Mass produced means better quality

Professor Bob Newman’s recent article on build quality ( AP 10 August) was certainly food for thought. I have always thought the term ‘build quality’ to be a strange one, and I am not even sure if it is grammatically correct. I prefer to use the term ‘well made’ rather than ‘good build quality’, and to my mind they both mean the same thing, although I am sure that some will disagree. If we have to use the term, however, my understanding has always been that mass-produced items generally exhibit the best build quality, because all the parts have to

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Y. Radin, vice president of NP «Russian lift association,» a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» Quality Director of JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»

Speech at the XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers

All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» was established on 18 September 2002 and today comprises 80 businessmen of Russian regions. Education SUPPORTS RUSSIAN as a nationwide organization was a logical continuation of the efforts of sectoral business associations and unions — the founders of non-profit partnership «Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations of Russia (OPORA)» on cooperation and dialogue with the government at all levels.

The main purpose of the activity — to promote the consolidation of entrepreneurs to participate in the formation of favorable political,

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In 2023, you could be one of four Earthlings sent on a mission to permanently settle on the red planet-which makes you an alien


Mars One is initially looking for four astronauts who will take the seven-month trip in 2023. It plans to send four more in the next two years. A stable of 40 trained astronauts will be maintained. Preparations in a simulated Mars base will be broadcast to the world.


Applicants must be 18 years or older;

Free from disease, dependency on alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. And should fit

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The efficacy of chemical weed control measures

In Mogilev Regional State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962-1963, we studied the effect of different herbicides in fruit-bearing 30-year-old and three-year period at a young garden, in the fields of formation and the school fruit seedlings nursery. Also take into account the action of herbicides in their introduction of one and two years before laying School seedlings.

Soil — heavy loam, underlain at a depth of about one meter moraine loam. Herbicides of 1000 liters per hectare fluid was added using a sprayer.

Due to heavy rainfall, the soil is well moistened, we were able to identify not only the

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Effective spray

In the distant 1888 American physician Alain DEVILBISS create a wonderful SPRAY DEVICE originally designed for procedures Inhalation AND PROCESSING open wounds. A little later, inventor decided to put some simple EXPERIENCE AND INSTEAD OF DRUGS pour into the tank of his creation conventional paints. His thoughts on such prompted one observation: autumn drizzling rain that poured GROUND MUCH less water than the July rainfall, although not producing lots of puddles ROAD BUT serviceability and evenly soaked to the skin of everyone who has got under it.

Experience with spray, by the way, was excellent, while allowing more economical than

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Yuri Shevchenko, a graduate student of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk)

So-called ORGPREDLOZHENIYA not within the interests of voir.


DO NOT restrain the creative search ARTIFICIAL each works?

JUST everyone, not only those who engaged in material production.

Well, when a person has to deal with «iron» — invent but rationalizes plenty. And if before you pen, paper and a theme dedicated to «» inverse problems of geophysics «or» metallogeny of volcanic areas «? It is clear that the economic effect of the


Marshalls Worldwide

Once regarded as a small UK aerospace company, Marshall Aerospace now looks increasingly towards international markets. AFM paid it a visit during May.

CAMBRIDGE-BASED Marshall Aerospace, situated at its company-owned airport, specialises in maintenance and upgrade work on large military aircraft. From humble beginnings as a motor company in 1909, the present-day Marshall Group embraces a wide range of engineering disciplines, from vehicle design and manufacture to advanced aerospace projects. Now, with funding for entirely new projects severely restricted, the importance of aircraft service life extensions through systems modernisation has assumed a greater than normal significance in recent years, for

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Marta Nael

Keeping friends close Marta keeps her friends and inspirations, including a watchful Yoda, close to hand in her movable studio

Up until a few months ago, I had always lived in Barcelona, Spain. I now spend half the month in the city and the rest in Ontinyent, a small village where my publisher, Ediciones Babylon, is located. So I now I need to take my studio on the move with me.

My studio in Ontinyent is located in the living room of a very sunny and small apartment. I have several prints from my friends and work partners all over

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It is difficult to fundamentally change the traditional tools such as cutter. But if it fails, it takes on a new quality of not only the tool, but the machine is equipped with them.

The cup turning tool, at the time set records of performance, came to the forest industry of the metal. Mounted on stvoloobrabatyvayuschuyu car, it is easily and quickly removes the bark from the trunk. But the cup cutter — a truncated cone, and a pretty high. Once found in the way the branch cutter passes. Just prune the branch podnutritsya and stop — no longer cuts


This multilateral DIAMOND

LLC «supervisor», created in 2005, is part of the holding A-Class Group and today is a dynamically developing company that promotes the domestic market products under its own brand Prorab. Today, the range of the brand more than a thousand positions of power tools, hardware, garden tools and equipment, among which are particularly noteworthy line of diamond tools.

Cut-Off Wheels

The main type of diamond tools, the company proposed «supervisor» — cutting discs for angle grinders and electric Tile. Being the most famous and most popular kind of diamond tooling, such circles are presented in a variety of options: continuous

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