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Driving at night, with the rain streaming towards your windscreen out of the blackness and the muffled whoosh of water under your wheels, it can feel like you’re in a movie. A movie in which you’re a lone FBI agent driving to a disused truck stop in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois to get sensitive documents from a man with no name. Until the plot suddenly changes, that is, and you’re in a movie in which you play a wet, frightened person who’s just driven





The drive from Avignon station to Crillon Le Brave may take you past 6 HRS1 pretty villages and vineyards, but still nothing can prepare you for your arrival at this exquisite hilltop hotel. Over the past couple of decades, what was originally a single building has spread to become a mini-village of stone houses converted into spacious suites with terracotta-tiled floors and views to die for. If you can tear yourself away from the vista, visit the sprawling terrace for breakfast, and

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No Technical Faults Found in Fatal Cormorant Crash

AN OFFICIAL Aircraft Occurrence Summary was made public by the Canadian Forces Directorate of Flight Safety on September 8, providing more details surrounding the fatal crash of Canadian Forces/413 Squadron CH-149 Cormorant 149914 on July 13, 2006 (see Canadian Cormorant Tragedy, Attrition, September, p72). The summary concludes that «no pertinent technical deficiencies have been discovered to date and the investigation is focussing on environmental and human factors.» The report goes on to say that several human factors need to be further examined, including proficiency, crew resource management, situational awareness, crew pairing, use of night vision goggles and organisational issues such

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No. 56: The German Eickhorn Commercial Bayonet 2000 WC

The short pommel-cap is of the type developed in the USA and first used on the M4 bayonet-knife. It has a T-section mortise machined completely through its thickness from back to front and is secured by a Phillips screw-bolt. Two spring-loaded fixing catch levers are housed in slots machined into the obverse and reverse faces of the pommel and pivot on slotted spring pins. Like all the steel components, the pommel has a black Parkerised finish. The one-piece black plastic grip has an oval cross-section and has five encircling grooves aimed at improving grip. There is a semi-circular flat on

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It is rare to find people with a true passion for what they do, but it is even rarer to find people who recognize their purpose in life, as well as in their field. Danyelle Daniel of Keller Williams Heritage has seen the heights that someone with an awareness of professional purpose can reach: She is ranked in San Antonio’s Platinum Top 50 Realtors for 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Upon meeting her, I felt welcome in her gorgeous foyer and warm disposition. Her beautifully decorated house and open blue eyes made me feel like an old friend coming by to

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Radio work seems to be a favorite source of hand-wringing for student pilots, ranking up there with crosswind landings on the angst-o-meter.

Talking on the radio should be simple. You push a button and announce your action, or your request. What’s the big deal? My favorite theory has always been my suspicion that the entire listening audience is perched on the edge of their seats, waiting for you to mess up. I know that isn’t the case, but it’s a mental image that’s difficult to shake.

Some of us clench up when


No 80 Jaguar R-Coupe.

This 2001 concept tied Jaguar to its past while taking a step into the future

A dozen years ago, Jaguar was a maker of new old cars for middleaged men occupying the verdantly gardened, mid-century detached homes of Warwickshire. Many worked for Jaguar itself. They drove little and large X-type and XJ throwbacks to the 1968 XJ6, visually troubled S-types or XK8s redolent of E-types but missing the original’s delicacy and drama. Jaguar needed to break from its past, and slowly, sometimes painfully, it has. And no more completely than with today’s boldly original XJ. Yet the car that triggered

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Add power to your portraits by ditching the grin.

Traditional photojournalism shies away from having subjects look directly at the camera and smiling, since a photo story should seem as if the photographer were an invisible witness to reality. Yet despite that convention, Boston-based photographer Porter Gifford finds that his visual narratives grow stronger when he adds such camera-aware environmental portraits to the story. «It’s a way for viewers to pause and connect more personally with the subject,» Gifford says. «But, a photograph of someone not smiling is traditionally seen as a more serious.»

The enigmatic moment in his photo

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NML Cygni


We’re moving into the realms of the true giants when we start to look at the biggest stars in the universe. Unlike planets, asteroids and other celestial objects that are too dark and too small to give away obvious clues to their presence from afar, these colossal balls of fusing hydrogen can bloom up to spheres so big that they’re difficult to comprehend, blazing multi-spectra radiation across interstellar space and making their exact location known by the massive gravitational influence they have over their local environment.

There are an estimated 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky

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Nimrod MRA4 Trials Fleet Passes 1,000 Flying Hours

DURING ICING trials in the USA, the three-strong Nimrod MRA4 development fleet passed the milestone 1,000 flying hour mark in February. The icing certification flights are the latest step in the MRA4 trials programme and involved the first prototype, ZJ516 (PA01). The aircraft arrived at Nashville International Airport, Tennessee, on February 1 for the month-long test programme, having flown more than 4,500nm (8,325km) from the UK, via overnight stops in the Azores and Bermuda. A wide range of test conditions were experienced, with up to 2in (5cm) of ice accreted on the wings and ground conditions ranging from snowfalls to

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