New vs used

The benchmark two-seat roadster or a brash but almost forgotten Italian sports convertible?

Porsche Boxster

NEW: £37,589

Power 261bhp Torque 206lb ft 0-62mph 5.8sec Top speed 164mph Economy 34.4mpg


The entry-level Porsche Boxster, in base-spec manual form. Equipped with a 2.7-litre flat six that develops 261bhp, it’s capable of a sprightly 0-62mph in 5.8sec. And thanks to better cooling, automatic stop-start and intelligent battery charging, the standard Boxster’s combined economy is a claimed 34.5mpg.


The car is barely any lighter than the more powerful Boxster S, but it feels a little leaner

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New Sensors on RAF Sea Kings

UK PROCUREMENT Minister Lord Bach announced on June 18 that work had begun on installing advanced sensors on the RAF’s Sea King search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopter fleet. The upgrade will significantly improve the ability of RAF SAR teams to detect missing people in all weather conditions. Initially, two Sea King HAR.3AS (ZH542 and ZH545) – operated by 22 Squadron A Flight and based at RMB Chivenor, north Devon — have been fitted with the new Sea King Multi Sensor System (SKMSS), which uses FLIR Systems’ STAR-Q thermal imaging equipment.

SKMSS is an infra-red detection system that can detect a person in

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New products.

1. Theo is a modular sofa system by Matthew Hilton for Case that offers versatile and comfortable seating options. Theo is available in leather or soft cover in various colors, in a three and two-seater sofa, armchair, chaise and corner unit. Tel: 020 7622 3506

2. Sweetpea & Willow’s on trend industrial style Spear Warrior coffee table shouts character and age. Its distressed metallic spear-like legs stand strong below the weathered surface. Made from eco-friendly reclaimed pine with an antique facade. Visit:

3. Cormar Carpets has boosted the number of its Express Collect centers from 10 to 16 throughout

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New products. Decking.

1. Cornerstone’s ResinDek.

These engineered wood panels from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products are designed for material-handling businesses, meaning they are extra durable and capable of supporting weight loads up to 8,000 pounds. Higher stain resistance is the other hallmark of this durable line. Panels can be installed on top of existing flooring, allowing homeowners to continue their daily routine during repairs. For more information, circle No. 800 on reader service card.

2. Ultra Cork, Panorama Post Topless Glass System.

Duradek’s newest offerings include three new shades of its Ultra Cork line and a new Panorama Post topless glass system. Ultra

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New Order: Барни что надо.

Не каждая группа может похвастаться, что они использовали Билли Коргана в качестве гитариста на гастролях. Этим летом в Stadium Live выступят и манчестерские певцы упаднической эйфории, и лысый громила из Чикаго, ведущий вперед новый состав Smashing Pumpkins (их шоу назначено на август). Упоминание Коргана не случайно: именно в составе New Order Билли искал новый грув для своих экспериментов как гитариста. Учитывая, что Билли считает себя великим музыкантом, влияние электронщиков New Order на гитарную музыку трудно переоценить. К полностью инди-рокерскому звуку Барни Самнер и его друзья пришли на альбоме «Get Ready», где на вторых ролях у микрофонов блаженно стенали помянутый Корган

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I ever received when my kids were young was this: «Your job as a parent is to prepare your children for their future.» For their future, not the one that you grew into — that’s their past. So when my kids got old enough to be interested. I started News From the Future as a private mailing list for them and their friends, wanting to send them stories that I thought might help prepare them for what may come. But it’s also great grist for a stream-of- consciousness news feed in the style of Harper’s Weekly In that spirit, here



A swanky new apartment condominium in the Orchard Road belt has a special lift that sends the owner’s parked car up to his residence, where these vehicles literally become part of the home decor. But there’s another way to enjoy your favourite «cars» in the comfort of your home — get them as furniture. A slew of carmakers has been launching chairs that carry the aesthetic trademarks and groundbreaking technology of their prized vehicles.

The Maserati by Zanotta lounge chair captures the harmonious lines of the new Maserati Quattroporte. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created a leather seat that


New Iryda Variants

FURTHER DETAILS ON the entry into Polish Air Force service of the PZL1-22 Iryda are now available — only four Irydas will be delivered during 1993, not ten as previously planned. No further options for the type are being taken up due to limited availability of the 2,425lb st (10.79kN) PZL-5 SO-3W22 powerplants.

Making its first flight at Deblin on December 22 was the first prototype of the new Model 92 Iryda, fitted with two of the new more powerful l4.7kN PZL K-15 turbojets developed by the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. The I-22M-92 prototype has been converted from the fifth

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New dark matter detector placed deep underground

A tank of water and a fire extinguisher over 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) beneath the surface aims to find dark matter.

COUPP-60 is an underground dark matter experiment consisting of apparatus that includes a large jar containing purified water and CF3I, a chemical found in fire extinguishers. The aim of the detector is to search for signs of dark matter particles. When a particle passes through the detector its energy will produce tiny bubbles in the clear liquid.

“It’s an underground observatory,” explained Fermilab’s Hugh Lippincott, who oversaw the installation of the detector. “So it’s looking for the same thing

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New Canadian Forces designations

DESIGNATIONS AND NAMES for several new types entering service with the Canadian Forces have recently been announced. Canada’s Airbus A310-304s are now known as the CC-150 Polaris and the first three former Canadian Airlines International examples are already in service with 437 Squadron, which continues to operate the CC-137 (Boeing 707). The other two examples are 15001 (c/n 446, ex C-GBWD) and 15002 (c/n 482,ex C-GLWD).

Canadian Airlines International is acting as agent for purchase of a further two aircraft which will become 15004/5. They are expected to be two examples currently on the French register, one of which (F-GHUD,

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