Bread War

"Provide 10 percent of capital gains and capital consent to any use, at 20 percent, he becomes animated, with 50 percent positive is ready to break his head, at 100 percent, he defies all the laws of man, not at 300 per cent of the crime for which he is not dare to go, even under pain of the gallows. "

Thomas Dunning

Rarely a historian mentions today about the "bread strike" in 1927. This is an unpopular topic. After all, the NEP is considered to be an ideal future of Russia, the alternative to the

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Bread with moss


New development of Irkutsk scientists.

Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk State Technical University) won the competition Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere. Scientists have developed a recipe for making bread with a unique addition — Icelandic moss.


Icelandic moss. This amazing plant — a symbiosis of organisms — fungi and algae! The presence tsetrarii Icelandic — an indicator of the cleanliness of the environmental zone.

It contains vitamins, and herbal mikroeelementy antibiotics with high antimicrobial activity. Icelandic moss — antimicrobial, antiseptic, general strengthening and

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Bread — it’s great

Bakeries Kuban expand the range of products enriched with biologically active substances of therapeutic and preventive and functional orientation.

Most bakeries edge baked products with the addition of mixtures of cereals, bran, beta-carotene and iodine. To enrich the protein products of the substances included soy flour bread. Strong demand from the population enjoys and bread on the basis of triticale.

The company has sufficient capacity, raw materials and technological opportunities for substantial growth of this group of products at a trade network applications.

In addition, such activities

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HC of NEVZ-Soyuz and innovative company Siberian nanomaterials to cooperate in the production of nanoceramics

It so happened that the two companies — and the young innovative NSKnano, and has long been known in the Novosibirsk market NEVZ-Union (former electric vacuum plant) been looking for partners outside the Novosibirsk region. And literally found nearby.

— We are manufacturers of nanopowders were looking for partners that could finance further research, — The general director of OOO "Siberian nanomaterials" Sergei Popov. — But it turned out that we had close to a serious user of our products. We agreed to cooperate, the only thing we do share is that our R &D stage of development

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AvtoKrAZ in 2011 produced 1071 units of cars and assembly kits

Last year, Kremenchug Automobile Plant produced 1071 units of cars and assembly kits. As a result of the production of "AvtoKrAZ" growth in 2010 was 107%.

According to the results of the production of "AvtoKrAZ" for 2011, the company sold 1,263 units of consumer vehicles, which is 1.2 times higher than the same period in 2010. Of the total number of vehicles shipped 71% of the cars delivered to the CIS countries, 20% — in Ukraine, 9% — other countries of the world.

The largest number of vehicles — 740 units (82%) — was delivered to the Russian

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HC Electrozavod shipped equipment for the Moscow substation Troparevo

The new plant of "Electrozavod" in the Republic of Bashkortostan ended production of the power transformer 80 MVA TRDTSN-80000/110 by OAO "Moscow United Electric Grid Company". Transformer factory shipped at 110 kV "Troparevo" (Moscow). Shipped unit belongs to a new generation of transformers without requiring an overhaul during the lifetime has reduced weight and power losses. Reconstruction of 110 kV "Troparevo" will increase the reliability of electricity supply in South-Western Administrative District of Moscow.

Surgeons Krasnoyarsk KB conducted a unique operation

Doctors Krasnoyarsk regional clinical hospital for the first time conducted a unique operation to restore hearing.

The operation was done with the use of technology to install the world's first implant of the middle ear, "vibrating sound bridge." With it, you can return the hearing for people suffering from hearing loss II and III.For surgical intervention in the regional center came MD, a leading surgeon of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech Health Ministry of Russia Vladislav Kuzovkov and Austrian audiologist, a clinical consultant Innsbruck Medical University Suhaib al-Bargoti.

"During the operation, in

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Chemical Technology landfill opened in Cherepovets

It is based on the Cherepovets Chemical Engineering College. This is a prime example of a public-private partnership in the modernization of education. Creating a test site was made possible with the cooperation of "Fosagro-Cherepovets," City Hall, the Department of Education and the College. An agreement on further cooperation with all interested parties signed in school today.

Range — this is another great step in the implementation of strategic guidelines for the preparation of highly qualified personnel for enterprises, in particular, the chemical industry.  

"We have a complete understanding of how the situation will

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UFU chemists have created a new connection

One hundred of the best inventions of 2012 made Russia in the Ural Federal University.

New chemical, patent is issued Ural Federal University (UFU) , recognized as one of the hundred best inventions of Russia registered in 2012, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

Appropriate certificate marked the collective staff of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and Chemical Technology Institute (HTI) Ural Federal University, led by head of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Oleg Chupakhina. A synthesized

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Chemists have been a crisis. Uralkali and Silvinit restored production

"Uralkali" and "Silvinit", announced the merger at the end of last year, opened the first joint operating results for 2010. Their combined output of potassium was more than 10 million tons, which corresponds to the pre-crisis level and about 20% of world production. The companies expect further growth in demand. Will increase and prices: according to analysts, the average spot price in 2011 is $ 450 versus $ 350 in 2010. Russian potash producers "Uralkali" and "Silvinit" revealed the production figures for 2010. "Uralkali" has increased the production of potassium chloride by almost half, to 5.1 million tons. The volume

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