Czech Republic: Mysteries and discoveries

Pyrotechnics and special effects PYROFEST, LOG 250 kroons.

Until now, Russian as a foreign language is very popular in schools, moreover, to a certain degree in fashion! No, it certainly is not the love of the language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Just chat on it for the Czech youth a kind of code, possibly with the older generation talk about their stay and unappreciated.

We, the tourists, it was very helpful.

ROUNDABOUT start acquaintance with Prague, I decided to walk through the city center from the Wenceslas Square, looking into the lanes and gradually moving towards the Charles Bridge. Vaclav

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Four Periodic Table of Elements

The concept "chemical element" He formulated in 1661 by Robert Boyle (1627-1691 gg.). He determined that it "substance which decomposed into constituent parts". Over the past 350 years, the development of the natural sciences, especially chemistry and nuclear physics, to clarify the meaning of this concept.

Current knowledge about chemical elements allows the following to determine the content of this concept:

Chemical element — a collection of atoms (nucleons, electrons, superatomic) having the same number of nucleons (electrons, magnetron, atoms), possessing the identical set of properties (degree of oxidation reduction potential, the radius of the charge, the type of crystal

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Lucy in the Sky.

RS встретился с Родионом Газмановым, сыном народного артиста Олега Михайловича Газманова, чтобы узнать, мешает ли ему сегодня в развитии музыкальной карьеры эхо крепко засевшего в памяти людей знаменитого хита 80-х «Люси», который принес ему тогда оглушительный успех, какую музыку он делает сейчас и насколько важен в жизни характер.

Со времен «Люси» прошло больше 20 лет. Расскажи, когда ты решил вновь заняться музыкальным творчеством и уйти из большого бизнеса?

Совсем плотно я работаю с группой с сентября прошлого года. А немного раньше мы начали писать альбом. Мне очень приятно делать сюрпризы слушателям, которые попадают на наши концерты. Многие подходят после выступления,

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Four out of four

BEST YOUNG TECHNOLOGY, members of the school organization of VOIR gather in Moscow for the traditional Week SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STUDENTS who spend the Komsomol Central Committee, USSR Ministry of Education, CA VOIR and NTO USSR.

This year, four young craftsmen showed each other their work, familiar with working adults on display in the Exhibition Center, visited the Research Institute. editors of popular magazines.

We will talk only about the top four of four works by young.

Chairman of the Board of foremen ninth-Salavat Begus spoke about the council voir secondary school number 7 of Leninabad. Practical training takes place

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SONY four sides of the world

Exposure SONY Professional Solution Europe at ISE 2013 has been issued with a minimum of design refinements, with a maximum of open space and informative. The island location of the stand allowed to divide it into four adjacent areas: this AV solutions for retail, corporate sector, educational institutions and home use.

In the area of ​​equipment for retail, among others, were presented three classic series projector VPL-F for installation. One of them is designed for portrait installation, which in itself is remarkable. The other two (models VLP-FH31 and VLP-FH36) worked in the mode of linking the image with the included

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EC-256 MGO

There’s a lot of competition at the budget end of the buying spectrum, especially when you’re looking at classic designs. Marcus Leadley samples a fine contender for you hard-earned cash

Back in 1996, Japanese guitar maker ESP decided to expand in a big way into the lower-cost end of the electric market. The company already had a profile as a supplier of serious thrash metal ordnance to the glitterati of the day – bands such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer – so a new brand, LTD, was launched as the home for these new, price-friendly models.


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Ink stains

Discover the art of divination, which is available to all and does not require significant costs.

Answers to all questions are to ourselves. But the problem is that we do not know the right questions to ask yourself as often incorrectly formulate them. How to be? How to turn the tide in their favor? It’s very simple — to start asking yourself the right questions and answer them. Referring to the oracle and making predictions for yourself or for other people, we must always respect the basic principles of the art of divination. The more simple method of divination we

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Lt Col Donald S. Bryan

In early July 1943, I, along with 20,000 other young men, set sail aboard the Queen Elizabeth bound for war-torn England. After five quick days of zigzagging across the Atlantic avoiding stealthy German U-boats, we arrived at our new home. The 352nd Fighter Group was assigned to Bodney, a huge grass field with no runways. Cross-wind landings were a thing of the past, as we could now take off and land into the wind every time.

Our P-47s began to trickle in and arrive at Bodney, and soon all aircraft were present and accounted for. It felt good to get

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Odd and even, or mathematics for a walk

Pre-school age

Learn to read and familiarize themselves with the mathematical laws are not necessarily in the class as a group. You can do this by playing. For example, for a walk.

There are games that allow children to get an idea of ​​the even and odd numbers. During the game it is not necessary to report that the numbers can be divided according to the principle «even and odd.» It is enough that the children will learn the principle.

One foot — two feet

All are playing in a circle or line up. (Line up is possible, if the

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Baker’s dozen

In the TV series adaptation of the structure on a literal level, and at the stage of an idea or concept of the phenomenon is not surprising. Even if a big Hollywood movie has never been shy of borrowing, then why not do it on small screens? Especially if the rights of creators are protected, and to adapt the working team of serious writers. Thus, in recent years, the American channels «moved» respected by critics and loved by audiences «Murder», «At Home Among Strangers,» and many others. And what we have? After the breakthrough of television «Iron Curtain» on national

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