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Nuclear power safety checks

Interesting video about why the pride of the Russian industry, which has orders for 70 billion dollars, and it Rosatom, is a world leader in the development of the safest nuclear power plants in the world. 

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Nuclear physics has come to the food industry

Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker in the last 40 years produced about 200 boosters, many of whom are still working in the industry, said the deputy director of the Institute Gennady Kulipanov, Interfax reports. "However, if before 1990 80 accelerator was delivered in Russian and Soviet republics, after 1990, we delivered 12 accelerators in Russia, and the rest in China, Korea, India, the United States," — said G.Kulipanov.

The amount purchased by the country accelerators can, in principle, to testify about the pace of innovation development of economy of these countries, says G.Kulipanov. At the same time,

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I think that’s what …

Colleagues! I think that's what — This site is extremely useful and paramount thing: contrary to shake hands with different media told that our homeland is reborn. I at one time on the city forum started a relevant topic to people in my town knew about it. Some of the members of the forum did not like it and kept trying to throw shit at ventiyaltor, and even now sometimes try, but I'm just stupid and wildebeest its line: the country and its people are alive and well, the Empire Reborn. I started at 21.05 13.01.11 words: Russian Empire meant

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I — American Dissident

Author of the book about the adventures of rowdy Americans in Russia, shocking columnist, editor in chief of the newspaper very politically incorrect for expats Exile in an interview with BBC, BBC told how to live in the Russian American 15 years and did not disappoint.

Bi-bi-si: Book about your scandalous adventures in Russia "The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia" are sold well in America?

Mark Ames: Of course, though some reviews I was shocked.

Bi-bi-si: Why?

Mark Ames: Literature in the United States is very

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SUSU has launched an educational platform Virtual PC

New technologies in the South Ural State University. The university launched an educational program "Virtual Personal Computer". With its appearance computer classes in high school such as thing of the past.


Now for the training, the students do not need SUSU stationary personal computers with the software on each of them. All that is required — plug in a laptop, connect via Wi-Fi with the server and enter a personal password. Do lab work or to take the exam in higher mathematics is now possible from anywhere in the world. Leonid Sokolinsky, Dean of the Faculty

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UTair in the January-June passenger traffic increased by 15%

Moscow. July 10. Airports — Group "UTair" increased passenger traffic in January-July 2013 compared to the same period last year by 14.7% — up to 4 million 453 thousand 185 people, the company said.

Passenger traffic for the period increased by 18.3% — up to 8 billion 543 million 889.91 thousand passenger-kilometers. There has also been growth in the segment of international passenger traffic by 49.4%.

  "The growth in employment and the number of seats of passengers — a positive result of the company to improve efficiency and create a competitive product," — said

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St. George’s won the individual race in Estonia

Catherine St. George won the individual race over 15 km on the 4th stage of IBU Cup Biathlon. Competitions are held in the Estonian Otepaa.

Result of Russian athletes, who allowed her to win — 47 minutes 12.0 seconds. In this case, St. George's two penalties. The second place was taken by another representative of Russian Anastasia Zagoruiko — 8.2 sec gap, the third — Norwegian Anne-Skruve Nossum — 1.18,6.

The results of other Russians Larisa Kuznetsova came to finish sixth with a score — 2.21,0, Irina Old — ninth with a time of 3.06,8, Yana Romanova —

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The law faculty of Moscow State University has received a new body with a courtroom

Today in Moscow, the grand opening of the new building of the Faculty of Law of the Moscow State University.

According to RIA Novosti, the fourth academic building of Moscow State University, which will house law department and the Graduate School of Government Auditing, built about 8 years.

"Construction was long enough — said co-chair of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian FederationSergei Stepashin, who took part in the opening ceremony of the new building. — But the intervention of one of the lawyers of the country

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Yurlova SHIPULIN and won a Christmas Race

Russians Ekaterina Yurlova and Anton SHIPULIN won in the traditional "Christmas Race", held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Thanks confident shooting in the pursuit, which was preceded by a mass start, the Russian biathletes more than seven seconds ahead of a French couple in the Marie Dorin Habert, as well as representatives of Norway Fanny Horn and Lars Birkeland. "Christmas Race". Gelsenkirchen (Germany) Mixed Relay. Pursuit.

VIDEO 1. Catherine Yurlova / SHIPULIN Anton (Russia) — 32.24,0 (3 free range) 2. Marie Dorin Habert / Martin Fourcade (France) — lag 7.3 (7) 3. Fanny Horn / Lars Birkeland (Norway) — +

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Yuri Kofner: Measures for the economic development of Siberia and the Far East

Yakutsk. Siberia. 2045

Speech at the conference "Eurasian Union: the rules of the game for business and capital" during the III Business Forum at the President Hotel. Moscow, July 5, 2012

I once asked how I feel about the idea of joint development of China and the Russian Eastern Siberia and the Far East …

Frankly, this idea take very carefully. China is growing and exorbitant rates in the near future he will need vast new resources. Peaceful trade of such resources it is unlikely to get it. He needed so soon there will be new

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