Scherbinsky Elevator Plant sacred traditions stores

Continuity of generations — one of the fundamental properties of human society. Without it, civilization is impossible in principle. Social progress depends on how much each generation would be able to perceive, preserve, develop and pass on to their successors the accumulated material and spiritual values. Among these values ​​-Memory, respect for elders, knowledge of the history of their country.

Scherbinsk lift and hold sacred tradition, especially the celebration of the Victory Day.

4 May 2011 in the conference hall of the enterprise were honored veterans of the factory, past the Great Patriotic War, and young workers who have served

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The Appeal of the second Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR said that the need to raise the organization, to do away with laxity, indiscipline and mismanagement, a resolute struggle against the loss of the people’s wealth. It should be remembered that the present scale of the economy saving materials, fuel, electricity and other resources equivalent to their substantial growth.

Ways to save a lot. First of all, it is the improvement of technologies, the use of scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the organization, discipline and order in the workplace. It is also implementing self-financing, the ability to assess,

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Maltas Air Squadron

LAST YEAR THE SMALL Air Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta celebrated its 20th year of operation. 1992 also marked the 50th Anniversary of the George Cross which was awarded by Britain to the people of Malta for their heroic defence against the air onslaught of Germany’s Luftwaffe and the Italian Regia Aeronautica during World War Two.

These two anniversaries coincided with a change in Malta’s air arm, the introduction of the first fixed-wing type, a change in name, and the changing of the unit’s national insignia into a roundel incorporating the George Cross.

Happily, Germany and Italy no

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Chairman of the Republican society of hunters Czechoslovak Vyacheslav Zasmeta published a book, which I described the economic side of hunting in this country.

The author notes the multilateral favor of hunting and confirms it figures obtained hunting products in bulk and in money terms.

The total area of ​​the hunting grounds of Czechoslovakia is 11420.7 thousand. Ha. Of these, arable land and Seda occupy 5268.4 thous. Ha (46.2% of the land), Lhasa — 4280.1 (37.5%), meadows — 817.7 (7.2%), pastures -620 (5 4%), prudy- 53.3 (0.5%), rivers and other water — 67.8 (0.6%), other land — 313.4 (2.6%). In


Malaysian Su-30MKM Prototypes

SUKHOI IS continuing to test two Su-30MKM prototypes which, earlier this year, were derived from two Su-30MKI pre-production aircraft bearing side numbers 05 and 04. These were built at the Irkustk plant in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Under the S0.9 billion contract, signed in August 2003, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) will receive a total of 18 Su-30MKM twin-seat super-manoeuvrable multi-role fighters in 2007-08.

The airframe, powerplant and major aircraft systems of the Su-30MKM will be the same as those for the Su-30MKIs in service with the Indian Air Force. However, avionics will feature a number of significant modifications,

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Exotic plants for the garden.

Almost all of the exotic plants in central Russia on its southern homeland are quite common and unpretentious of flora. However, getting in inappropriate conditions associated with extreme temperature changes, frost without snow and frequent thaws, they «act up.» By ensuring «foreigners» comfortable existence, we are increasing their chances of not only survival, but also to preserve the decorative appearance.

Mr. ortenziya oakleaf

The height of shrubs rarely exceed 1.2 meters. Valued for the beautiful dark green leaves, top and bottom covered with white tomentose pubescence, in the form they are similar to oak. By late summer the leaves become

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Equivalent load visually for QRPP-transmitter

Our little article about miniature incandescent lamps used in Christmas lights. Having examined spoiled garland and bulbs vypayat of it, I found their nominal voltage (6.3 V) and current consumption (0.1 A). A simple calculation shows that the resistance of the filament lamp (R) is:

R = U / I = 6,3 / 0,1 = 63 (ohms)

As is known, the resistance of the filament and is dependent on the temperature to which it is warmed. Partial nedokale can assume that the resistance of a light bulb is about 50 ohms — standard value impedance interconnect links in radio, antennas

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Makita VC3510

Промышленный пылесос для сбора сухого мусора и жидкостей


ВЕС: 8,5 кг

ОСОБЕННОСТИ: возможность подключения электроинструмента и синхронный старт с ним; электронная система регулировки мощности; автоматическая система очистки фильтра; возможность работы без мешка для сбора пыли; защита двигателя при заполнении бака жидкостью; отвод статических зарядов

ЦЕНА: 11400 руб.

Промышленный пылесос сертифицирован для сбора пыли класса «М» — средней по степени опасности. К ней относятся отходы минеральных материалов — бетона, камня, древесины — дуба, бука, МДФ и ДСП, а также частицы, остающиеся после обработки ряда металлов — никеля, меди, жести.

VC3510 — универсальная модель, способная справиться не только

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Jokes aside

Screenwriter — Alexander Maryam director — Vitaly Makarov operators — Yuri Malinovsky, Zhurbitskaya artist SERGEY — Sergey BOCHAROV composer — Alexander Zhurbin Lyrics — VLADIMIR Slask soundman — Nicholas Shary

Roles performed:

Dima Manohin — Gregory Popovich

Elena Ermakova — Olga Kabo

Valery — MICHAEL Svetin clown eccentric — Alexander Frisch

The film stars Yasulovich I., V. Nikolaenko V. Bukin, AN Rychagova V. spout Voytyuk A., N. Samsonov A. SKORYAKIN, A. Karapetyan N. Parfenov. 3. Cornflower, Kuznetsov, Yu Sarantsev, Vladimir Petrov. T. Nikolaishvili, Vitaly Skopenkov, DIMA OAKS, Serge rewq, Max Sidorov clowns: Sergey Elizarov, YAROSLAV PIGEL Valery Matorina acrobatic group

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Makita SK102 Z

Лазерный проекционный нивелир

ЛАЗЕР: класс — 2; длина волны — 635 нм; мощность излучения — <1 мВт

ОПТИЧЕСКАЯ СХЕМА: горизонтальная и вертикальная плоскости





ГАБАРИТЫ: 102x75x102 мм

ВЕС: 0,475 кг

ЦЕНА: 6800 руб.

Нивелир Makita SKI 02 Z отличается от многих аналогов простотой управления и наличием целого комплекса функций и мер защиты. Диапазон рабочих температур — от —10 до +40 «С, при выходе за эти пределы лазер отключается — мера предосторожности, нечасто встречающаяся на такого рода технике. Корпус обрезинен, «крест» на нём закрыт стеклом —

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