Valuable bitumen waste

Before the crisis, the individual entrepreneur Sergei Nesterov involved the replacement of the roof. Processing of soft roofing materials has been conceived as a side business, which eventually became the principal.

Soft roofing material, which cover roofs of apartment buildings, expanded polyethylene even longer, according to Sergei Nesterov. Ryazan is unique in that in this city as much as 4 plant roof — "Tehnopleks", "Shinglas", "Ryazan Cardboard Roofing Plant" and "Orgkrovlya." After such roofing materials attributed to hazard class 4 ("low risk"), their disposal has become more expensive. "Then for the disposal of 60 tonnes we paid

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Price Olympics in Sochi 214 billion rubles


Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti


President Vladimir Putin reported that the 2014 Olympics would cost Russia at 214 billion rubles.

— Perhaps our country has invested more money in general in preparation for Sochi in 2014, but in fact to the Olympic facilities we spent no more than any other state. Just to prepare for the Games will be allocated 214 billion rubles, — said the president.

According to Vladimir Putin, the $

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Cement terminal opened in Omsk

In Omsk, the launch of a cement terminal. Company "Omsk cement" will produce Portland cement — hydraulic cement, used in modern construction for the production of monolithic and precast concrete. The production capacity of the new venture — 700 thousand tons of cement a year, promising an increase of 1 million tons.

Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

Construction of the terminal began in 2011 on the site of an abandoned factory agloporitovogo gravel, construction of which began in the middle of the last century. General contractor NGO "Mostovik" reconstructed and built 12 facilities with a total area of over 8,500

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Cement record

Cement production hits record. For the first time in the modern history of Russian cement output reached 6.5 million tonnes in the month, exceeding established in August 2007 to a maximum of 6.6%, the "Expert Online» Director of PR and GR LLC "SMPro" Roman Kuprin.


According to experts, the main reason — the growing demand from builders and manufacturers of building materials.

"The main reason for the manufacturing boom — growth in demand for derivatives of the cement building materials: concrete, concrete, dry building mixtures — explains Kuprin. — In the season of 2011 cement

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Cement plant opened in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Factory Ltd "Sahtsement Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang" was opened on September 12 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

It is a joint Sino-Russian joint venture was set up at the end of last year. Participant from the Chinese side is LLC "Import-Export Company Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang-Zhuykay Heilongjiang Province," the Russian — industrial and building society "Beton-Service".

The plant was built in compliance with all safety standards, special attention is paid to the environment. Here are equipped with modern sewage system, so around the plant do not build cement dust, yet any emissions. In the plant built 25 office and

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Cement, who quickly grasped not only in summer but also in winter, developed in Khabarovsk

Anyone who is involved in construction work, whether on a construction site of a large object, or on the construction site of your own home or garage, know how sometimes need quick-setting cement. Especially this material is needed in an emergency or extreme situations, when there is no possibility to use the traditional technology of concreting.

In Khabarovsk PNU (Pacific State University) developed a new method for quick-setting cement, comprising adding to cement an active mineral supplements. As such an additive is a mixture of fine sand and curing accelerator (accelerator taken as potash and sodium fluoride

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The purpose of color specks

Original taken from djurga The purpose of a color ticking:

October 11, we are a tank commander Alexander Rosca visited the training center of the special forces "Mercury" [p Zhornovka Smolensk region] on the qualifying test of Russian Interior Ministry troops the right to wear maroon beret.

In 1977. created the first division of the Interior troops. Since 1978, the maroon beret adopted as uniform headwear. Tests for the right to wear it held since 1988 (since 1993 — officially).The tests are carried out 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. Before the tests allowed

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The healing properties of quail eggs

Most food can not provide the required level of nutrients. In this regard, a huge popular variety of dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, and other products. However, there is a natural, unique nutritional value of its products — quail eggs and meat that are able to complete and maintain normal levels of essential nutrients. Quail eggs for many nutrients are superior chicken. Five quail eggs by weight equal to one chicken, contains 5 times more potassium, 4.5 times — iron, 2.6 times — vitamins B1 and B2. Significantly more quails eggs in vitamin A, nicotinic acid, phosphorus, copper, cobalt,

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The whole country is 800 square meters

Today in St. Petersburg, Russia opened a unique layout with reduced copies of all that we have: cities, forests, lakes, the cosmodrome and even people.

Then everyone feels Gulliver. Average growth of the people of this country — just over one and a half centimeters. All life on the layout less than the usual 90 times. In order not to miss anything, we have to literally stick your nose where it should be, but to strain the eyes and ears need not.

From the center of St. Petersburg of Peter and Paul Fortress — perfectly clear to Moscow —

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CVO Russia: the Air Force began a joint exercise and air defense

Press and Information Office of Defense of the Russian Federation.


In the Central Military District (CVO) January 30, 2013 began a joint exercise of the Army Air Force (IAF) iprotivovozdushnoy air defense (AD).

Radio division of troops (PTB) have started working out tasks of monitoring traffic situation, support the goals and target designation anti-aircraft missile units and fighter aircraft.

The pilots and gunners in a complex interference environment will hit the high-altitude, low-altitude and ballistic targets in a wide range of altitudes and speeds.

This was reportedPress ServiceCentral Military District.

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