Duck hunting

Once upon a time, when there were no guns in the world, charged shot for hunting birds with the network. And what else? Get into a flying duck boom is not just contrived to Robin Hood! But choosing the right time and place, it was possible to throw a small square network covering prey from above. However, certainly already autumn campaign on the duck was a time of light sadness and philosophical reflection. This is the best cure for heartache, unrequited love, and sometimes the most opportune moment to rethink his life. I can already hear reproaches and curses of

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Accelerate Debugging Linux-based devices using JTAG in-circuit debugging


Traditionally, debugging systems based on Embedded Linux require collaboration of software and hardware — JTAG-tools for putting the equipment into operation, and decisions based on the debug agents for development programs. These tools are often solved the main problems, but were not intended to develop an integrated Linux.

Wind River has changed the way that developers can debug the Linux, combining traditional means of JTAG-debug hardware with configuring the kernel Linux, patch management, as well as develop, debug and analyze applications of user level in a single tool environment (IDE), known as Wind River Workbench . This functionality allows

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We were already smitten with the Libratone Zipp. Not only can you dress it up in brightly coloured Italian wool covers, this AirPlay speaker now also supports Android streaming via DLNA.

The ability to change the Zipp’s cover is still our favourite feature. It’s fun, and adds a splash of colour to the sea of grayscale that dominates the market. You get three covers with every unit.

Quirky design pays off

The upright cylindrical shape of the Zipp is another unusual take on speaker design. And it’s about more than just style: it’s essential for delivering the 360-degree sound

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LG 50PH660V £630

This plasma is the cheapest TV on test, and unfortunately, it feels it. For a start, it looks cumbersome, all thick shiny black plastic and chunky stand.

It is at least the only TV on test to include a satellite as well as an aerial input — a real plus point if you have an old Sky dish you don’t use any more.

So, down to business. We’ve seen plenty of strong plasmas this year, with particular strengths in black levels and contrast. Yet this is where the 660V is weakest. Even when calibrated, the performance from the Freeview HD

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Disappointment … That is the bitter feeling when you realize that the old idols do not correspond to your idea of ​​them (and perhaps never matched), when you suddenly hear music in their performance, which is completely contrary to what they were doing before, or simply do not express themselves without touching your soul absolutely no strings. In the life of music lovers to experience such frustration can occur quite frequently. But what is the background of profound changes taking place with musical groups? Why people are executed once profound, complex, interesting music, suddenly begin to play once outspoken pop

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Lever Action Perfection

It wasn’t particularly cold the November morning 1 was creeping around in the ice-damaged, grape-tangled timber, so I wasn’t wearing gloves when the big 7-pointer came crashing out of the thicket 50 yards down the ridge below me. As he charged through the trees I swung on him like I would a grouse and slapped the trigger, the heavy slug smacking him a hair behind where the neck and shoulder meet. He turned a beautiful forward flip as I quickly worked the lever, never losing the sight picture. He was stone dead lie-fore the ejected brass hit the leaves and

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Catch the last 7 days

So imagine living a normal life, learn, work, go on dates. Rejoice in the mirror. But a week later loomed megavazhnoe event. And you jumped pimple face was dull and languid blue under the eyes. Take urgent measures.

We offer to make some targeted killings of nouveau trouble.

Dim complexion

The first thing that comes to mind to solve this problem, — massage, beauticians and agree with us. After all, the main reason for unhealthy complexion — congestion, and for the improvement of such a procedure could not be better suited. Do traditional massage courses in 10 procedures, but in

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To accelerate the pace of development of the village radio service.

The Soviet people greeted his native XX Congress of the Communist Party as a great historic event in the life of our country. Nationwide socialist competition, which developed in the country after the XX Congress of the Communist Party, promoted a new upsurge of the entire national economy, labor productivity growth, early implementation of the state plan.

Meet its socialist obligations radio service workers came to the XX Congress of the Communist Party with great achievements in the radio service of the collective farm village. In implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central

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Amplifiers for dual-use hand-held radios

When you create a portable amateur radio station is one of the major trends — the desire for miniaturization. To do this, use a modern element base perfect — that goes without saying. And here is how to properly dispose of domestic, often not very modern element base, already well filled the nest egg and the «back burner» ham radio?

For miniaturization developed amateur radio designers have long used techniques such as increasing the «utilization factor» used in the components and the radio in receive mode and transmit mode. This so-called transceiver circuit. They are used in various combinations of

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Mick’s Letter From Berlin (June 2013). I have begun contacting them about appearances they might be making over here, and the chances of me getting some ink at a local show.

I’ll still defend the American artists to the very end, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Sean J.

Montgomely. AL

Professor Nate

I can say without hesitation that I am a better artist today because of Nate Beavers and his column in Skin&Ink. I feel like I am in a one-on-one seminar when I turn to the column in each issue. He breaks down techniques and

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