‘It was like exploring in the jungle, there were so many weeds, including bindweed everywhere,’ she recalls. Blessed with a sheltered spot, a range of aspects in the large areas around the house and ideal loamy soil with a neutral pH, the process has been relatively challenge free, with the exception of the recurring bindweed needing to be kept at bay.

There were a few mature trees that have been retained, including an avenue of black poplars, some old pears trained along a wall, a cherry with wisteria scrambling through, along with an enormous listed Quercus rotundifolia (Portuguese holm oak)

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Nevermind Nirvana heres Foo Fighters.

Сие внимание еще более обостряет тот факт, что Гроль, известный как барабанщик, выступает сейчас в роли… гитариста! И еще больше примечательно, что в свое время за барабанной установкой Дэйв оказался по совершенно случайному стечению обстоятельств, ибо начинал будущий Nirvana’вец свою музыкальную карьеру все же с гитарой в руках.

“Впервые я взял ее в руки лет в десять», — вспоминает он. «Но учиться по-настоящему играть все как-то ломало до тех пор пока я не услышал ‘Smoke On The Water ‘ — тут все преграды были сломаны. А в 12 лет мы с друзьями сколотили свою первую команду Freak Baby, где играли

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Netherlands Delays CH47D Upgrade

NETHERLANDS MINISTER of Defence Henk Kamp told the Dutch Parliament on October 17 that a final decision on the planned acquisition of six new CH-47Fs in the 2007 — 2011 timeframe will now be taken before the year-end. However, he said the upgrade of the eleven surviving CH-47Ds in the current Royal Netherlands Air Force fleet to CH-47F standard will have to be delayed by ‘several years.’ This is because the budget assigned to the project is insufficient to cover all of the costs (updates Netherlands Requests CH-47Fs, November, p10).

Delivery of the first CH-47F to 298 Squadron — which

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You can swap your 40in TV for a 65in one

All those extra pixels mean that you can comfortably sit closer to the screen, as Scot Barbour, Vice President of Production Technology at Sony Pictures, explains. “Basically, to be able to even see 4K resolution, there’s a given distance sweet spot from the screen, one and a half screen heights away. So you’re going to want to have a bigger screen and be closer to it to actually be able to perceive 4K for what it’s really about.” What’s that? Not just a new TV, but a bigger one? OK…


NEFA Proposal

CONTINUING UNCERTAINTY Surrounds the European Fighter Aircraft project and despite the German government announcement in June that it was to stay with the programme until the end of the development phase. A letter dated September 16 from the German state secretary responsible for armaments to the British defence procurement minister served formal notice that Germany now intends also to withdraw from the development phase os soon as next February — the earliest permissible date under the dispute process agreed in 1988 by the participating countries.

Contractually, Germany is still obliged to either continue paying its share of expenditure or pay

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Netherlands Concerned Over Spiralling JSF Costs

ALTHOUGH THE Netherlands plans to be involved in the next phase of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) development programme (see News Briefs, November, p12), the Dutch Court of Audit is expressing concern at the cost of the project. In its latest report to the Dutch House of Representatives, released on October 11, the Court says the cost per aircraft still cannot be calculated and there is no insight into development costs because 65% of the test phase still has to be completed.

If JSF is acquired for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF), the current

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On the Tube

IT’S been said that the Internet is becoming more like the Wild West every day — it’s developed into quite an anarchic and lawless medium, where anything goes with barely a gun-toting Sheriff in sight. The web grew as a silo of information that lacked the instantaneous interactivity that its users craved. Facebook and Twitter came along at the right time, offering social networks that were superimposed onto the underlying world-wide web. Now users could post their own daily experiences, images or thoughts, direct from a mobile phone app, to enlighten their friends or the public at

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Nemo in Afganistan

Task Force ‘Fenice’ the helicopter component of the Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) in Afghanistan — received a boost to its capabilities last year from a new operational unit, Squadrone NH90 (NH90 Company). It brought into theatre the army’s newest helicopter, the NH90.

Deployment Decision

The decision to deploy the NH90 dated back to spring 2011, when it was necessary to deploy an effective replacement for the Italian Navy’s AW101 helicopters. ThevAW101s were reaching the end of their deployment and various substitutes were able to fulfil the same missions, namely combat support, combat service support (CSS) and medical evacuation.

The options

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Дэтовая Москва была в последние месяцы возбуждена появлением пары очень клевых грайндкоровых команд, которым мы решили посвятить эту страницу Rock City. Речь идет о проектах Necrokilldozer и Miscarriage. Так получилось, что они работают на одних и тех же тусовках (’’Добро пожаловать в ад”, например) и имеет смысл их объединить.

Итак, сначала пойдет Necrokilldozer. Сразу же предупредим — не пытайтесь вложить какой-нибудь смысл в это выражение. Все равно ничего не выйдет. Название придумано от вольного и хорошо лишь тем, что клево звучит.

В принципе, история группы берет начало в 1988 году, когда несколько ребят, вместе учившихся и в школе, и в


Necks In Line

Profiles, scale lengths, fingerboard cambers, lacquer choices – all part of the myriad subtleties that dictate how a guitar neck feels to the player. We put the microscope on the finer details of neck design.

One of the most important aspects of any guitar, not surprisingly, is how easy the instrument is to play – and it’s universally agreed that this is mainly determined by the shape and feel of the neck and fingerboard. The rest of the instrument – pickups, bridge and body timber – though important, can only perform at their best once the neck is playable. In

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