", RT-2PM2 "Topol-M", the RS-24 "Yars", as well as sea RSM-56 "Bulava-30" , made a sensational statement to the news agency "Interfax-AVN." It is largely negates the warning of the State Duma and the Federation Council of Russia that if Washington unilaterally to develop such a missile defense system, which would be qualitatively changed the situation in this area, as well as significantly would violate national security and defense capability of Russia , then our country

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