Fashion forward Fronting up to the ostentatious excesses of retail in Dubai, Studio Toogood’s design for fashion store, Mahani, delivers visual reprieve in the form of a raw, robust and highly adaptable interior shell.

Announced by pared-back signage, exposed filament lights and a narrow entrance, the large, cool store interior is a visual respite from its over lit neighbours.

In Dubai, retail is recreation. As the city’s temperatures rise, hundreds of air-conditioned malls lure and entertain with typically kitsch, colossal, opulent and ostentatious shopping experiences. Yet in the face of ubiquitous retail bling, a brave newcomer is testing the water.

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That you was purely

«Respect the work of the cleaning lady!»

Today, the group calls in «Pete shoboys» You know this? — Day shift supervisor casts a questioning look of my new colleagues are confused shifting from foot to foot — planning session in the office housekeeping The Ritz- Carlton Moscow is in full swing.

-Popular? — Timidly interested in one of the maids.

To be sure everyone gets A4 sheets with portraits of pop stars and detailed orientations: the maids are not required to know the discography of famous guests, but the number of ashtrays, mineral water, cosmetic preferences and desired climate in

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To not carry air

There are awkward loads such as long-length tube. For them, the way to container transportation unprofitable. Return lengthy containers usually do not add up, making capacity of the train is used by only 8-11%.

Folding lengthy containers generally not commercially available. They are complex, and in the manufacture and exploitation, for in them the hinges, locks and other extra parts and assemblies.

Knowing this, we are at in VNIEKI of packaging designed for the transport of non-ferrous metal pipe non-folding-metal container — a long rectangular box with sides in a grid.

«Are you, too, enrolled in the sellers of air?»

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Maggie Wonderland

A spacious loft is transformed into a feminine, woodsy fantasyland, complete with furry and feathery companions.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project

It takes a big leap of faith to invest in property for the first time, but K-Zone and Good Dog magazine editor Maggie Adan had a bit of luck when she finally bit the bullet and signed the deed of sale for her condo unit. «When I looked into this property at its pre-selling stage, 1 really liked the location, and the plans for the

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Monica Lewinsky in the office:

Recently, I was explaining to you (unless you read my last year’s reports moonhead

Studios), who is responsible for Lionhead to look Black & White and her (game) consuming three-dimensionality. Of course, artists and programmers of the game engine. For those of you who are closer to Quake, explain: thanks to the artists and engine-programmer you will be able to move through three-dimensional mazes and halls. But the guards, past which you will dart about, will not attack you, and your BFG did not shoot as long as the programmers responsible for the playing of


What hinders the development of cloud services in RUSSIA

To fully understand the problems of the cloud market in Russia, you must approach to be taken in two ways: by the operators who want to provide cloud services, and by the customers to whom the services are intended.

For operators, the introduction of cloud services means significant investments in hardware and software component in the case of IaaS, not to mention services PaaS and SaaS. It is important to bear in mind that a platform for cloud computing consist of both software needed for the platform, and from the computing components that pretty quickly amortized. The expectation is that

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WHEN I JOINED THE family mannequin business in 1976, all the other companies were doing very ladylike and elegant mannequins. So we sprayed ours out in high-gloss colors. We went where someone else wasn’t, and that became the design philosophy of Pucci from there on out.

I LOOK FOR PIECES that are unique, simple, timeless and, most importantly, that have soul. I don’t look for furniture that’s been mass-produced; I look for special pieces that have been touched

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At the moment fans of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, for those who are fond of cold steel, there is a great opportunity to choose a knife to taste. The first question that arises when choosing a product — quality steel blade. Hardened steel has the property that the hardness and elasticity within certain limits are inversely related. The hardness (wear) of the blade should be large enough that the product will not soon blunted, but not excessive, otherwise it will chip or break the cutting edge of the blade. With all the richness of domestic steel, the most suitable

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Mafell S 25 / S 50 М

Конструктивно модели схожи, различаются только объёмом контейнера для сбора пыли — 25 и 50 л соответственно. Как следствие, есть отличия в габаритах и весе аппаратов. S 25 М и S 50 М оборудованы розеткой для подключения электроинструмента, есть функция синхронного старта. Кстати, верхняя часть корпуса пылесоса служит площадкой, на которую можно положить инструмент во время перерыва в работе. В комплект входят 4-метровый всасывающий шланг и сетевой шнур длиной 8 м. Таким образом, диапазон действия пылесоса очень широкий.

Два режима работы позволяют собирать сухой мусор, а также негорючие и неопасные жидкости. Во влажном режиме уборки объём удалённых отходов несколько меньше —

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What do Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Peter the Great?

MODERN neuropsychiatrist would do anything to get rid of these great people from diseases that helped them go down in history

Disease prophets

Three great conqueror, by which (at least partly) developed by Time-Western culture and modern borders of Europe, had something in common. All three nature endowed disease, which in ancient times was considered sacred — epilepsy. «The Alexander the Great had epileptic seizures, likely as a result of injuries received in battle — says neurologist Alexander Himochko. — Uncontrollable rage into which he fell from time to time, apparently, was a consequence of the disease. In epilepsy sometimes

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