Khrushchev — the path of betrayal

By their profession I am very far from politics and economics and is a purely techie. Over 50 years I have been creating a fundamentally new computer equipment or, as they say, the development of computer technology. Recently I was asked to write an article about the history and development of the areas of computer technology, I've been doing all my life. In the course of writing this article, systematizing their memories and studied a number of historical materials, I unexpectedly found that in Soviet history, there is a period of phenomenal development of science, technology and the economy as

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A chronological list of the largest projects of Russia (Russian Federation)

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In general, if someone is engaged in writing articles in Wikipedia — it would be pleasing to God to make an option for the great and powerful (but I'll pass, once, and not eager to get into wikipedia).

And of course you can use to write lists on certain subjects. 12 years after the default period is not small — much has been done and have forgotten, but here clearly

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SNF storage reconstructed near Krasnoyarsk


To 8.6 thousand tons of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) is ready to take the reconstructed "wet" storage Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC) in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Now it is able to satisfy the needs of Russian nuclear energy in a safe storage of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors by 2025.

According to the press service of the company, "reconstruction" wet "storage facility was launched in 2007. Its main aim was to increase the seismic resistance of the building. In the course of the work have been significantly enhanced load-bearing structures of the building, increased cooling

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Temples Irkutsk

Irkutsk — the old Siberian town, now a major administrative, industrial, transportation and cultural center of the Irkutsk region. To date, the center of Irkutsk is a very interesting combination of modern houses, restored mansions XIX-XX centuries and wooden houses, many of which have maintained their appearance unchanged over the past 100-150 years.

Of greatest interest are historically the oldest ensembles of the city, a part of which I want to tell you about.

We begin with a kind of symbol of the city — Church of the Savior:


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The temple has a 200-year history opens after restoration

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Soldatka Krasnogvardeisky area was dedicated in July 1812. After the service, it was read a manifesto on the beginning of the war with Napoleon. Now this temple with a unique destiny restored in preparation for the anniversary. The Board of Trustees for the reconstruction of the temple headed by the deputy of the regional Duma Anatoly Popkov. Circling the area as part of "A Day with the deputy," he drove to a soldier in the temple, where he himself was baptized. In the Kazan church has

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Temple of Boris and Gleb

Boris and Gleb Church in the village of enynes.

An ancient stone church of Boris and Gleb was consecrated in 1828.

After the "abomination of desolation" Borisoglebskaya revival of the church began in 2000 after goda.Sponsorami revival of Boris and Gleb Church made Bril.Rospis family temple implemented Kiev art restorers led by Sergei Nikolaevich Bayandina.

Pereshagivesh threshold and … seemed to fly away into space!




Probably the same impression

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Want a Russian war?

Again about the name

Want a Russian warYou ask in "Silence"Above the expanse of arable land and the "Fields"And "Birches" and "Topol"

Still ask the soldiersWhat's the scoop "Option"As for the "Obuvka" on their feet,As "Goat" catching up fear.What smells "The Fly" and "tulip"And what filled our "Glass"In which places our "Vortex" and "Val"What is the "Cabbage" rules "Ball""Phantasmagoria" which"Fagot" plays and "Oboe".What gives our "Courier",And where there is a "barrier"Ask for "Metis" from "mulatto" asCaught in Russian "Zoo"What is associated with "Pinocchio" "Bumblebee"And from what saves "The Pipe"How to "Peonies" and "Stud"Our fragrant flower garden.What are the "Cacti"

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Hotch Marine Engineering has designed the fishing seiner

The company "hotch Marine Engineering" completed the project of the fishing trawler (RS — 600). Project work carried out in the framework of the federal target program "Development of civil marine engineering at the 2009 — 2016 years."

Seiners is a steel, all-welded, single-screw, single-deck vessel, aft engine room and isolated hold for transporting fish.

The ship's length — 35,50 m, width amidships — 9,00 m, height amidships — 4.80 m Seiner can reach speeds in the transition — 10.0 knots. Endurance — 10 days. Operational area — unlimited.

Under the terms of the requirements specification, the ship

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Do you want to ask for political asylum in Europe?

Get ready to live in a concentration camp

Oppositionist not found abroad is not only paradise, but even a tent

Olga Klaskouski — a journalist from Belarus opposition activist. In 2006, the first emigrated to Poland together with her little daughter. Then — in Norway and Sweden. There she married and had a son. A few days ago Swedish migration authorities have decided to deport Klaskouski.

You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. The more valuable it becomes evidence with which to

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Want to know what is waiting for Ukraine in the EU? Ride to Bulgaria

REX Agency published an interview with the leader of the Bulgarian social movement "Slavic Unity" Dimitar Zdravkova online edition of the "verb". Bulgaria — a country, which joined the European Union. How has the situation changed? Do you feel the Europeans? Yes, we joined the European Union, not just the European Union came into us. We still have the same corrupt government, the same corrupt officials coupled with stringent standards, rules, techniques Union. We were destroyed, crushed by the European Union.

Yes, they give us some tranches to development, but what happens to the money — no

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