Loving these Sweethearts

In resurrecting the Sweetheart brand, there were high hopes for Stanley. But with the Premium planes, while the No.4 smoother was by and large a good plane if lacking finesse in a couple of areas, the block plane was a different kettie of lobsters, suffering from some pretty poor engineering throughout which the initial design stages as well as quality control should have picked up.

So now the vintage 750 socket chisels are back in the range, and I am a little apprehensive. Having been sent a set of eight to have a look at, ranging from 1/8in to 1/4in

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Human incompatibility

What unites the film such stories? Perhaps — well guessed the essence of the important features of our lives. After all subjects relating to virtually all the major «trend» of modern -deneg, sex and psychic abilities. Only they are presented with caustic adjusted to our reality.

WORLD KREPEZhA.Esche at the beginning of the last century, Maxim Gorky once said: «It is not always important, they say, but it is always important — as they say.» In this phrase, he foresaw the great one of the main technological methods of modern «salespeople» — no matter what you sell, as long as

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Jim Madden, Thomas Jacques

Uses humor not just to rub your inexperience in, but also to make light of awkward situations when you’ve g’ot nothing1 better to cook but instant noodles. This comedy cookbook helps salvage whatever culinary skills you may have, pairing each recipe with a song 1 dedication, and an unusual fixation for ’80s pop music and hair bands.


It’s the musical

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A man with your face. Doppelgangers.

Like it or not, people are surrounded by clouds of a variety of fears. They are born with us — the baby is not yet know how to laugh, but is capable of experiencing fear. Some nightmares unabated, accompany us since the dawn then, suddenly other updated, growing out of nowhere and suddenly becoming horror of our time. A relatively new character in the gallery frightening creatures became doppelganger.

Behind this strange thing we should thank the German Romantics; from there, from Germany, and takes her name (it. Doppelganger — double). But the concept of «doppelganger» means slightly more than

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Man of Marble

Life Karl Marx was like an adventure novel!

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that Karl Marx was a real person. For us it has long turned into a marble statue of a man with a strong head of hair, beard and large features. However, in the life of the founder of Marxism it was not at all like a marble monument.

Parents of the future philosopher were ethnic Jews, and belonged to a very noble rabbinic leave. But Heinrich Marx, later, and all his children, moved to Lutheranism in order to make a career lawyer in the city of Trier.

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Looking for the enemy.

Co-ordinating close air support (CAS) operations or operations against small targets from medium altitudes are key roles for Airborne Forward Air Controllers. The A FAC specialises in finding small targets and guiding other jets to them — and the air war in Kosovo has shown, once again, how effective this role can be within the US armed forces.

From the cockpit of the fighter-bomber flying above the battlefield it is difficult for the crew to identify the warring factions and their intended targets. Scoring a direct hit is obviously the objective, but even with precision guided weapons this can be

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Private management in Russia — History of the Future

Why Russia will destroy all the competitors in the reindeer herding business

I’m trying to help you, so I want to get something in return. I want you to help me get Russian citizenship (and still — to marry a smart, kind and beautiful Russian girl). You may ask, why do I need it? You see, I am absolutely sure that when herders in some European countries, as well as New Zealand, learn what I teach you here, and as called for, they instantly deprive me the vice-presidency of the FEDFA and kicked out of the organization. However, Russia still

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What do women desire?

18 inventions that would change our lives.

1. Home navigator. You say to him: "Where are my glasses?". Well, or the keys to the apartment … And he answers: "Turn left, turn right, and now rummage in the cupboard".

2. teleporter that is not stuck in traffic jams on the way to work and back.

3. Food from which do not get fat, or a harmless pill, from which grow thin.

4. Handbag backlit.

5. Remedy against the growth of hair. Tonsured, smeared — and hairstyle to «freeze». Do you want to change it — washed a special little water,

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Looking Through My Logbooks

A record of an aviation life

TUCKED AWAY in A drawer, or a box, or carried with us on every flight is something that all pilots from Lindbergh to the newest Young Eagle share. A pilot logbook. Logbooks may be utilitarian records required to meet FAA requirements for training and currency, but for some, they can be so much more.

Early pilots recorded their flight time in minutes. Perhaps the flights were so short that minutes were a better representation of their experience. By the time I made my first entry, tenths of an hour were the accepted means of

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Looking for strange new worlds

SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets)

While telescopes like Kepler cost hundreds of millions of dollars, planet hunting doesn’t require a fortune to succeed. One such project is SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets), which at a cost of just half a million dollars has found over 100 planets outside our Solar System. SuperWASP has two robotic observatories, one on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands and the other in South Africa. Each has eight lenses backed by high-quality CCDs to monitor stars and search for new worlds.

“We can’t compete with [the programmes] that find small

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