Таrell Alvin McCraney’s ninety-minute drama (a Manhattan Theatre Club production, directed by Trip Cullman) is set in a prep school attended by boys of color. The headmaster (Chuck Cooper) demands that Pham’s identify the culprit, but Pharus won’t betray him. More soap Opera and the only thing that brings all the boys together is song: the prefab drama of gospel music. McCraney, who is thirty-two, is still building his career, but it is being built, increasingly, on his weakest work, which capitalizes on his apparent difference (McCraney is black and gay) but doesn’t anything of his soul as

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Now green is your valley?

One man’s idea, a friend’s plan of action — and eight years later more than 60 towns across the country have undergone a transformation!

One day, Hansie Wolfaardt, manager of a cheese factory in Bonnievale, was chatting to his friend Theuns Coetzee about how their town had deteriorated. This chat gave rise to the launch of the Bonnievale DREAM project. The entrances to the town were their first goal; after which they moved onto the main street, building benches, planting up pavements and decorating dustbins. Theuns says after planting the 5 500′ tree, they gave up counting!

National drive


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Notes to self

This month, things get personal for Sophie Goodwin and Annabel Rivkin

Some people find joy in sex, others in world peace or at the bottom of a tub of Viennetta. We find it in personalisation. Our names make us… us. They are magic! Personalisation makes everything nicer, see. And the proper joy of it is there isn’t much you can’t embroider, emboss, stamp or paint. Pyjamas with your name hand-embroidered on the pocket? You’ll sleep better. A toothbrush with your initials on the handle? Cleaner teeth. Your monogram spelt out in fishfingers (tricky, but persevere)? Much tastier and definitely less

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The Atari 2600PC boots rapidly and has no problem running the various emulators and CyberLink’s included PowerDVD player. If connected to a computer monitor, the Atari 2600PC could easily be used for traditional PC tasks, such as surfing the web. sending and receiving email, and word processing, all without noticeable lag.

The system is connected to my home wireless network, which makes it a snap to load updated emulators and new game ROMs onto it. When I play DVDs, which uses a fair amount of computational power, the system gets pretty hot. However. I have yet to experience any problems


not all weddings are created equal

When KATE HOPEWELL-SMITH got a chance to shoot her dream wedding, all money concerns were Left at the altar

At some point during every wedding training session, I ask my delegates what kind of weddings they would like to shoot and almost without exception the same type of wedding is described: featuring a relaxed boho couple with a festival vibe and stylish, bespoke details.

And I couldn’t agree more — what’s not to love about this from a photographer’s perspective? The sad truth I have learnt is that generally the reason these weddings are so DIY and home grown is

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Norwegian Vipers Reborn.

Undoubtedly the Mid Life Update of the F-16s in Norway is one of the most important steps forward the Royal Norwegian Air Force has taken for a long time. But for 332 Squadron, based at Rygge Military Air Station, some 40nm south of Oslo, it also imparts a major sense of pride, as they will shortly become the first Operational Conversion Unit for Norwegian Air Force pilots transitioning onto the MLU F-16.

«We will be getting our first MLU students in the autumn,» explained 332 Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Major Dag Olav Kleppesto, commonly known as ‘Swede’.


Being an Instructor

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Norwalk Furniture, Design you could search through galleries and websites for months and still have no guarantee youll be able to find it. Unless, that is. you save yourself all that headache and go straight to Norwalk Furniture & Design.

Norwalk’s custom orders are made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality, priced competitively and delivered in 35 days or less. With a vast list of detail options — from the shape of a leg to thousands of upholstery possibilities — providing optimal creative control over the design process, every item Norwalk produces has the potential to be one of a kind. It’s easy to specify what you de¬sire and then relax in confidence, knowing your dream piece is underway.

If the ideal look isn’t yet fixed in your mind. Norwalk offers complimentary design service from highly qualified professionals (they

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In 1986, a friend and I were planning a summer tour of America and we both had a list of ‘must-do’ places to visit. These included the USAF museum, the water-bombers of Wyoming and the

Oshkosh airshow. For many years an Air Pass provided a popular, relatively inexpensive way for enthusiasts to travel extensively around the US. Several airlines offered the passes, which varied from a few flights to unlimited travel within a set timeframe, and you had to fly with the carrier across the Atlantic before being entitled to buy them.

Our travel agent said the best deal was


Northern Comfort.

A big-city couple finds peace and quiet in a secluded Maine retreat.

While dating her future husband, this homeowner told him how she equated log homes with American history. To her delight, he expressed how much he also wanted a log home. After their marriage, they embarked on making their mutual desire a reality. Living in Washington, D.C., they bought a 42-acre parcel in northern Maine that boasted two lakes and an adjoining stream, and built a vacation home of 8-inch-diameter full-round logs near the stream and one of the lakes. They dubbed this new residence «The Camp.»

Over the

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Rosicky: «My time for trophies is now!»

The veteran lays down some bold ambitions!

Hi Tomas! Do Arsenal really have it in them to mount a serious title challenge?

I believe so. We’ve waited long enough. This must change. I believe we have a strong group who can aim for such things.

Most people will say you’re being a bit optimistic…

People can say what they like — I know what our qualities are. With so many top teams it’s difficult to be winning things all the time, but if we stick together and fight we can do well.



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