Of All Trades Jack

Mark Ayton visited the ‘Grey Lynx’ community at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, to look at the training, deployment and operations of 702 and 815 Naval Air Squadrons.

AS A direct consequence of the Royal Navy’s post-Cold War downsizing, in early 1999 the ‘Grey Lynx’ community moved from its home at RNAS Portland, Dorset, to RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, and Portland was subsequently closed. The current ‘Grey Lynx’ community is made up of two squadrons; 702 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) the dedicated Lynx training squadron and 815 NAS, the front line operational squadron.

Lynx configurations

There are four maritime configurations of the Lynx

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With its intricate patterns of beautifully coloured mussels, scallops and oysters, the shell house at Cilwendeg has an irresistible charm.

Deep in woodland in West Wales stands a sparkling little building that looks like something out of a fairytale. While Hansel and Gretel found a gingerbread house, in this clearing on the Cilwendeg estate near Boncath is something lovelier and more charming still — a 19th-century folly whose interior is decorated almost entirely with shells.

A wooden portico, shaded by climbers, supports a stepped pediment of coarsely cut white quartz, glinting in the sunshine, while arched doors and stained-glass windows

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oddworld: hand of odd

Hand of Odd — одно из побоч­ных ответвлений Oddworld Quintology, на этот раз в Люби­мом Жанре.

RTS нас ожидает — сплош­ной восторг. Ни одного скрина, даже набросков пока нет, но то, что в это будут играть все и взахлеб, несомненно. Про Hand of Odd мы знаем пока еще меньше, чем про очеред­ную «плановую» игру Oddworld Quintology Munch’s Oddysee, про которую неизвестно почти ничего, но — я уже люблю эту игру и жду ее больше, чем ка­кой-нибудь Tiberian Sun. Итак…

Становимся на выбор Великим Вождем мудокан или Исполните­лем глакконов (вождем, по-мое­му, быть гораздо приятнее, нежели каким-то там ис­полнителем). Бит­ва будет вестись

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Ocean breaks through Europas crust.

Jovian moon Europa is tipped to have an ocean of water flowing under its icy surface.

An underground ocean of water beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa appears to be capable of reaching the surface, according to Professor Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology. The discovery suggests that it may be possible to detect any life in the ocean simply by sampling the residue on the surface.

Europa is well known for being the most likely place in the Solar System, other than Earth, to be home to life. This is because of the 100km (62-mile) deep

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October 2013


Good design doesn’t always announce itself with pattern, paint or wow-factor wallpaper. Sometimes, it’s just about the way the eye moves around a room, skimming over a surface, pausing to take in the shimmer of crystal or mirror, then moving outward to the source of natural light. It’s found in the marriage of materials and the combination of finishes — and it’s the way Toronto designer Ingrid Oomen of

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OCA Extravaganza.

Every year, a week before Thanksgiving, the cichlid and catfish convention known as OCA Extravaganza takes place in Strongsville, Ohio. In 2012, from November 16 to 18, many enthusiastic aquarists gathered at one of the largest conventions of its kind in the United States. It is organized by the Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA), also based in Strongsville. More than 500 visitors attended from neighboring states and came from as far away as Texas and Minnesota. Even other countries, including Canada, England, and Australia, were represented last year.

The meeting was held in two large rooms at the

Holiday Inn in

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NZXT Phantom 530

A few more inches on the inside would make it Kick Ass

NZXT’s full-tower Phantom 530 case re­minds us of the title character in Beverly Hills Ninja. The case tries hard to be sleek, quiet, and perfect, but just a few tiny missteps (or a mountain of them, if you’re Chris Farley) keep this chassis from at­taining killer black-belt status.

For example, it’s a bit odd to find the case’s reset switch behind the sturdy front panel. We’re not sure why NXZT couldn’t just split the real estate used by the case’s larger power switch up top, for the sake

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NZ Defence Projects Update

NEW ZEALAND’S Minister of Defence, Mr Phil Goff, announced release of the third update on the country’s ten-year Long Term Development Plan (LTDP) for defence on October 17, including seven new defence acquisition projects. However, he noted that the significantly higher-than-expected cost of acquiring eight NH90 helicopters for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), ordered in July (see New Zealand Orders Eight NH90s, September, p27), left only NZ$1 billion (US$664 million) for other LTDP projects.

One of the seven new defence capital projects relating to the RNZAF is the examination of options to replace the five leased King Air

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Если вы когда-нибудь думали, что сетевой режим Diablo — вещь злобная и несправедли­вая, вы ошибались. Как раз ге­ниальное творение Blizzard по­кажется вам доброжелательной поделкой по сравнению с тем, что задумала Westwood. Пирше­ство подлости, грязных трюков и абсолютной, всепоглощающей ненависти к своему ближнему. Вот единственно правильное описание action/RPG от Westwood, носящей гордое на­звание Nox.


На первый (и даже на второй) взгляд Nox представляется обычным Diablo-клоном. Муль­типликационная графика, изометрический вид. Плюс стандар­тный набор из трех героев: Warrior, Conjurer, Wizard. В при­дачу куча средневекового ме­таллолома, называемого меча­ми, топорами, посохами. Стан­дартная пара баров с булькаю­щей жидкостью красного и сине­го цвета —

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