Mark Gredzinski tells the story of Leylands brave attempt at something really different — the T45 Road train.

With only the ageing Marathon and Buffalo in Leyland’s heavy truck portfolio, the new T45 Road train was long overdue to prop up the manufacturer’s fortunes and gain credibility in the marketplace. From its lash-up origins using the old Ergomatic cab pressings, the ungainly Marathon eventually earned its stripes in Mk2 form, but it was desperately in need of replacement.

Ogle Design of Letchworth did the styling work on what was known as the new C4Q cab. alongside the Leyland engineers. The idea was to attack the premium heavyweight market head on and stop the erosion of Leyland dwindling share

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Anchor Corvette — 367

Industrial vacuums for liquids and dry garbage

Power consumption: 1400 W

Suction power (max): 180 mbar

Noise level (max): 60 dB

Tank capacity: 60 liters

Weight: 12.2 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 46x44x75 cm

FEATURES: possibility of connecting the tool and simultaneous start with him; ability to work without dust bag; Motor protection when filling the tank with liquid; pylezaschischёnny switch

PACKAGE: vacuum cleaner; 2 Filter; paper bag; suction hose; telescopic tube; 3 tips; adapter for power tools

Price: 6190 rubles.

«Corvette — 367» from «Anchor» — the universal industrial vacuum cleaner that can perform all the traditional

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Jon Lake reviews the career of the RAF’s Tornado GR.4 and look at its future evolution.

RAF STRIKE Command’s No.1 Group Tornado GR.4 force was the backbone of the UK’s contribution to Operation Telic, with 31 aircraft deploying to the Middle East, forming two Wings. These played a major role in the air war, providing capabilities the US Air Force lacked, and the aircraft won many new admirers. After years during which press coverage of the GR.4 upgrade had concentrated on the very high cost, delays and slippages, the GR.4 story was suddenly all about impressive capability and operational effectiveness,

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Elements of comparative-historical method in Indology linguistic traditions

Classic works of Stalin, devoted to questions of linguistics, removed the shackles from the creative thought of Soviet linguists. They scattered the metaphysical mist shrouded the followers of the «new doctrine» of the language, and have opened broad prospects for the further development of Soviet linguistics.

The dominance of the «new doctrine» of the language could not affect adversely on the development of linguistics and allied disciplines. A truly scientific study of language, especially the historical study of them, not just been left in neglect, but he had imposed a harsh ban.

This is understandable: the facts of history in

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Melt water lens EARTH

SOLAR ENERGY inexpensively and complexity can be used to accelerate the thawing of frozen soils in construction, SAYS NOVOSIBIRSK inventor.

90 percent of our territory covered soil frozen for six months. Almost all of the autumn — winter-spring season builders «fight» with the frozen ground, loosening its spending huge amounts of money (see. TS 3 79 «Insulated or explosion»). What’s more profitable: to somehow insulate the building site and prevent soil promerznut, already hollow and became frozen solid as a rock, earth, or to warm it before digging, as does the sun? Loosen the frozen ground

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Marine Harriers Over Afghanistan

Warren E Thompson profiles US Marine Corp AV-8B Harrier operations in Afghanistan undertaken by VMA-513, the ‘Flying Nightmares’.

THE SOVIET Union sent its military forces into Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim of extending its influence in that area of the world. Ten years later, it pulled out after losing 15,000 men. Soviet aircraft losses were also extremely high — unable to cope with the unconventional type of warfare that the Mujahideen used, the Russians paid heavily for the lesson. Moving forward 13 years, the rugged and desolate terrain of Afghanistan again became a battleground, though this time not for

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Marinating 101

Why do marinated foods always stick to the barbecue?

Marinating meat and poultry is a good way to add flavour and variation to your barbecue cooking, but you need to follow some simple rules when marinating. A common misconception is that marinating meat isn’t worth the hassle because, among other things, it sticks to the grill. Marinated meat sticks to the barbecue for two main reasons

+ Your barbecue is too cold and once heated, the marinade grabs onto the surface and cakes it, + You have used too much marinade and it sticks and burns prior to the meat

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The good old game classics, which we do without you? What else can remember the gray as snow programmer? About everyday life at the keyboard? About altercation with his superiors about the purchase of new diskettes? No, not that. Even the stories of fellow teapots can not compete with the rapid retrospective discussion of some of the primitive-hit game. Yes, they say, have been playing in our time … and hereafter.

After all, what were the games! Magnificent creation, they have hurricane force presses them in a favorite chair in front of the monitor, drowned in the ocean depths of

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Eli Wallach: GREAT LOSER

He thanked Frank Sinatra at concerts, on the rights of older friend he instructed in the mastery of Gregory Peck, sipping whiskey poolside with Clark Gable. Before leaving on tour, friendly blew live in his apartment homelessness Marlon Brando. But going with his wife to the theater, leaving children with Marilyn Monroe.

And in the end? And Peck and Gable, and Brando, and Monroe and Sinatra had long since become legends.

And how many people in the world know the name of Eli Wallach?

Perhaps it should be considered a failure. Yes, Eli, in fact, very often hook he says,

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Electricity supply in Moscow — a policy of increasing the reliability of

Delivering a speech at a meeting of the Moscow government

January 20, Deputy Head of the Moscow MTU

Employees of the Moscow MTU Technical supervision is carried out not only to supervise and control the construction of power supply facilities, and are often active participants in the construction, helping to place before the commissioning of facilities, to address issues related to ensuring the reliability and safety of construction projects and eventually by issuing a permit for their operation.

Analysis of work for 2006-2008 shows electro-growth in 2008, during which only electrical killed 14 people. Provided, however, in the Concept of

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