Digital self-test.

Every year the number of cars equipped with electronic engine management system and transmission. To diagnose these systems developed and widely used various scanners and personal computers. However, at present in Russia remains in operation about 12 million so-called classic cars with carburetor fuel system and electronic or mechanical ignition switch. For such vehicles do not diagnostic systems. The system adjusts the ignition electrician «by eye» of the engine knocking. The best characteristics of centrifugal and vacuum regulators ignition timing can be checked on the scan stand. But for that distributor should be removed from the vehicle, which creates some

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CEM, ready to take away anything on the maxi-mum price.

Well, if you absolutely under-bake — and look to kill, scored all the way, and return home Th-cut half of the continent is not ho-chetsya — vospol-Call can be one of two kinds of divine intervention. It porting television as WHO possibilities of near-me-hundred events — to the near Shem corresponding altar-type guide.

Everyone chooses his move to your liking.

I like to jump (in the flying birds do not stick

— Just can not catch up), although, of course, I had to examine the levitation

— You know, the house Telvanni oblige: we have not decided to do in

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Long Sighted


Nikon’s new autofocus 800mm super tele embodies a lot of current lens technology to enhance both its performance and handling. Report by Paul Burrows.

Super tele photos don’t come up for testing all that often, firstly because they’re fairly specialized and secondly because just about every example that rolls off the production line already has somebody’s name on it. We’ve seen a few over the decades, but basically they’re a rarity and, if ever made available for evaluation, usually come with conditions… in this case, having just a day to

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Central Tibet — FIRST STEPS

Himself flight lasted just over an hour and passed without incident. We took off to the left on the board (try to sit on this side) passed shrouded in clouds of Everest (or, as it is called in Tibet Chomolungma, which means «Mother of the Snows»). Enjoy spectacular views of different mountains and lakes of the porthole, down along the valley of the Brahmaputra River, landed at the airport Gongar. Immediately felt the altitude — 3,600 meters above sea level, the thin air caused a slight feeling of weightlessness and vertigo. It took several careful and picky searches various Chinese

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Магазин уникальных статей TEXTNET.RU


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London 2012

The London Olympics are under starter’s orders. On 6 July 2005 it was announced in Singapore by the International Olympic Committee that London would host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, from 27 July to 12 August. The capital is the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously hosted the sporting spectacle in 1908 and 1948.

The past seven years have seen the Lea Valley and Stratford in London’s East End transform into the Olympic Zone, with a melange of venues – some permanent, some temporary – that will host the sporting action (see next two

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Whole and part — two sides of the same system

Round table discussion on mixed martial arts turned out not less hot than some fighting in «the octagon» …

Ed .: Dmitry, in the last issue we talked about Dmitry Leonidovich mixed martial arts. Since You are not only a representative of the Russian Union of MMA in the Far East, but the director of the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration, I want to ask you is how Pankration Federation helps or perhaps, on the contrary hinders the development of amateur MMA? DA .: skates more than 10 years in the Far East, there is Pankration Federation, and during

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Blooming gardens Kulunda steppe

Kulundinskie steppes are known for high yields, but less well known here and enemies of crops — dry winds, against which the collective and state farms lay shelterbelts.

Tree saplings of forest trees for this purpose grow Chistoozernoe plodopitomnichesky farm, Novosibirsk region. Initially, it was nursery. But since 1948 its staff grow trees of fruit crops. They reasoned: if there are growing elm and maple, why can not bloom and bear fruit apple tree?

Enthusiasts were among workers and professionals. Agronomists Koenig MD and ND Romanenko gave new cause of all the free time. Many have made tireless hands of

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Artists countries — festival.

Moscow in festive attire preparing for the opening of the XII World Forum of Youth and Students. Moscow artists, masters of fine art of the Soviet Union developed the sketches of posters and banners, posters, souvenir badges, souvenirs, design projects of public buildings, streets and squares. After decorating the city should bear the ideological and political charge.

Particular attention is paid to the festive appearance of the Leninsky district of the city, its main thoroughfare of the Komsomol prospectus, which will be held on the column of demonstrators. Then — the Luzhniki sports center of the festival.

An extensive cultural

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What you need: A thick natural yoghurt — 250 ml, curd cream cheese without additives -150 g Garlic — 2-3 cloves, herbs — 50 g, cucumber — 1-2 pcs., Lemon — 1/2 pcs., Salt and spices to taste.


1. Cucumber wash, dry cloth and finely chop. You can grate cucumber grated. If gorchat cucumbers, cut them from the skin. Put the shredded cucumber on paper towels and blot to get rid of excess juice.

2. Green rinse under running water, then pat dry and chop. It is best to use aromatic herbs (basil, cilantro, mint).

3 cloves

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