Chemicalization-essential condition lifting gardening

The greater efficacy of organic and mineral fertilizers in orchards discussed in previous articles issue of our magazine. However, this subject is inexhaustible, it is necessary to highlight, using the experience of many scientific institutions in relation to the different soil and climatic zones.

In the 20 years of experience Mleevskoy Horticulture Research Station (Cherkasy region, Ukrainian SSR) on loam leached chernozems in the annual application of mineral udobreniy- 60 kilograms of NPK per hectare, in 12 years of fruiting apple varieties Pepinka Lithuanian yield increased by 114% (119 centners of apples per hectare), when fertilizing manure (40 tons every

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Living for today

A Bryn Mawr couple forgoes the traditional for an eco-friendly place to call home. By TaraBehan

Chris and Sandy Ross’ Bryn Mawr home is unlike any other on the street. It’s a rare example of new construction in a neighborhood and also had eco-friendly concerns.

But while the house is certainly unique, it’s far from an eyesore: architect Anthony Miksitz took the established neighborhood into consideration with the contemporary design.

Non traditional elements came by way of sustainable materials-like the black recycled-paper siding on the garage and a honey-colored version that covers the house. The contrasting colors make an impressive

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Summertime is here; the fish are jumpin’ and the junks arc sailin’. So what could possibly be better than spending a lazy afternoon with friends and family exploring Hong Kong’s 300-plus islands on a boat? Yes, we agree: nothing. The only thing that can make this experience any more perfect is a delicious spread and an exquisitely nautical table setting.

Use pretty white, blue and red crockery with simple stripes; for a subtle look, combine these with soft greys. Get creative and use Inside’s waffle towels as table linen — you can use them to dry off after that essential

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Surgery future

Nikolay Milanov plastic surgeon, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, Professor, Director of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of the First MGMU them. Sechenov.

Almost all the plastic surgeries that we do now, have been developed in the early twentieth century. Those new that appeared recently — only slightly more advanced varieties. For instance, the development of technology, surgeons were able to handle loops at comparable power microscopes. It has become easier, but the essence has not changed. Plastic surgery is conservative, and that’s fine, because it insures us against hasty methods.

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Cabin Uncle Ron

Cavedog 1995 — 2000

"All Dogs Go to Heaven"

That’s the epitaph is engraved on the erected fans tombstone over the body of a charming dog with terrible jaws, a company logo, for five years maddening gaming community, the company that produced the blockbuster Total Annihilation, and — most importantly in this case — which hosted the first fugitive from LucasArts, God games and a living legend Ron Gilbert.

Ron Gilbert. It was he who in 1992, along with Shelley Day, a professional fugitive from EA, Accolade and all the same suffering LucasArts ("Theater is not present! Salary!"- Urged Shelly

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Herman Koch


The table talk two bourgeois families can open a dirty secret SHOULD Dutch writer’s novel, published in the publishing house «ABC»

I do not know who first complained to the Director of the school or the students parents. Be that as it may, one day, I was called on the carpet. The director, a man of the old school, was a rare instance by today’s standards: the head with a side parting, crowning brown suit «herringbone».

I’ve heard complaints about the content of the lessons of history, he said. inviting me to sit on the only chair in front

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The Giannonis show us what teamwork really is about, in this airy, artsy apartment that combines their passions and interests.

“The challenge was to prevent the space becoming boxy. The guest rooms have double doors which slide open for a spacious feel ” says Jenny Newton.

Danilo Giannoni paints in many colours, and green is definitely one of them. The jovial artist, photographer and jewellery designer ushers us into his apartment with a hearty welcome, liberally sprinkled with offerings of food and assurances that “my home is your home”, in a true display of Italian hospitality. The home in question

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When you want ultimate MIDI control, sometimes you have to venture off the beaten track.

Livid Instruments is a US-based developer of controller hardware and software and its latest release is Base, a touch- and pressure-sensitive control surface that aims to provide adventurous users with a totally configurable, hands-on MIDI device that can be adapted to any task. Made mostly of metal yet lightweight, it has no moving parts and so is fairly safe to throw in a backpack on the way to a gig. It feels sturdy and well made, and powers via a single USB connection through which

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Enough to save Connor!

Savior did not come.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us to be afraid of such news. «Terminator» — the suffering in the motion picture fantasy: some parts of it contradict the other, and together they are not joined with the series’ Battle for the future. » The trouble is that no leader kinoserii-like creator George Lucas and Peter Jackson, who represented himself to the big picture and led her incarnation. Demiurge «Terminator» James Cameron has long their child is not engaged, the universe passes from hand to hand, and each new owner turns it on its own. Of course, films about

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«Charon» returns the names of the heroes

In Russia there are places where the land mines and shells pitted, keeps the remains of those who for nearly seven decades ago, defended our right to a free life. When you step on it, you feel what the price went to Victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the statistics of the fallen and missing — hundreds of thousands of mothers, wives, sisters, and that was not to learn the fate of their loved one.

On the eve of the anniversary of the victory in the country undergo Memory Watch and the solemn ceremonies at the disposal of the

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