CROP is not the one he grew up, and the one taken from the garden

Nearing the end of the fifth year of seven-year period. Gardeners state and collective farms worked hard and raised a rich harvest of fruits and berries, despite the fact that last winter was severe in some areas and caused considerable damage to fruit trees.

In the North Caucasus from peach and apricot podmerzli to 30% of fruit buds. In areas of low temperatures in the spring of Transcaucasia and prolonged rains in the flowering period adversely affected the pollination of fruit crops. In the gardens of Moldova, located in the lower places, much podmerzli fruit wood in some varieties of

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Letters to NZ Lifestyle Block

I was very relieved with the recent March issue of NZ Lifestyle Block to read that there has been some research done on the effects of human induced stress on commercial chickens’ welfare and egg production.

Now that I am on to my second batch of rescued hens from a free range farm I have discovered a number of attitudes and behaviours that have made chicken ownership much easier.

1. Four is easier than two

I will always get three as a minimum number. They flock. Safety and comfort in numbers.

2. Chickens are cupboard lovers Approaching with food, titbits

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The intensity level of production in specialized farms

In the Moscow region in the production of fruits and berries 17 specialized farms. As natural and economic conditions, the degree of specialization and the nature of the combination of sectors can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of 7 state farms located in the area around Moscow forest-park zone. The second group includes 10 state farms, more remote from the capital and most are in the south-eastern region. We call them conditional suburban and depth, keeping in mind that both groups of households are included in the suburban area and should provide agricultural products to Moscow

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Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»: experience in managing trading houses

Journalist Alexander Solomonovich, please tell us about the history of the Ural-Siberian Department. How it all began?

A. scalars: Our company was founded in 1998, at the time it was called «Russian elevators.» But in 2002, after conjunction with Scherbinsk lift the plant has been found more effective scheme of product sales, the company reorganized to OOO «Ural office of» Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. » However, since the founding of the company, when it was not yet the official representative Scherbinsky plant, we have always been focused on the sale of elevators is Scherbinsky plant. Somewhat later, in 2005, in the

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Lets see Jerwood Galery

We visit the latest in seaside art offers, this time a Jerwood Gallery designed by Hat Projects for Hastings, that adds to the town’s unique attractions

Hastings is eclectic. Topographically and architecturally it is an absurd and bewildering amalgamation of faded seaside grandeur, tired boatyards, crumbling , eccentric modes of transport and, what now seems to be the norm in British seaside towns, the carcass of a burned-out pier. This month sees the opening of the new Jerwood Gallery, by architecture practice Hat Projects, on the shoreline of a historically important working beach known as the Stade. It is also

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Management chandelier from the remote control.

In modern systems of remote control (RC) television and other equipment generally used infrared (IR) photodetectors with a specific carrier frequency. This IR receiver must restore the data from the two-phase encoding, to respond to rapid changes in signal level, regardless of interference and do not feel the ambient light. To satisfy all of these requirements is not easy.

Recently, a large widespread Three-terminal integrated IR receivers. In one case, they combine a photodiode, a preamplifier and a pulse shaper. The output signal is formed by a conventional TTL pulse without filling (36 kHz) suitable for further processing digital IC.

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Letter from the Editor:

‘ many design enthusiasts (myself included), the less-is-: mantra can be a bit of a struggle. We simply love to collect beautiful things. Moor croft pottery or flea market finds line shelves until they threaten to cross into hoarding territory. Vintage handbags and little black dresses multiply in closets. But how do we choose which items to display and which pieces to put away (or, gasp, give away) Creating can be a daunting task.

The same concept applies to editing a magazine. Take this issue. Each spring, we honor a fresh batch of “New Trad” designers. And, each year, the

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Rulers of windows:

Bins are inexhaustible

Alex Fedorchuk continues to extract objects from the bins of history window managers, in support of the theme rooms.

The second half of the 90s — a period of rapid development of window managers: all the existing group of them (with one exception, which I will mention at the end of the article) emerged at this time. Including the most vivid, in my opinion, members of the family.

In the footsteps of legends

Who does not remember the old man Krupsk? Sorry, old man NeXT’a? But … come burn the NEP, and the names of the heroes

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Lets get spiritual

Eyes Open

So what was I doing differently? Basically I was getting connected, looking, seeing and feeling the landscape but reacting to it visually. Sometimes I would sit for hours in one place just watching what was going on, the way the sun flashed over the hills or how the clouds accelerated above my head or the way the wind and tides left patterns on beaches’ sand.

Landscape photography had become a truly emotional experience.

The Best Spot

I would encourage all, or at least more, of you to try this approach. I’ve been out shooting so many times recently

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Universalism or specialization?

The urgency of the issue of choice was always spinning rod. This question excites the minds and souls of both held and novice spinnings. I once sworn never to say anything about the selection of spinning and the more specific about the model and manufacturer-specific, and therefore it is not exactly go about this. I just tell you about his «Spinning evolution,» and if someone does help in his choice, then the time taken me to write these lines, it was not lost.

There is a category of fishermen, merchants have access to the testing of different models of spinning

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