Nimrod – Replacement or reincarnation?

John Chevedden looks at the options for the RAF’s Nimrod replacement, all of which have a high US content.

THE REQUEST FOR Tender for the Nimrod replacement was issued on January 10, 1995. The final selection is expected in the late summer of 1996 with a 2002 in-service date. The contract could be worth nearly £2 billion (S3.1 billion), including training and logistics support — twice the value of the hotly-contested contract recently awarded to Lockheed Corporation for 25 new C-130J Hercules 2 military transport aircraft.

The Ministry of Defence Staff Requirement Air (SRA) 420 requires a demanding performance for

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Furniture has been in his family’s blood for three generations since 1941. Nils Gunnar grew up without any expectations to join the family business, but stepped up to the challenge in 1996 to lend his expertise in corporate finance. He now heads IMG Norway, which spun off from the family business.

What was it like growing up in a family that runs и furniture business?

Ergonomic chairs is the core family business, so I was often reminded to sit properly. I didn’t listen then. But now, after years of carrying my

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Nilfisk Multi 20 Т / Multi 30 Т

У этих пылесосов широкая специализация. Они подходят как для сухой, так и для влажной уборки. С их помощью можно не только работать с электроинструментом или убирать стройплощадку, но также решать другие, более бытовые задачи: убирать жилые помещения, чистить салон автомобиля, собирать различные жидкости и палую листву на приусадебном участке. Кроме того, используя функцию выдува воздуха, пользователь может, к примеру, надувать резиновую лодку, затратив на это минимум времени и сил.

Аппараты снабжены мощными электромоторами на 1400 и 1800 Вт соответственно, а также контейнерами для сбора мусора: у первой модели он 20 — литровый, у второй — 30 — литровый. Полуавтоматическая система

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Nikon 1 S1

The new CSC on the block promises to be a winner with beginners and advanced users alike

The most striking thing about this interchangeable lens camera is how much it resembles a compact point-and-shoot. Its small, lightweight body and lack of fiddly controls mean that it’s not at all intimidating, and yet there are plenty of advanced controls hiding on board.

However, rather than having a dedicated dial for these, you have to press Menu and select Shooting Mode, and then choose between P/A/S/M, Advanced Movie, Best Moment Capture and Motion Snapshot. Other options such as White Balance and ISO

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Nikon D600 dust issues

Q: Since purchasing my Nikon D600 a few months ago I’ve started to notice dust spots appearing in some of my images, I’m disappointed by this — it never seemed to be an issue on my older Nikon D70CV is this a known issue or one that’s linked only to my DSLR?

A: This isn’t the first time we’ve received an email on the topic Keith, if you were to type «Nikon D600 dust issues» into Google you’ll find you’re one of many users who share the same concerns. Rumour suggests the 0600 might have a small дао around the

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Nikon AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5GED|£65o|

HANDLING: This Nikon proves to be very light, especially when compared to the Nikon 16-35mm. Manufactured in China, it weighs even less than the Canon EF 17-40mm, thanks to an extensive use of plastics. Those are interesting rather than significant points though, and don’t reflect on quality. There is a tiny bit of play in the manual focusing ring, but not as much as the more costly Nikon 16-35mm, made in Japan.

FEATURES: 12 elements in eight groups, similar to the Canon, with ED glass and asphericals as usual. The maximum aperture varies with focal length, and f/3.5 at the

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Nikon: Beaten but Not Bowed


2011 was not Nikon’s year. The camera company suffered massive losses in the year; first when their factory in Sendai was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and secondly when the floods in Thailand swamped their factories.

On March 11th a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan, one of the five most powerful earthquakes ever measured. The Sendai factory, which made Nikon’s flagship cameras like the D3 and D700, was forced to close after it suffered extensive damage to equipment and buildings.

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Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4GEDV £83o|

HANDLING: This lens is considerably larger than its 18-35mm sibling and getting on for double the weight too. It handles beautifully and is extremely well made, exuding class. Zoom and focus rings are one-finger light, though there was a bit of play in the manual focusing ring of our review sample.

FEATURES: The headline here is VR image stabilisation-a first for a lens of this type. This is at least partly responsible for the extra weight of 17elements in 12 groups, with a generous sprinkling of premium glass and aspherical surfaces. Aperture is a constant f/4 and compared to the

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Night Owls

With the Battle of Britain at its height the first Beaufighters were delivered to operational units. The new, heavily-armed, long-range fighters were all destined for night-fighter squadrons. The initial batch was fitted with cannon only but also had the airborne interception (AI) Mk IV radar with its characteristic ‘bow and arrow’ nose aerials and wing blade aerials. These machines represented a step-change in the nocturnal war.

From the Filton production line, the ‘Beaus’ were issued to units equipped with Bristol Blenheim Ifs, most of which had been fitted with AI. Getting the Beaufighter ready for its debut were the following

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Night Climbing

Why should Thomas Mailaender, a contemporary artist known for his impudent provocations, want to present us with photographs of students climbing on the roofs and walls of colleges at the University of Cambridge in the mid-i930s?

The Night Climbers of Cambridge was first published in 1937, by Chatto & Windus, a respectable publishing house in London. (The book, illustrated with photographs, was recently reissued by Oleander Press.) Mailaender, attracted by this peculiar venture, bought the original pictures and assembled them as a traveling exhibition. An odd choice, at first sight, but Mailaender has always been attracted by makeshift spoofs and

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