Water Quality and Health

Water quality is an extremely important concept in fish keeping, as deviations from ideal conditions can lead to direct or indirect damage to fish. By maintaining good water quality you can therefore keep your fish healthy & in top condition.

Water Quality Requirements Most fish keepers are aware of the need for maintaining certain water quality standards, in order to keep their fish healthy. Deviations from these requirements can lead to stress, physical damage, and eventually ill-health. For the purposes of keeping fish, it is perhaps useful to think of water quality in two parts — basic requirements and specific

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WaveJamr works, as long as you don’t expect too much.


Teach an old dock new tricks

When Apple introduced the Lightning connector to late-model iOS devices, it left a lot of orphans. For years, accessory makers have been building speaker docks using the 30-pin Dock Connector. With WaveJamr, you can convert your old dock to Bluetooth, and get some more life out of your gadgets.

WaveJamr is incredibly simple. Plug it in to your speaker dock, and the Bluetooth receiver automatically goes into pairing mode. Enter «0000» to pair with WaveJamr and you’re ready to rock. There’s

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Waste Not, Want Not


There is a free lunch! On September 19, Tristram Stuart will feed 5,000 New Yorkers a free lunch, using ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. Stuarts tasty meal (really!), known as “Feeding the 5000,” serves to highlight the fact that each year 1.3 billion tons, at least one-third of all food produced, is wasted. He has put on similar events in cities from London to Nairobi, including items like mango smoothies and potato curry. As a teenager growing up in England, Stuart collected more

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WASP_17b is a huge planet, twice the size of Jupiter that orbits a yellow-white dwarf star similar to the Sun, around 1,000 light years from Earth. It’s considered a ‘hot Jupiter’ due to the extreme proximity of its orbit with its parent star. It has a density around half that of Jupiter and has one of the lowest known densities of all the planets. It’s a combination of the baking heat it endures as well as the tidal forces of its nearby host star’s gravity, which is suspected to have caused WASP_17b to inflate to its enormous size

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Wartime in the Vale

The summer hasn’t exactly been spectacular this year and late June set the tone for the rest of the year with heavy rain causing widespread disruption and even cancellations for many a show up and down the country. On this particular occasion I attended two shows that fell on the same weekend, firstly the Yorkshire Wartime Experience on the Saturday (show report coming soon) and the Wartime in the Vale show on the Sunday. As it turned out the Saturday would have been the better of the two days to attend Wartime in the Vale because heavy overnight rain saw

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When Hailey Cavill and Tyrone Jaspers decided on a tree change, it was Warburton’s artistic community, 75-minute commute time to Melbourne and nearby trout-fishing streams that beckoned. They started to question their needs and wants after being «underwhelmed» by existing houses on the market, deciding instead to build from scratch. For the couple, who originally met in 2000 when Hailey rented a house owned and built by Tyrone in Port Melbourne, their Warburton abode was their first joint building project.

An Internet search uncovered an overgrown but intriguing 1.5-hectare block with a spring running through it that played host to

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Warbirds & Warriors.

World War II was a singular happening in the world’s history and, although it is fading in history’s stream, its men and machines live on in film and pixels.

Aces All.

Captains Obie O’Brien and Bud Anderson listen to Don Bochkay describe his latest aerial encounter. All three were aces and belonged to the 363rd FS, 357th FG. During WW II, the public relations machine worked overtime putting photos like this in papers across the U.S. to aid in bond drives. Today they are invaluable historical documents. O’Brien finished the War with seven victories, Anderson 16.25 and Bochkay 13.83.


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War Stories

Before NASA, John Glenn was a Marine pilot

John Glenn is the kind of pilot who makes it home. The world held its breath on Feb. 20,1962, as he reentered the atmosphere after circling the Earth three times. There was an indication that the heat shield on his Mercury capsule Friendship 7 wasn’t attached properly, threatening a tragic end to the first U.S. orbital human spaceflight, but he got home safely. Glenn attracted less attention in 1953, when an antiaircraft shell blew a hole in the tail of his F9F Panther over Korea (see photo), one of 12 times his

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War Monthly


Subscription rates:

For 1 2 months:

UK and Eire £6.10

US and Canada $18

Other countries £8.50

These prices include shipping and handling. Be sure to state from which number you wish your subscription to begin.

UK. Eire and other countries Orders should be sent with payment to Subscriptions Department. Marshall Cavendish Ltd.. 58 Old Compton St. London W1V 5PA. Overseas subscriptions will be sent by surface mail from England US and Canada

Orders should be sent with payment to War Monthly, 58 Old Compton St., London W1V 5PA.

We regret to have to advise readers that Issues

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War in Europe.

Regrettably, with an the diplomatic efforts exhausted, NATO finally took military action against Yugoslavia (see Fragile Peace in Kosovo, April, p4) on Wednesday, March 24. US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke made a last-ditch attempt to secure peace when he met with Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade on March 22, but an agreement could not be reached and two days later the NATO air raids commenced.

NATO has amassed a huge armada of aircraft in Italy. Many of them were initially grouped there as part of Operation Deliberate Forge in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1199 (passed on

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