Mohammadreza REZANIA

Certain style

Iranian photographer Mohammadreza Rezania was born in Tehran and makes his home there today. To our surprise, he only took up photography 4 years ago yet his work shows qualities not often found after such a brief period of maturation. He discovered the craft while traveling with friends, and by shooting images with their cameras, found himself increasingly attracted to photography.

Those early images, of his friends and the scenery they traveled through, created his awareness of natural light, and a need to find beauty in a range of subjects. Initially, landscapes featured heavily but over time the

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This dish is a perfect study in the balance of flavors and textures. The earthiness of the mushrooms will satisfy your craving for meatier fare.

Serves 4 Prep Time 20 minutes Cooking Time 10 minutes

— 4 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and caps sliced in half

— 6 straw mushrooms

— 4 black wood ear mushrooms

— 4 table spoons oyster sauce

— 2 table spoons Chinese rice wine

— ½ cup chicken stock

— 1/2 medium carrot, sliced into rounds

— 1/2 cup cauliflower florets

— 1/4 cup snow peas

— 3 squares firm tofu (tokwa), cut

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Modular Cooperating Robot Components.

The Linkbot platform from Barobo, Inc., applies a sort of swarm robotics to individual modules that can be easily connected, expanded, programmed, and controlled. The idea is to encourage young children to become interested in robotics early on to help fill the gap where interest in robots in education is declining. Read on to find out what Linkbots are made of, as well as how they work and what they can do.

Linkbot Parts, Technologies, and Proprietary Capabilities.

Linkbot is a modular robotics platform that consists of like components you can connect or link together to form higher order robots.

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Modern-day Petzval

Fancy adding an old-worldly look to your DSLR images? Lo-fi photography masters Lomography have been busy measuring, crafting and testing a 2013 reboot of one of the first and greatest portrait lenses of all time — the 1840 Petzval lens. Immensely popular thanks to its ability to render high-contrast images with a tack-sharp centre and swirling, out-of-focus bokeh, the original 175-year-old Petzval is still highly coveted by those who continue to practise the art of wet-plate and large-format film photography. The new Lomography version looks set to bring all of these characteristics to your Canon or Nikon DSLR, and will

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Modern wellbeing

The area and setting were Sarah and John Watkins’ biggest priorities when they decided to move house. ‘This was more important to us than finding the perfect property,’ says Sarah. ‘We believed that as long as it was in the right place, the “wrong” house could be extended, adapted or altered to suit us.’ The couple were keen to stay in the Gloucestershire region where they lived, but in a quieter and more picturesque area, with excellent schools for their children, Harriet, eight, and Charlie, six. With a clear idea of what they wanted,

Sarah and John found a 1960s

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Modern icon

Volkswagen third-generation Beetle will make young friends fast e’re happy to report that the design of the 21 st Century Beetle largely stays true to its initial concept: a sterner, masculine vision, and one that promised to look and feel fun. VW’s chief designer Walter de Silva realised that it was pointless trying to reinvent the old, iconic Beetle. It was created for a world that no longer exists. The 21st Century version is, well, 21st century. It’s larger, wider, bulkier and heavier than it was before. The wheel arches are less pronounced, and the roof is flatter and longer.

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Modern conveniences found under traditional wraps.

Today’s homeowners have a variety of modern conveniences available to them when remodeling their kitchen. Most homeowners incorporate luxury conveniences from the outset of the remodel. The kitchen design is as much about aesthetic as functionality allowing families to enjoy spending time together while preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Appliances that offer ease of use for the entire family, including the children, are sought after in many kitchen projects. One example is microwaves designed for use in the base cabinetry. A drawer-style microwave allows easy access for children and helps to avert spills. A lock is available to prevent the

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Modern art.

One of the most interesting factors about aircraft is that the aerodynamics required to make them fly efficiently have, from the very beginning, created art forms that were, and are, indicative of the age.

The Beautiful Warthog.

The Mighty A-10 Warthog came close to a premature demise, but enter the Gulf War, and it did exactly what it was designed to do — bust tanks. In the photo, a four-ship of armed Michigan ANG Hogs join up in the wild blue yonder.

Night Eyes.

A U.S. Air Force «Viper driver» models ANVIS-9 night-vision goggles, and his F-16 looks on. Night-vision

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Shanghai’s current metabolism manufactures a city of uneven pockets, in which glass skyscrapers overlook rooftop shanties and dusty building plots overturn low-rise back streets. The area around the recently opened Rockbund Art Museum, near the north strip of the Huangpu River, witnesses this patchwork urbanism.

Leading up to the museum’s entrance, a 165m-long scroll hangs, tracing a half-real, half-imagined panorama. Traditional in form, the scroll, Analogical City Made in Shanghai, announces the exhibition and visualises the prevalent paradigm of old as a backdrop to new.

Model Home is a display of a work – and a city – in progress.


MOD XCF — 1 — боевая стамеска

Ножи, выделяющиеся из общей массы своей конструкцией или формой, всегда привлекали мое внимание. В большинстве случаев при ближайшем рассмотрении такой необычный нож оказывается, к сожалению, всего лишь плодом фантазии дизайнера, задавшегося целью сделать модель, непохожую на другие. Однако изредка встречаются конструктивные решения, привносящие что-то действительно новое. Примером такой функционально обоснованной конструкции может служить нож XSF-1 канадского мастера Брента Бешара.

Говоря о любом ноже, а уж тем более о таком необычном, как XSF-1, я считаю необходимым хотя бы вкратце познакомить читателей с создателем ножа. Ведь именно его жизненный путь, приобретенные навыки и практический опыт позволили ему создать столь необычный нож: Брент

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