Personal Items of the British Soldier during WWI

The identity disc is arguably the most personal of all the multitude of items issued to soldiers in WWI. Worn at all times around the neck and underneath the clothing the identity discs accompanied the soldier everywhere, from his enlistment, through training to his theatre of war and through the familiar routine of front line, support and rest. They absorbed the sweat of his labours and sometimes the blood of his wounds. In the event of his death ‘in the Field’ they identified him for appropriate burial in the faith he declared on enlistment and many discs found their way

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The hand of time guides this Hamilton, Ont., home in more ways than one. From the different periods present in the decor to the prolonged approach to pulling the whole look together, this house is a testament to the fact that time isn’t always of the essence.

The architecture is Victorian, the art is mostly modern and the furnishings span four centuries: In this late-19th-century Hamilton, Ont., home, it all adds up to timeless style, a trademark of designer and stylist Susan Burns, whose common sense approach to decorating her home resulted in an interior that’s far from common.


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The Knights of the Round Table would have appreciated this periscope to look over walls or around corners as an invaluable secret weapon when defending their castles.

It is advisable to buy your mirrors before starting any woodwork in case you can’t obtain the exact size that I have used. I found that small mirror tiles were ideal for the job. Within reason, the tube can be as long as you like.

1. Your first job. once you have chosen your mirrors, is to cut out the two corner blocks on which they must be mounted.

Take a length of

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Will there be enough runway to depart? To land?

PERFORMANCE PLANNING is ail important part of any preflight routine. Private pilots must understand how the aircraft will perform at different airports, elevations, temperatures, and pressures.

Takeoff and landing distances, single-engine service ceilings, and accelerate-stop distances are all important performance calculations that must be completed to ensure the aircraft can safely complete the flight.

These calculations are still performed for the airliners on which millions of people fly yearly. Albeit slightly more modified and automated, performance calculations are completed for every flight.

Rather than calculate takeoff distances in terms of amount


Perfectly Planned.

A shared vision strengthens a Michigan couple’s bonds.

Phil and Denise Swy had heard that undertaking a major project, such as building a home, could stress a marriage. They’d have no part of that. Instead, they sat down and drafted a 25-year plan leading to the completion of their dream home in northern Michigan. They stuck to the plan and, when all was said and done, found that their shared experience strengthened their relationship.

The plan began with buying a pie shaped lot on Lake Michigan and building a 25-by-40-foot log cabin from Maple Island Log Homes to use as

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Perfectly Placed

Setting the Perfect Table and Etiquette 101.

When it comes to hosting a formal dinner party, having everything perfectly placed makes guests feel both welcome and special. But with today’s busy schedules, it’s rare that family and friends sit down to enjoy a meal — let alone a formal dinner.

As such, hosting a dinner party can be daunting from knowing how to properly set the table — with forks, knives and spoons in their proper places — to employing the correct table manners.

But hosting a dinner party should not be cause to panic, says etiquette expert Nora Cline,

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Pentax WG-3 GPS. Adventure Time!

Another rugged compact camera hits the stores, in the form of the Pentax WG-3 GPS. But is it the best?

Rugged cameras are the early 2000s equivalent of cell phones—at least look wise. They are uniquely designed, come in a myriad of colours and if they fall, are capable of denting the floor without a scratch to themselves. Pentax has a whole line of rugged cameras, and new on the block is the WG-3. It has been labeled as ‘adventure proof’ by the company, but how does that translate to actually using the camera?


The WG-3 was launched in

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A Little Rock entrepreneur encourages fans to «kiss the competition goodbye»

As a producer, casting agent, stylist and makeup artist, it’s no wonder that Little Rock’s Brooke Duszota is intrigued by all facets of the production world. It was this interest that led her to begin researching the specifics of cosmetic formulation, wanting to create products that were highly pigmented and able to last under hot studio lighting. «With a degree in marketing, years of experience in sales, a background in modeling and certification in makeup, it was a natural transition for me to wholeheartedly embrace the entrepreneurial calling,» she

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A custom-made wooden daybed makes the fourth-floor guest room warm and cozy. The designer combined two side tables to make a center table. The leaf-patterned area rug, pillows, and woven Designers Guild wallpaper complement the room’s rustic vibe, while a painting by Carlo Magno adds a bit of bright color. This room will soon be converted into a nursery.

How do you design a home for a couple with two different personalities? Usually, one of the spouses takes the lead. In this three-story,

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Perfect for fighting against the MiG

Fighting the MiG in a Mustang held no concerns for Capt. Byers who flew with the 12th FBS. Capt. James F. Byers was one of the most experienced of the pilots in that he had served a full tour in World War II and flew well over 100 missions in Korea with the 18th Fighter Bomber Group. In speaking to other pilots in the 18th, he told them, «You could not find a better aircraft for the job than the F-51. We could carry the load, had the range, can outgun and outturn the MiG and above all, outlast it

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