LMAASA Flies First AT-63 Pampa

LOCKHEED MARTIN Aircraft Argentina SA (LMAASA) performed the first flight test of the AT-63 Pampa at its facility in Cordoba, Argentina, on June 23. This demonstrator for the new Pampa configuration, converted from third prototype EX-03, was first rolled out at Cordoba on December 15 last year, and has since successfully completed all necessary ground tests, culminating in the first flight. This new-generation Pampa advanced trainer and light attack aircraft provides for easier maintenance and better airframe stability than the earlier variant, having an upgraded cockpit and digital avionics suite, plus MIL-STD-1553B data bus architecture and advanced mission computers with

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Well prepared for the opening of hunting

Not long left to wait for the coveted summer-autumn hunting on a feather. Passed during the breeding season. Growing up young upland, waterfowl and other game birds.

Due to the warm winter in the wintering grounds, returned home more than in 1970, aquatic and marsh game. Good traction Woodcock showed that with this kind of thing is well. Many wood pigeons flew.

Now, while young is not got no wing, especially the need to provide him rest in forests, ponds and around them. We must remember how much damage does broods capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, ducks and even a frequent

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Edged weapons holy

It seems everyone has got used if the action-game is the first person — a shooter. Naughty thrust to the whole shoot lots tires. How I would like pofehtovat, expecting gunfire in the back … This idea permeated the young Spanish company Rebel Act Studios, which decided to please us toy Blade, — 3D, no worse than any of the "Q killers"But without the shotgun.

For a game that provides free switching between "view from the eye" and an outer chamber, will be the main Fencing

Iё1 Yb ^ # ‘_ ^^^^ W occupation. And in order not to offend

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llford Obscura 5x4in pin-hole

I DISCOVERED the llford Obscura 5x4in pin-hole camera by accident a few months ago. I was looking at articles on the web about Focus on Imaging and found a short video about it.’

I contacted llford and was sent an Obscura for review. As soon as it arrived I started to use it. The Obscura takes just one piece of film at a time and you need a changing bag if you wish to shoot any other images while you are out in the field. However, this is not too much of a problem, as the camera is simplicity itself

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Housekeeping tip

And do not forget the vinegar!

When my refrigerator is always at the end wipe containers and shelves with a cloth dipped in vinegar (9%). This ensures that the products stay fresh longer, and in the refrigerator will not start mold.

Know how to tube

Many are accustomed to deal with clogged in the pipe by means of soda and vinegar. I prompt an alternative way. Take dishwashing detergent and liquid bleach containing chlorine. Mix in a ratio of 1: 1, pour the mixture into the drain and leave for 3-4 hours. Dishwashing detergent dissolve fat deposited on the walls

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Living on Mars.

We look at the challenges Martian colonies would face and the exciting possibility of making Mars a home.

Mars is the easiest planet for us to visit, explore and colonise. It is the nearest planet to us and has a thin atmosphere composed of 95.3 per cent carbon dioxide. A Martian day is 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than an Earth day and temperatures average about -65 degrees Celsius (-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Besides the cold, the Martian surface receives twice the radiation levels experienced at the International Space Station (ISS). You’ll feel lighter on Mars as its gravity is

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The Road to Calvary.

Tatiana Nefedova — Hereditary amateur beekeeper. Bees started even her father. Until 1990, he held the hives in the garden area. In force at the time the law permits it to do, and the authorities even called gardeners beekeeping. But every year it increasingly difficult to protect beehives from thieves, and all the neighbors demand to remove the bees, on the grounds that they allegedly sting, especially children. So whether it was in fact, is now difficult to establish. When the robbery and sidelong glances of neighbors was impossible to endure, Nefedova bee family moved to the infield in the

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Bread — a head

While working on the article, not just want to change the title, but — «… from the song words can not erase …» and here — better than we have said, will not say.

Frozen foods on duty do with the 90s: in my eyes happened literally becoming the market in our country.

As a child I remember in Moscow in Soviet supermarket display cases — dumplings «Ostankino», frozen fish, ice cream, «48 cents.» Implementation of ice cream for the most part carried out in tents and stalls throughout the city.

Unfortunately, today, many commodity subgroups in the frozen business

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Living in Synapses.

An understand contemporary form, in an evolving residential neighborhood of Bengaluru, is the new home for the Peeti family. Architecture Paradigm designs articulate synapses within its 7000 square foot maintaining a conservative and veiled detachment towards the streetscape.

The 60 foot by 90 foot plot is accessed from the east and the internal zoning also reflects complete vast compliance, says architect Sandeep Jain, one of the three partners at Architecture Paradigm. The clients — Reetu and Shailender — approached the firm to design a new home for them and their two teenage daughters, Praachi and Anmol. The clients readily accepted

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Theft of weapons and ammunition

Theft of firearms and ammunition pose an increased threat to public safety. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. Usually such unlawful acts committed by armed assaults on guards, patrols, escorts; theft of weapons and ammunition left unattended during exercises, shooting and other locations of personnel; assignment gunmen got it for office use, as well as financially responsible, and officials in charge of its preparation, storage and delivery.

In order to prevent these violations is important to clearly comply with all instructions on accounting, storage and distribution of small arms and ammunition. Their storage is inadmissible

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