TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports to Russia in 2011 in a segment of TDC

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In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of exports of naval equipment Russia in 2011 TSAMTO included two contracts (one of which is still under discussion) and 8 of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

Top TSAMTO rating of up to 2011 is the transfer of the Indian Navy to lease for 10 years, the K-152 "Nerpa" Project 971U "Pike-B." At the same time, the first place of this program so far been issued in advance (in the case of transfer of nuclear submarines to the customer before the end of December 2011).

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TsAGI: completed testing of the IL-96

Experts complex strength TSAGI completed testing of IL-96 on the residual strength.

As the press service of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TsAGI", these works was the final stage of a large amount of research aircraft, which included tests of the resource and vitality. The experiments were carried out on the structure of the IL-96-300 with regard to the need of increased mining resource characteristics of the modification of the aircraft — IL-96-400T. Work was done on the order of "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. Ilyushin."   In the first phase of research scientists residual

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TSAGI conducts research for Embraer

Experts set the strength of the Central hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Meni NE Zhukovsky completed the test multifunctional aeroelastic models of promising high aspect ratio wing passenger aircraft.

Work was carried out in cooperation with the Brazilian firm "Embraer» (Embraer). The experiments were conducted in a transonic wind tunnel T-128.

As reported in the TsAGI, the model for the original data suggested specialists of "Embraer", designed and manufactured scientists separation standards of strength, loads and aeroelasticity TsAGI. Its design allows you to explore the characteristics of aero-elasticity for several versions of endings, vary the stiffness

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TSAGI summarized in the project SADE

Subsonic wind tunnel T-101

According to the press service of the TsAGI, in mid-September of this year, the delegation of experts from the Institute took part in the final conference of the project SADE (SmArt High Lift DEvices for Next Generation Wing) of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union (EU), and to report the results of their work. Conference held in the capital of Bavaria, Germany — Munich.

In early October, the project partners from DLR and EADS were given the results of the test tube for a detailed analysis of the characteristics of adaptive

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TsAGI began work on creating a new type of UAV

Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) began implementation of a state contract for carrying out the research and development (R &D) to create a UAV VTOL with a lift fan, said "AviaPort" a source in the aviation industry.

Work performed by the customer is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. TsAGI for many years working on a research aircraft, including unmanned, new schemes. In these studies, the results obtained sufficient for the development of a promising new type of drone, the source said.

He said the completion of the research provided in

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TsAGI and UAC are developing promising management system for new generation aircraft

Scientists TsAGI (Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute) and UAC (United Aircraft? Tional corporations? Tion) started to develop a control system (CS), a new modification of short-haul aircraft of the new generation (NG).

Aircraft NG — a modern product with a high degree of economic efficiency in operation and maintenance, due to the set of a number of indicators, ranging from aerodynamic efficiency and high accuracy navigation, ending a high level of reliability and maintainability.

It is assumed that the new short-haul aircraft will have a seating capacity of 130 seats in the single-class layout. The design of NG application is

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TSAGI introduces new technology into production

Specialist research and production complex (NPC) TSAGI failed to 2-5 times the performance of machining metal parts in the manufacture of large-scale wind tunnel models of aircraft.

Development along with economic efficiency provides the necessary level of accuracy and quality of processing. In this technology, in particular, have been made sets of wings for aircraft models SSJ and MS-21, the aerodynamic model looking compressors external compression of the project DREAM, as well as large-size model of the wing panel on the project SADE 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

The result obtained was preceded by many years

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vs hatchback hatchback

Found on the Internet a couple of amateur (professional?) Photoshop Grants "Hatchback"

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I decided to share what he saw. Which version you like better?

I vote for the first (Sorry, you can not create a blog poll to vote, so vote in writing)

Hust buy hats, even those who do not wear hats

Khust factory headwear and its director Ivan Lupyaka known outside Justa and Ukraine. It was under his leadership the company producing the famous Khustskyy products not only came out of the millions of desperate cons, but also to revive the glory of Khust hat.

But the road to economic self-sufficiency and financial independence was not easy.

There was a time when the company wanted a unique equipment to be auctioned off — for scrap metal and building materials. The team is not allowed. Begs the "investors" who from the first day exploring the asking

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This year, for the first time in my life I came to Transcarpathia. It was May, the warm weather, gorgeous mountain nature, unusual for the rest of the territory of Ukraine architecture. And yet, everywhere bloomed cherry blossoms. Of course, Transcarpathia liked from the first minute. I liked as well as once skirts, Galicia, Poland. And the first city that I have met have been Hust. Certainly not the most impressive city of Transcarpathia, but for a first impression about the region — just the right option.

Hust could not help but like. The provincial cozy towns

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