NEC Display Solutions: 10 лет инноваций

NEC Display Solutions отметила на десятой выставке ISE десятилетие своих инноваций, продемонстрировав обширный спектр оборудования и решений для визуализации, коллективной работы, систем digital signage, образования и арендного бизнеса.

В юбилейном для компании 2013 году стенд NEC Display Solutions на выставке Integrated Systems Europe был разделён на сегменты в соответствии с рыночными направлениями, где компания активно действует.

«Учитывая, что Integrated Systems Europe является крупнейшей профессиональной выставкой АВ-индустрии в Европе, компания NEC Display Solutions постоянно принимает в ней участие. В 2013 году мы продемонстрировали специалистам свои новейшие технологии и программные решения, — отметила в заявлении для прессы вице-президент по маркетингу и развитию

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NDB, the Instrument Approach That Wont Die

The newest jets still leave the factory with ADF receivers

MY CESSNA 140 HAD a big loop antenna mounted over the cockpit. You rotated the loop by hand using a knob on the cabin ceiling to find the “null” in the signal from a non-directional beacon (NDB). Loop antennas can be designed to have a very pronounced null, or dead spot, when aligned in the direction of the transmitted signal.

A compass rose on the cabin overhead showed the orientation of the antenna relative to the nose of the airplane, and you noted the bearing as you heard the quiet

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Neat Iota


Thank heavens for Neat and its determination to do things differently. It’s not just that the Iota’s are so clearly unlike other speakers — they’re tiny, they sit on their sides and they have a ribbon tweeter — there’s more to it than that.

Neat also approaches it’s speaker-tuning by ear rather than measurement, and we’re big fans of that approach. And the Iota’s go a long way to showing why — here it’s enabled the team to wring out of very small boxes far more sound than one would expect.

The detail, weight and scale on offer here

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NC Stands for Noisy Clunk?

The sound you hear is normal, and to explain why requires some kneebone-connected-to-the-shinbone background. Your NC’s crankshaft turns the clutch, which is attached to the transmission’s main shaft, which turns the transmission’s countershaft on which the countershaft sprocket is mounted, which connects to the rear wheel via the drive chain. When the transmission is in neutral, the main shaft and countershaft aren’t directly connected, and only the main shaft is rotating. When you pull in the clutch, the fiber plates that ft into slots in the crankshaft-driven clutch basket are pushed away from the steel plates slotted into the mainshaft-mounted

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NAVY Combat Edge

Stephen P Cloak Jr looks at the US Navy’s Advanced Tactical Life Support System.

AS AIRCRAFT DESIGN and development continues to evolve, tactical aircraft become more manoeuvrable and are structurally capable of withstanding higher G-Loads. Today, the limiting factor is the aircrew’s physical ability to work within this environment.

In some instances, high acceleration rates exceed human physiological capabilities and expose aircrew to episodes of G-induced loss of consciousness, or G-LOC.

Although a number of psycho-physiological problems result from exposure to +Gz-stress, the major threat for the fighter pilot operating in this environment is +Gz induced loss of consciousness. G-LOC

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Naval Station San Diego: its history and development

Naval Station San Diego is a sprawling expanse of military seafront. With 12 miles of berths, it dominates ‘America’s finest city’ both physically and psychologically too. Since 1922 the Naval Station has grown in importance and size to be second only to Naval Station Norfolk Virginia.

The property on which Naval Station San Diego is located was deeded by the city of San Diego to the US government on 3 September 1919 in order for a docking and fleet repair base to be constructed. What the US government got was 21 water and 77.2 land acres, mostly composed of tidelands

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Naturalist view.

We delve into Sarah Lewis’s intricate portfolio and take a closer look at her creative view on the natural world.

Where did your love for photography come from?

I’ve always loved photography as a hobby, but I got serious about it while at college. I used to experiment with my dad’s compact camera, and one day took a picture of a toy duck that caught my eye. It was central in the frame, backlit, softly focused, nothing fantastic — but the detail of the image spoke to me, the patterns in the plastic that I’d overlooked, they became so much

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Amid the lively, contemporary ramble of Los Angeles, landscape designer Scott Shrader has built a house that defines timeless comfort and calm. A small jewel box in West Hollywood’s decorating district that he shares with Mark Hemphill, it captures Southern California’s bright light and balmy air in rooms that overlook gardens, each as detailed as the interiors they adjoin. High ceilings, tall French doors, and walls painted a single creamy white evoke expansiveness in a home that’s only 1,500 square feet, an illusion bolstered by the flow from inside to out. Such seamless connectedness is a trademark for Shrader, whose

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Unique and eco-friendly, these distinctive pieces will create a stylish statement in your home


Designed by Debbie Wijskamp for Serax using recycled paper, these vases are versatile, strong, waterproof and sustainable, giving a new use to an otherwise throwaway material.


Interfloor’s European Onyx black 100 per cent woven sisal rug with a 70mm-wide black leather binding is elegant and hardwearing — great for home or office.


Made by twisting together strands of softened recycled paper, Cuiora’s cushions are as soft as they are strong.



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A contemporary approach, a roster of warm materials and an enduring connection to its natural environs provided the foundation for the landscape design of this Montecito abode. To create the scenic display, which is nestled within the Santa Barbara Mountains landscape architect Tavi Perttula says he chose to «seamlessly blend the sight lines of the premise’s natural foliage into the property.» To execute this goal, he embraced a diverse palette of greenery—such as olive trees, agave and coast live oak—and embraced the industrial-style architectural elements of the home by integrating concrete and sandblasted cedar for the hardscape. «My decisions enabled


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