Morel Sopran


Флагманская модель Morel Fat Lady является, без сомнения, самой яркой и запоминающейся акустикой в линейке компании. Morel Sopran стоит дешевле, но во многом схожа с легендарной «толстушкой».

ТЕКСТ Максим Наумов

Внешний вид у модели Sopran действительно эффектный и запоминающийся. В обводах корпуса, фактически не имеющего ни единого квадратного сантиметра плоской поверхности, легко угадываются фирменные черты старшей модели. Корпус изготовлен из композитного материала, включающего в себя карбон и стекловолокно. В сочетании со сложной формой это обеспечило исключительную прочность и жесткость корпуса. Характерной особенностью конструкции является отсутствие какого-либо внутреннего заполнения и использование линейного фазоинвертора на СЧ-секции. Таким образом, по мнению

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More than words

A labor of love for Wynnewood’s Tim Whitaker, Mighty Writers empowers kids. By Jim Waitzer.

Naiesha writes on a board and awaits the verdict. A simple “good job” from her tutor sets off a mini-celebration. A little girl with big eyes and bountiful energy, Naiesha has spelled the words correctly and knows their meaning. They cling to her as surely as the barrette in her hair.

Young people study at nearby tables amid stuffed bookshelves and images of Superman, Spiderman and President Barack Obama on the wall. One bulletin board features youth poetry, another sports essays written by middle-schoolers about

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More On Polish C-130s

POLISH DEPUTY Defence Minister for Procurement, Janusz Zemke, announced on June 17 that five ex-Royal Air Force C-130K Hercules C.1/C.3 transport aircraft will be delivered to Poland by 2007. The aircraft are scheduled to arrive at their new home at Krakow-Balice Air Base in late 2005 and early 2006, where they will be operated by 13 ELTR (Eskadra Lotnictwa Transportowego — Airlift Squadron). Prior to delivery, they will be overhauled in the United States under a $75 million Foreign Military Fund programme, which will include some upgrade work. Additionally, around SI6.5 million from the Polish defence budget will be allocated

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More expression in Logic

Alongside note data, controller information is a fundamental part of the MIDI protocol and an essential means of physically controlling and manipulating virtual instruments (VIs). Whether you’re tweaking the cutoff on a virtual synthesizer or adding dynamics to a sampled string patch, the use of a MIDI controller — and there’s a multitude of different ones out there to choose from — enables you to implant expression directly into your sequence data. Not surprisingly, Logic Pro is equipped with a number of different strategies and approaches to working with controller data, so it’s well worth appraising these contrasting solutions and

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More hours in the day. Its one thing everyone wants, and yet its impossible to attain. But what if you could free up signifcant time—maybe as much as 20% of your workday—to focus on the responsibilities that really matter?

We’ve spent the past three years studying how knowledge workers can become more productive and found that the answer is simple: Eliminate or delegate unimportant tasks and replace them with value-added ones. Our research indicates that knowledge workers spend a great deal of their time—an average of 41%—on discretionary activities that ofer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others. So why do they keep doing them? Because ridding oneself of work is easier said than done. We instinctively cling to tasks that make us feel busy and thus important, while our bosses, constantly striving to do more

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More Details Released on South African Army Vulture Order

SOUTH AFRICA’S Advanced Technology and Engineering Company (ATE) has now revealed a little more detail about its sale of Vulture tactical unmanned air vehicle (TUAV) systems to the South African Army (see ATE To Begin Vulture UAV Production for South African Army, October, p20). The production order, which was signed with Armscor, South Africa’s state armaments acquisition and disposal agency, is for ‘more than two’ systems, to be delivered over a 22-month timeframe. ATE says that client confidentiality clauses within the contract prevent the company from revealing any further details. However, the production order is known to also include provision

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More Details on Algerian AS 355Ns

FURTHER DETAILS arc now known which add to the previous report of a batch of new Eurocopter AS 355N Ecureuil 2 helicopters being acquired by the Algerian Air Force. Whilst the manufacturer has declined to provide details of the deal, due to customer sensitivities, sightings at the factory confirm that more than five helicopters are involved in the contract.

In addition to the five previously reported examples, a further three, 7T-WUW (c/n 5734, ex F-WQDS), 7T-WUY (c/n 5736, ex F-WWXE, F-WQDO) and 7T-WUZ (c/n 5737, ex F-WWXA, F-WQDP) were noted at the Eurocopter factory at Marseille-Marignane in June, being prepared

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As long as you don’t drop it, a great battery case

It was the slightest of falls. My cat, no doubt complaining about the state of his food bowl, knocked the Mophie Juice Pack Air-clad iPhone 5 to the floor from my nightstand. It landed butter — er, case-side up. The iPhone, which absorbed all the hit, was fine. The Juice Pack, not so fine. That’s the last time it worked.

Which is a crying shame, because until that fateful day, the Juice Pack had rapidly become my favorite iPhone 5 accessory. I would almost never make it a full

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Zenith’s new Captain Grande Date Moonphase offers two complications in its manufacture movement. We go past the elegant exterior to see how well it works.

Since 2009, when Zenith got a new CEO, Jean-Frédéric Dufor, and with him a new emphasis on value, Zenith’s primary mission has been to produce manufacture-made watches for those who don’t necessarily have a year’s salary to spend on one. A good example is the Captain Grande Date Moonphase, introduced in 2011 at Baselworld. The stainless-steel version costs $7,000, and the rose-gold version can be had for $9,400 more.

What exactly can a watch lover

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Monticello Cabinets, Doors

In timeless transitional homes, classic ornate decorative schemes or sleek contemporary styles — whatever the project’s look and scale. Monticello Cabinets 8 Doors should be on every home¬owner’s list of contacts for outstanding renovations or upgrades.

Through the use of modern techniques and lasting craftsmanship in working with ecologically friendly components. Monticello’s experts create elegant contemporary and old world kitchens and doors, individual pieces that fit perfectly into a niche or stunning redesigns that transform a space into an unforgettably beautiful interior.

Monticello offers three superb lines of cabinetry: «Provence» features the fluid elegance of French Country and Mediterranean-style panels

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