Treasures of the Renaissance and masterpieces of modern art, which were kept in closed-end funds, moved into a museum owned by the industrialists and oil tycoons. Where and what to look for, I found Marina Nadeeva.

Shigaraki, JAPAN


Designed by the award winner of Prittserovskoy Yuming Pei MIHO Museum is located in the mountains of Shigaraki south of Lake Biwa. According to the architect, the repository of ancient treasures, which belong to the owner of the textile group Mihoko Koyama, was to be the likeness of a fairytale castle with the hall of heavenly bodies, and the lobby

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Looking for antimatter

“All About Space” talks to Jim Bickford of Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts, who found a belt of antimatter naturally occurring around Earth in one of our planet’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Scientists have spent billions building colliders that make a few micrograms of antimatter, yet you’ve found it around the Earth. How does it get there?

Antimatter forms when atomic particles travelling near the speed of light collide with one another and convert their energy of motion into matter. If they are travelling fast enough, a process called pair production creates a regular particle and its antiparticle by converting the kinetic

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Chickens, baked in a pumpkin

You will need: 1 medium-sized pumpkin, two small chicken 50 g rice in bags for cooking 500 grams of apples and plums, 2-3 onions, 3 tablespoons butter, salt, olives, greens.

Take a ripe pumpkin. Thoroughly flush it, preferably with a brush. Cut off the top and put it aside for a moment. With a spoon remove the pumpkin seeds and some of the pulp. Prepared for cooking chicken, wash, pat dry with paper towels, and season with salt, cut in half each of chicken, fry on all sides in hot butter until golden brown. Now take another pan, heat 1

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In the process of further improvement of military communication systems the most important, according to foreign experts, is to achieve greater reliability of the transmission of information and secrecy in the conditions of use of electronic warfare and weapons of all kinds. In addition, while ensuring high reliability communications equipment increased requirements for timeliness and flexibility of communication, mobility channeling funds. All this may be achieved by increasing the stability of the communication system, its degree of integration and automation processes management.

The reliability of the communication system is mainly determined by technical solutions underlying the design of its elements,


Digital capacitance meter.

This device is an analog device, converted into a more compact version of the battery-powered. He has 8 years used to repair TVs and showed itself at its best. The instrument used in CMOS chips that have many «gathering dust» in the old stocks. This, and the use of the LCD display IZHTS5-4 / 8 allowed to bring the device current consumption to 10 mA and nourish it from the battery «Krona». Unit dimensions (with a few tricks) allow to place it in the body of the meter «D-830» or the like.

On DA1 and DA2 chips assembled converter «capacity-time»

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Looking beyond the core area.

The exploration of Mughal Gardens has largely focused on the gardens in the cities of Agra, Delhi, Lahore and Srinagar and additionally those that are found in their place of their origin in erstwhile Persia. The four cities mentioned were at the core of the Mughal Empire at the time, not only geographically, but culturally too and it is only natural that the best and most representative examples would be found here.

The Mughal garden falls within the greater Islamic tradition of Char Bagh garden building (Richards, 1992). This Islamic garden type of the char bagh is also to be

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Qigong and harmony in family life

Go Shaodun

Violation of the sexual relationship between husband and wife is one of the main reasons for family breakdown. Very often, impotence, rapid ejaculation, frigidity, pain during intercourse, and so on. E. Lead to divorce. Catching the treatment of various chronic diseases, we studied these diseases, and used for the integrated treatment of Qigong. The results were there, many families were waiting for a long time the children have found their happiness. Here are some specific methods of qigong therapy.

1. Nurturing the original in a sitting position

Sit cross-legged on a hard, flat surface (men right foot is

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We go from stock red to racin’ while this month on our TE449

This has been a great month on the TE449 and I have a heap of photos to show what we’ve been up to. We’ve done a lot of riding that included three epic rides on some prime trails. We’ve also made our first real changes to the ТЕ with a heap of genuine parts and the Husqvama Racing Kit that’s available for both the 449 and 511.

The riding has been a mixed bag in terms of weather and that’s partly what made the rides so good.

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Digital transmission systems IKM120

Improved operational process control in railway transport and introduction for this purpose electronic computing require a qualitative change in communications. One of the ways this is the introduction of digital transmission systems (DSP) with a pulse code modulation (PCM). They soon completely replace the analog system.

In many countries the railways widespread PCM30 system is used mainly for the organization of the trunk between the PBX. IKM120 system is just beginning to be used in railway communications network for the organization and the main road connections. Its widespread adoption of still constrained by a number of unresolved problems such as

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Bowens Gemini 400Rx Kit

To relieve the transportation issues that I’ve been experiencing with the large size of the kit bag and the lack of rolling wheels, i have resorted to stashing the contents of the kit in a rolling luggage bag. This is less than ideal as it doesn’t offer the same cushioning or protection as the Bowens carry pack provides, but does allow me to transport the kit from home to my shooting locations easily. Having used the kit for a few months, I can now set it up in under a couple of minutes and there’s barely

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