ONE OF THE BALL Molniya wrenching problems of modern physics. Hypothesis candidate of technical sciences OI MITROFANOVA EXPLAINS ALL SET PROPERTIES mysterious phenomena, but to pay for it accounts for very expensive price; Shall revise established notions about e. SPECIALISTS, read this article, is unlikely to agree with the ideas of the author. While there may be many, they give pleasure conundrum and shine fantasy.

Many explanations of the nature of ball lightning is a disappointment, as the abundance of funds for baldness. For half a century of scientific study of ball lightning have tried, it seems every conceivable hypothesis,



It’s easy to make money, as long as that’s all you wish to do. I find it easier to make things than to make money, and it appears that that’s all I do. Fortunately we live in a society where many raw materials are free as long as you have a few favorite dump stars.

The false economies of making your own stuff are addictive. Most everything I own is an amalgam of trash reconfigured with a rather large and expensive set of scratched and greasy tools. It’s always a good idea at the time: make a bicycle trailer (the

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Charles Dadan — known American beekeeper, a French national — who was born in 1817 in the village of Champagne (France). His father was a doctor. When the boy grew older, his sculpted to his grandfather as in his native village of Charles had no school.

Charles since childhood interest in agriculture, especially n bees. He first met them when he was 10 years old. On this day he was presented with a swarm in a straw hive. Soon he built a bee hive from the boards. Ho. Unfortunately, this first attempt ended in failure: the bee family was killed

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Adrian Marshall decided that he’d need a very convincing scale model to sell his latest idea. The British designer of factory robots was to meet the board of directors of a large food company, who wanted an industrial robot that could move ten arms independently and burn a picture of the Rugrats cartoon characters on pancakes randomly placed around a moving skillet. It had to be done in under 0.8 seconds in a hot industrial kitchen. Of course, he used the only prototyping material suitable for such a tough job: Lego.

«I always use Lego to present to customers.» says

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Shaolin complex «Staff with a handle made from cow horns»

Initial position

Feet shoulder width apart, toes deployed in hand, in his right hand take the staff, sharp horns must be sent back, the staff Abut the floor next to the right leg, left arm along the lower body, looking forward.

1. «The noble man looks at the enemy»

Left foot you step aside, unwrap the body of 90 ° over the left shoulder, his right hand with his staff pick up over his head, left hand are doing push forward, index and middle fingers of the left hand support staff, look forward.

2. «The lotus flower closes»

Left foot

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Make yourself this special two-way intercom

Intercom sets are immensely useful and almost indispensable at places where a communication link between two or more persons is required. ITie installation of most of the commercially available intercoms involves the cumbersome process of laying the signal transmission wires, which results in increased expenditure and frequent failures (due to snapping of wires etc).

This article describes functional and constructional details of a simple, fail-safe, mains operated, integrated two-way intercom set. The circuit, in addition to being extremely versatile and low in cost, possesses a number of desirable features like in-built calling facility, self-contained solid-state power supply, activation indicator, APO

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Sense of style

Brand TJ COLLECTION presented in Russia 20 years ago. To mark the anniversary of ELLE met with the brand closer

Appeared on the Russian market in 1993. The brand TJ Collection for the past two decades, manages to surprise us fashion accessories created with impeccable taste. ELLE advised to pay special attention to the color black heel pumps, boots deep malachite color, color high boots in the art color blocking, borrowed from the paintings of Malevich and Kandinsky. The decoration of bags and shoes used metal buckles, «lightning» and metallic leather. On the anniversary of TJ Collection designers have created

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Champagne in a duet

WHITE diversity

Recognizing the champagne for the title of royal wine, it is often, particularly in Russia, play the role of King aperitifs. But the champagne can be as much gastronomic variation as aromas and flavors can be found at its best.

At the end of the XX century on the gastronomic fate of champagne thinking leading chefs of the world, and France — Bocuse, Ducasse, Troisgros, Gagnaire et al. Tasting Champagne, conducted the great houses are getting more interesting thanks to the participation of the great chefs and their faithful companions sommelier offering to the wines of Champagne unusual

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Make Yourself Automatic Music Search System

Automatic music search system, popularly called AMSS*, is nowadays incorporated in many commercially available cassette recorders. With AMSS one can skip the present music or go to the starting point of the presently played music by pressing ‘Cue (FF)’ or ‘Rew’ keys. This reduces repeated cueing and rewing of tape in order to reach the desired point of the tape.

AMSS does not require elaborate circuitry, but the mechanical modifications necessary in the cassette deck mechanism alienate an average electronics enthusiast. In this article, it will be shown that the mechanical modifications are not as complex as imagined and that

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Whose opinion won

Sure, he wants to participate in the contest, and all the regular readers of «Soviet screen» tenth number is always waiting with a special look — a number that summarizes the survey. Learn about them, some are disappointed — were in the minority, while others are happy — their opinion «victory», that is coincided with the opinion of the majority.

This time the first two places in the list of winning films took pictures around which raged the greatest passion in their display screens, faced the most polar opinions. The dispute was on the pages of newspapers and magazines, on

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