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Judo center opened in Orenburg

In Orenburg, the opening of the first in the Volga Federal District, sports and recreation complex "Center judo."

The construction of the "Center Judo" has spent more than 97 million rubles, of which 20 million rubles — the federal budget, 15 million — regional, from the budget of the city of Orenburg allocated more than 62 million rubles.The new Fox has three tatami with a gym, modern fitness equipment for strength training wrestlers. In the future, this database will create a Youth "Judo", which will allow more qualitatively prepare athletes.

To date in 2270 is engaged in the

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Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Every year in Ukraine, more than 4,000 children are born with congenital malformations of the cardiovascular system. Many of them required medical attention in the very first days of life. In Kiev Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, these "freaks of nature" reclaim the best Ukrainian specialists. And today it is the only institution where young patients can provide this assistance free of charge. His eyes look at the work center off ForUm.

Clinical psychologist at the scientific and practical medical center pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery Anastasia Kasyanov gives us a small tour.

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Hemodialysis center to be built in Pyatigorsk

The good news for patients with renal insufficiency: Pyatigorsk build hemodialysis center.


As reported in the information-analytical department of the administration of Pyatigorsk, city officials are preparing to sign an agreement on the construction of the hemodialysis center at 40 "artificial kidney". Investor of the project is the holding company "Juno" (Ekaterinburg), which has experience in the construction of medical facilities in the Sverdlovsk region, as well as in Nalchik and Grozny. Funding will be provided from the federal budget. The total project cost is 150 million rubles. With the closing of the hemodialysis center in

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Center for Regenerative Medicine was opened in Vologda

Be treated in the new health center will be able to patients with pathologies of the nervous system, orthopedic and bone — muscle, brain injuries, strokes, and after operations. The medical equipment he the only one in the Vologda region.


One of the novelties of the center — rehabilitation robotic complex. It will help speed up the recovery of people completely or partially lost their ability to move.

Now go to the heart of the final preparations for the official opening. It is scheduled for April 23.

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CAST published the book The New Russian Army

Collection of articles is dedicated to passing a 2008 dramatic reform of the armed-forces of the Russian Federation and their transition to the "new look".

Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies — Russia's leading research organization, conduct studies on the defense industry and military-technical cooperation. The center was founded in 1997

Download the book (Format pdf, ~ 1,2 Mb)

The first article examines the progress of reforming the Army. The article provides a brief overview of the previous stages of military construction in Russia in the post-Soviet period.

The second article focuses on reform and the

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Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki

Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory. Thirty vehicles "artificial kidney" will treat up to 180 patients daily. This greatly relieve the situation of patients with chronic renal failure in Caucasian Mineral Waters. In the future center will equip ten other vehicles.Price monthly rate per person — from 50 to 70 thousand rubles. Due to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance is vitally important procedures in the center will be free of charge.

Primarily due to the lack of "artificial kidney" had to refer patients to Stavropol in neighboring regions. Now for the residents Kavminvod such a

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GS Nanotech center in the Kaliningrad region is ready to start

«GS-Nanotech» (

The first high-volume plant in the Russian Federation on korpusirovke microelectronic components in the topology 45 nanometers and less, the Center GS Nanotech, located in the Kaliningrad region, will be commissioned in late autumn.

As the head of the production center Alexei Yarcev: "The production capacity of the center — more 10 million microchip in the year, "- he said.

And yet it seems plant is not engaged in the production of chips (lithography, etc.) in 45 nm technology. Orders for chips (even, apparently on a plate with chips) are placed on the outside, and at this

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Center Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants opened in Tomsk

Educational and Scientific Center "Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants" worth more than $ 1 million was opened today at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The center is a complex, which includes four laboratories — To study thermal-hydraulic, gas-dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants, research sources and advanced heating systems, as well as computer simulations of the laboratory equipment in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.


Opening of the dedicated to the celebration of the 117th anniversary of the founding of TPU. The Rector

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Center Planet KVN opens in Moscow

Photo: The Russian Newspaper

In November 2011 it was decided to grant "KVN" the building of the former Moscow theater "Havana". This gift was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Club.



The best teams leasers act in Moscow. In the district of Marina Grove open house tonight KVN. Russian President arrived there. The head of state came to the center along with the students and teachers of the Baltic Federal University, which met earlier in the day.

Here today — a concert in which the act seven

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Price wars will not be

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia believes that this can be avoided with the implementation of the SDO 2013

The case center of government of the Russian Federation for the first time this year, a conference was held under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Agenda: results of the 2012 state defense order and tasks for 2013. Excerpts from the most relevant presentations.

2012 was a turning point in the implementation of the SDO. In most areas it is filled with more than 95 percent. For the first time managed to stop

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