Mughal garden waterworks, pas and prospect.

It is exciting to see this new Mughal Gardens Initiative organized by Ameet Babar and Geert Robberechts, and supported by this Journal. It promises to build upon individual studies through a sustained program of investigations in which the whole becomes greater than its parts.

My special hope in this series is to learn more about waterworks associated with Mughal landscapes — from the aesthetics of fountain design to the science of hydraulics and social practices of tank conservation. Each of these has proven evocative and elusive up till now. Gar-dens were frequently sited and laid out in relation to water

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Moyes shouldnt just go for tried and tested!


This could lead many to suggest that Moyes is showing his limitations at Man United.

He may have had a good start — losing the Community Shield to Wigan was out of the question — and he overcame a tricky first fixture against Swansea, but it was very strange of him to moan about the difficulty of his first five games. For the manager of the champions to do that is bizarre.

The market Moyes is now in doesn’t have to be one where he only goes for his last club’s star players.

At Old Trafford, the

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MSI GeForce GTX N770 Lightning

A bit too extreme, as it turns out last month, we reviewed two GeForce GTX 770 cards from Asus and Gigabyte that were well-cooled and only slightly overclocked. That’s too boring for MSI, which de­cided to take its flagship GeForce GTX N770 Lightning to an extreme not previously seen.

This bad mutha costs $50 more than a stock card, and with its massive cooler, is designed for hardcore overclocking straight out of the box. This ain’t no 20MHz overclock neither, but 104MHz on the base clock, and 117MHz on the Boost clock. You could theoretically take it even further, given

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Movies & TV Shows

Pain & Gain

A new classic. Follow the story of Daniel Lugo, a bodybuilder who is obsessed with having what everyone else has. Lugo’s desires lead him to recruiting other bodybuilders, including his good friend who is obsessed with looking the best and is also a born-again Christian who went to jail previously. The three of them extort Lugo’s client for every cent he has and then try to fit in with the uppity society. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson costar.


1. This is based on a true story, the Lugo | extortion that took place

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This year, make your summer adventures two wheeled on one (or more) of these enticing rides.



Cruisers are all about leather panniers and living the American dream, but Ducati must have missed a few history lessons. The Diavel combines sportsbike handling with a modern take on the long and low cruiser style, complete with an enormous 240-section rear tire which had to be custom-made by Pirelli to cope with its 162bhp and its ability to corner and brake like a road racer. History is damned.





Born to Raise Hell

Непоколебимый образ Motörhead вдохновил миллионы людей во всем мире. Лемми Килмистер размышляет на тему того, что значит быть живой легендой.

Старый воин снова предстает перед нами. Он был здесь уже тысячу раз. Он вступал в каждую битву и выиграл большинство из них, проиграв лишь несколько. Его меч в зазубринах, доспехи помялись и поблекли, но он все еще в седле и даже не сбавляет темпа.

Он занимается этим так долго, что это стало его второй натурой, хотя он никогда и не забывал, почему вообще он начал. Попутно он — приобрел много друзей и потерял тоже немало. Но

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Mosleys man wants FIA top job

The fact that the 56-year-old Englishman is giving up a secure and well paid job, which he has held for the past 12 years, suggests that he is confident that he will beat the 67-year-old Frenchman, despite the fact that Jean Todt has already secured voting commitments from clubs all over the world.

David Ward started with the FIA in 1996 when he became director general of its European bureau in Brussels. Prior to that he was policy advisor to John Smith, then leader of the Labour Party in the UK. The latter’s sudden death led to the arrival of

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Moscows Air Defence Commander

KUBINKA AIR BASE, located some 50 miles (80km) west of Moscow is the home of the Proskurovsky Fighter Air Regiment. The Regiment is equipped with four operational types — the Su-27 Flanker, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-24 Fencer and Su-25 Frogfoot. It also has its own helicopter and transport support aircraft which include Mi-17 Hips and An-26 Curls , ond the base houses maintenance facilities for MiG-23 and ’27 Floggers.

Kubinka’s important secondary role came to prominence in 1956 when Western journalists were invited to the base to see a static display of the latest Soviet military aircraft, which included many hitherto

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The art of business travel.

Conveniently located in the heart of Jakarta, Morrissey Serviced Apartment is the hotel of choice for business travelers. A home away from home, this hip and new 135-room serviced apartment, understands the needs of busy executive travelers, who look for convenience and comfort while on the road.

Location, location, location. Morrissey Serviced Apartment boasts a prime and coveted address right in the heart of Jakarta, pulsating with the city’s business and cultural life. Thanks to its proximity to the Central Business District, Morrissey lets you maximize your stay and minimize the time you spend on

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MORLEY Buffer Boost Pedal

US pedal specialist Morley offers a simple but effective method of maintaining signal quality when using several stompboxes. Review by Roger Cooper.

Introduced last year, Morley’s Buffer Boost is intended to rectify the loss of level and sound quality that can occur when several stompboxes are linked together. As the pedal’s name suggests, this improvement is achieved via a buffer circuit that adds some extra oomph, either at the front or end of the signal chain, as desired. In addition, up to 20dB of controllable clean boost is on tap and tailor-made for solo work.

The Buffer Boost is much

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